DIR Update - Tech Forum 2019

DIR Update - Tech Forum 2019

Technology Forum 2019 DIR Update (3:55) Thursday, October 3rd Hosted by the Texas Department of Information Resources Sponsored by Texas Association of State Systems for Computing and Communications (TASSCC) DIR Update - Presenters John Hoffman CTO Deputy Executive Director, DIR DIR Overview - Security Assessments IT Strategic Planning Enterprise Solution Services

Strategic Outsourcing Outsource - Infrastructure - Telecommunications - Application Services - Security Services - Texas.gov - Open Data Portal Do it Yourself IT Policy & Planning Cooperati ve Contracts Shared Technolog y Services Bulk Purchasin g

Pre-negotiated master contracts for technology goods and services Leverage Known volume for additional statewide price discounts 3 DIR Strategic Focus Areas IT Leadershi State Strategic Plan p Biennial Performance Rev IRDR Studies / IT

Services Data Center Texas.gov Organizati on Competitive Marketplace TEXAN Data Driven Decisions Capitol Complex Customer Outreach Phones Agile Methodology Cooperative Contracts

IT Funding Legacy Modernization Bulk Purchasing Service Integration Application Managed Applications Process Improvement Managed Security KPI / Performance Reports Development Project Framework / QAT Policy and Planning Network Security

Open Data Portal Metrics Technology Enablement Next Gen DCS Vision and Desired Outcomes Vision Evolve current Data Center Services to enhance the customer experience with a modern, secure, stateof-the-art data center environment, providing enhanced automation with rapid and consistent delivery of services at a competitive price through a true digital experience. Desired Outcomes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Innovation

Flexibility Agility Choice Growth Competitive Price Above listing is not prioritized and sequence does not denote importance of one area 5 Next Gen DCS Model 6 DIR Shared Technology Services Cloud Strategic Cloud Initiatives Cloud Center of Excellence and Cloud Tiger Team 5 agencies have Limited Support Cloud Environments, 2 in progress 46 agency sessions held on cloud since March 50+ Cloud Tiger Team members Atos, Capgemini, DIR, Amazon, Azure and agencies 20 Cloud Tiger Team cases generated 9 major use cases, 11 minor use cases

4 cloud workshops and deep dive sessions completed 3 proof of concepts completed on artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and chatbots Cooperative Contracts Products Computers Software Networking Equipment Printers & Copiers Surveillance Cameras Data Storage Digital Photography Accessibility Products Projectors Cloud Compute Security Products Videoconferencing Equipment Classroom Interactive Products Body Cameras

Drones Disaster Recovery Products 9 Cooperative Contracts Services IT Staffing Services Technology Based Training End-User IT Outsourcing (Seat Management) Managed Document Output Deliverables Based IT Services (DBITS) IT Security Services Comprehensive Web Development Cloud Managed Services Cabling Services Telecommunications Services:

Wireless Voice and Data Pagers Internet Video Audio Conferencing Cable Modem and DSL Interpreter Services over the phone 10 Deliverables Based IT Services (DBITS) DBITS contracts provide deliverables-based, outsourced systems integration or application development projects Application Development Application Maintenance and Support Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Information Technology Assessments and Planning Project Management Technology Upgrade/Migration and Transformation IT Procurement Assistance 11 Collaboration and Feedback Twitter Follow us @TexasDIR Conference Evaluation #DIRforum19 ! ! ! u o Y k

n a h T Please provide feedback at the end of the day via online form. Activate QR Code on back of evaluation Access link from conference page on DIR Website (See CALENDAR) Link will also be emailed DIR Discussion Lists Continue the conversations from today and receive DIR announcements. Subscribe to DIR discussion lists by clicking STAY CONNECTED at www.dir.texas.gov

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