District Competition

District Competition

GETTING STARTED IN COMPETITION Levels of Competition District: January 2830 Plymouth, MN Crowne Plaza State: March 19-21 Minneapolis, MN Hyatt Regency Internationals: April 26-29 Anaheim, California

Districts is about Competition The Events Preparation Appearance Confidence Judges Activities and Fun! The Competition

Required Events Three Categories of Events A Events B Events C Events You will need to choose an A, B, and C event Required Events Three Categories of Events A

Events B Events C Events Level A Events Also called State Only or Skill Events Performed at district and state levels

Can NOT advance you to the international conference You have the opportunity to compete in one event from this category. Level A Event Choices Sales Demonstrations Hard Lines Soft Lines

General/Home Service Lines Employment Interviews Entry and Advanced Levels Seniors must choose advanced level No partners for these events Sample Competition Room Layout and Tips

Competition Rooms Arrive ten minutes early Check-in with event coordinator Sit in a holding area In most cases, it will be just you and the judges Prepare and practice

Go in and meet your judges Make a good impression Sample room layout for an interview or sales demonstration C D B A Questions about level A events? Required Events Three Categories of Events

A Events B Events C Events Level B Events Also called Role Plays What are role plays?

Team, Individual, and Principles role plays Scenario in which a business problem is given to you You (and a partner, for team role plays) are given a short amount of time to solve the problem You will then present your solutions to a judge in a role playing situation These are district, state, and international level events. Options for Level B Events

Individual Team One partner for this category Principles of Business No partner for this category

Option only for first-year DECA members only No partner There are many different business areas for role plays If you have a job or interest in one of those areas, compete in it. Sample room layout for Team Role Play Judging Room Prep Room Questions about B level events?

Required Events Three Categories of Events A Events B Events C Events Level C Events

Also called Prepared or Written Events Many of these events involve a written plan and presentation. You can have 1 to 3 DECA members per group for many of these events. You can compete in these events in the district, state, and the international levels. You are allowed to compete in only one of these events. Options for Level C Events Advertising Campaign

Create and present a campaign for a real product, service, or business. Written Plan 1 to 3 members per group for this event. Options for Level C Events Sports & Entertainment Promotion Plan

Create and present a promotion plan for an entertainment or sporting event Written Plan 1 to 3 members per group for this event. More Options for Level C Events Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan

Present a sales promotion plan, using apparel and accessory items only, for a retail store Written Plan 1-3 members per More Options for Level C Events Professional Selling Event

Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling Event Financial Consulting Event Organize and deliver a sales presentation for a specified product or service No written plan for this event No partner allowed for these events More Options for Level C Events

Research Events Business Services Buying and Merchandising Finance Hospitality and Tourism Sports and Entertainment Marketing Choose a business from any of these categories, conduct a survey, record data, and present your recommendations 1 to 3 DECA members per group

More Options for Level C Events Entrepreneurship Events Written Plan & Presentation to an investor 1-3 members per group Independent or Franchise Business Plan 1. Majority of the score comes from Written Plan International Business Plan Event 2. Majority of the score comes from Written Plan Start-up Business Plan

3. Majority of the score comes from presentation Innovation Plan Event 4. Take advantage of a marketplace opportunity for an existing business Business Growth Plan 5. Must be an owner of a real business

Questions about level C events? The Comprehensive Exam You will be taking a test that influences your Level B Role Play Level C Written Event scores General Marketing Exam districts only Practice Exams/Test Terminology/Flash Cards/Apps 100 multiple choice questions

1 hour to complete Materials allowed: #2 pencils Eraser 4-function calculator Judges Judges are qualified mature adults that want to volunteer

Must be out of high school for two years Expertise is helpful but not necessary parents relatives neighbors co-workers employers We need each competitor to find at least one judge. This will end up helping you. You will get 10 lettering points for each judge

Maximum of 20 points Attire Dress is business appropriate Closed-toed shoes with socks or nylons Dress pants or skirt Dress shirt or blouse Ties Hair and makeup

Should not be a distraction from your face Shave Piercings and Jewelry and belts are required for guys Rule of 1 Comparison of dress between district and state, International CDCs

District 60% suits and jackets State 90% suits and jackets International 100% DECA Blazers Three Categories of Events A Events B Events C Events

Questions about competition? Other Activities at Districts After-Competition Activities Opening, Finalist Announcement, and Final Awards Sessions DECA Cup Events Entertainment Sunday Dinner

Scavenger Hunt Pizza Social Monday Brunch Chapter Meetings FAQ About Districts Q: How much does it cost? A: Price is $175 Competition/Testing Materials Mock competition (December) Includes 2 night hotel stay 4 Conference meals

Registration cost Q: How many events will I be in? A: Three. One from each category. Q: What do I need to wear? A: Two days worth of business clothes. I have a few questions

! FAQs about Districts Q: How do I qualify for the state competition? A: You need to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in one event, or place in the top 12 in two separate events Have a exam score above: 60/100

You must also receive a invitation to attend the state conference from Mr. Bodenburg! What Should I Do Next? Choose an A, B, & C Event D Level Events (requires Mr. Bodenburgs approval)

Carefully choose partners Match your strengths and compatibility Consider outside of school commitments Work ethic of partners Turn-in competitive

Event instructions and a practice schedule will be out next week Start making connections and finding judges NOW! Final questions? Its as easy as A, B, C

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