Distance Education in the SDICCCA Region: 2016/17 DE ...

Distance Education in the SDICCCA Region: 2016/17 DE ...

Distance Education in the SDICCCA Region: 2016/17 DE Subcommittee Update Janet Gelb. Distance Education Coordinator Grossmont College March 6, 2017 PRESENTATION OVERVIEW DE Subcommittee Background Status of DE at region 10 colleges Data Updates CCC Online Education Initiative DE SUBCOMMITTEE MEMBERS Kats Gustafson, Dean, Online & Distributed Learning San Diego Community College District Jim Julius, Faculty Director, Online Education

MiraCosta College Kerry Kilber Rebman, Dean, Learning & Technology Resources Cuyamaca College Xochitl Tirado, DE Coordinator Imperial Valley College Janet Gelb, DE Coordinator Grossmont College Lillian Payn, Professor, Graphic Communications and Academic Technology Coordinator Palomar College Tracy Schaelen, DE Faculty Coordinator

Southwestern College COMMITTEE CHARGE The SDICCCA Subcommittee on Distance Education is a leadership group that addresses Distance Education issues such as: Faculty and Student Preparation and Support Student Retention and Success Institutional Resources Accreditation Requirements State and National Distance Education Regulations WHAT WE DO Meet Monthly in Person with SDCCD Support Discuss and Collaborate beyond Statewide DE Coordinators Listserv on Topics such as: Policies and Practices Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement Data Sharing and Analysis Regulations and Accreditation Technologies as it relates to Distance Education Conversion to Canvas OEI recommended LMS

Faculty Development and Support Student Support Services 15% or Greater Enrollments from DE Alameda Allan Hancock American River Chabot Hayward Coastline Columbia Foothill Golden West Lake Tahoe Mendocino Merritt MiraCosta Mission Modesto Mt San Jacinto Oxnard SD Miramar

Saddleback SJ Delta Shasta Siskiyous Southwestern Taft Victor Valley W Hills Coalinga W Hills Lemoore West LA West Valley 5% or Less Enrollments from DE Antelope Valley Los Positas Bakersfield Lassen Berkeley City Long Beach Cabrillo Merced Canada Monterey Canyons Moorpark

Cerritos Moreno Valley Citrus Napa Compton Norco Copper Mountain Ohlone Cosumnes Palomar Crafton Hills Pasadena Cuyamaca Porterville Cypress Redwoods Deanza Reedley Desert Rio Hondo Diablo Valley Riverside Evergreen Valley Sacramento City Folsom Lake San Bernardino Fullerton SD City

Gavilan SD Mesa Glendale San Jose City Hartnell Santa Ana Irvine Santa Barbara LA City Santa Monica LA Harbor Santa Rosa LA Mission Santiago Canyon LA Swest Sequoias LA Valley Sierra Solano Ventura Yuba Barstow Butte Cerro Coso Chaffey

Contra Costa East LA El Camino Fresno City Imperial Los Medanos Marin Mt. San Antonio Palo Verde Skyline Woodland based on Spring 2015 data retrieved from CCCCO Datamart MiraCosta College Re-evaluated course management systems and selected Canvas Began Canvas transition, led by a five faculty member Transition Team

Continued participation as an Online Education Initiative pilot school Received three Open Educational Resources grants totaling over $150,000 Received full reaffirmation of accreditation (with no DE-related recommendations) Canvas Pilot Started Spring 2017 with about 12 faculty Hired Faculty Canvas Mentors within disciplines to assist with the transition

Continuing to offer Canvas training Developed Student Resources Purchased 24/7 Canvas support for faculty and students Spring 2018 All courses taught in Canvas Grossmont College Continued offering @ONE customized certification program for all faculty teaching online courses. New distance Education request form developed using the OEI rubric.

Canvas mentor training fall 2016 within disciplines to assist with the transition Canvas Pilot Started Spring 2017 with about 8 faculty Continuing to offer Canvas training, 4 week online course, self paced course and Professional development workshops. Developed Student Resources 24/7 Canvas support for faculty and students Spring 2018 All courses taught in Canvas

Palomar College Selected and successfully piloted and adapted Canvas LMS; we joined OEI. We are in a 1-year transition to migrate to Canvas from Blackboard. Applied the Revamp Project recommendations and transformed more 88% of our websites to WordPress, after establishing a college standard template. Adapted Siteimprove tool for our websites accessibility. Transforming all of our web services to the Red hat Linux environment. Trained faculty POET (Palomar Online Education Training), with 24 new certificates in 2016. Developed and implemented Kaltura as our Streaming Server and integrated it with our LMS through new policies and procedures to comply with the TEACH act and ADA/Section 508. Introduced 3D printing services, options for classroom capture, and portable smart boards. Established increased student services for online students: proctoring, counseling, and tutoring. Initiated investigations for district-wide online student orientations. Conducted a successful Accreditation visit Southwestern College DEFT: Distance Education Faculty Training Program

5-week, 40-hour, fully online course in Canvas Models effective facilitation strategies, regular effective contact, and constructive feedback Participants apply what they learn through building two weeks of a course in Canvas Required to teach online and hybrid courses effective August 10, 2017 DE Mentor Program 50 DEFT-certified instructors mentor colleagues in their departments and across campus

Format: individual and small-group meetings, available on campus and online via ConferZoom Southwestern College Continued: Specializations: getting started in DE, online course design, hybrid course design, teaching in Canvas, accessibility, online interaction, online assessment, use of multimedia Workshop Series, Webinar Series, HOW TO Academy Canvas Training Canvas Basics: 3-hour, hands-on introductory training, offered on campus and online

Beyond the Basics: 7 one-hour sessions on targeted topics Migration training series and one-on-one migration assistance Site licenses for Camtasia and VoiceThread Imperial Valley College Participating in the OEI pilot (one of the 16 colleges) We hope to launch two courses with OEI Fall 2017 Currently transitioning to Canvas Faculty are currently attending multiple Canvas

trainings: online and on-campus With the transition to Canvas, students are given options for the following LTIs: NetTutor, Proctorio, Vericite, Cranium Caf, and Quest for Online Success San Diego Community College District. SDCCD Online Learning Pathways: Developed an OER Repository for Open Resources Site allows faculty to blog and post resources Developed training videos for developing courses in Canvas Videos are being developed for the pending transition

Implemented SmarterMeasure in the Online Student Orientation During the first week of it going live, over 100 students took the assessment Will be sending out the bi-annual Online Student Satisfaction Survey in March Survey will be sent to all SDCCD Online students DISTANCE EDUCATION SECTIONS Fall 2014 SD City Cuyamaca 162 98 Grossmont Imperial Valley 188 43

Mesa 237 MiraCosta 267 Miramar 145 Palomar 258 Southwestern 277 1,713 Spring 2015 Fall 2015

Spring 2016 167 173 105 101 192 245 231 39 269 283 237 314 297 147 149 327 260 247 273 273 257 109

312 174 268 1,819 1,719 1,940 DISTANCE EDUCATION SECTIONS Percent of students enrolled in DE courses DE FTES Fall 2014 through Spring 2016 http://ccconlineed.o rg OEI PILOT 24 colleges in current OEI Consortium: 8 Full Launch and 16 Tutoring and Readiness IVC and MiraCosta inTutoring/Readiness OEI Course Exchange now operational with some Full Launch colleges; expanding to all 24

Consortium colleges by fall 2017 Technologies & services identified and available at low or no cost (Canvas, NetTutor, Proctorio, VeriCite, Cranium Caf, etc.) Peer Online Course Review rubric & process Anticipated 2018 expansion of OEI Consortium membership and potential Exchange courses Library Integration QUESTIONS / DISCUSSION

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