Division - Central Dauphin School District

Division - Central Dauphin School District

Division Division is the process of breaking down numbers into smaller groups. For example 35 can be broken to 7 groups of 5. 7 groups of 5 Sometimes we divide numbers that are hard to break down. We need a way to divide those numbers too. Long Division is a way to do that! This is a sample long division problem Quotient Divisor Dividend

Answer Number doing the dividing. 148r4 6 892 -6 29 -2 4 52 -4 8 4 Number being divided Long Division Steps DAD (Divide) MOM (Multiply) SISTER (Subtract) BROTHER (Bring Down)

ROVER (Repeat/Remainder) DAD (divide) 1. Divide 8 by 6 2. 6 goes into 8 once, so put 1 above the 8. 3. 6 goes into 29 4 times. 4. 6 goes into 52 8 times. 148r4 6 892 -6 29 -2 4 52 -4 8 4 Dad

Mom Sister Brother Rover MOM (multiply) 1. After you divide 6 into 8 one time, you will multiple 1 x 6 and write it under the 8. 2. You will do this step after each time you divide. 148r4 6 892 -6 29 -2 4 52 -4 8

4 Dad Mom Sister Brother Rover SISTER (subtract) 1. After you multiply 1 x 6 you will subtract 8 - 6 which equals 2. 2. After each time you multiply, you will subtract the two numbers. 148r4 6 892 -6 29

-2 4 52 -4 8 4 Dad Mom Sister Brother Rover BROTHER (bring down) 1. After subtracting, you need to look back to the dividend to see if there are more numbers to bring down. If so move the number next to the subtracted number.

148r4 6 892 -6 29 -2 4 52 -4 8 4 Dad Mom Sister Brother Rover ROVER (repeat/remainder) 1. After you Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and Bring Down, you start the process over until there are no more numbers to bring down.

2. If there is a number other then 0 after the last time you subtract, that number becomes your remainder. 148r4 6 892 -6 29 -2 4 52 -4 8 4 Reflection Dad Mom Sister Brother Rover

Reflection This power point presentation will be linked to my website as a tutorial for students who need reminders on how to solve long division problems. Many times students struggle with learning the steps for long division, and hopefully this will help many of them with their homework. I think this technology has great benefits for myself as a teacher,because I can design presentations for my students and use them as a teaching tool. I also think that students would like this alternative form of teaching because it will allow them to see lessons presented with pictures, animation and sound. For my students, I plan to use this with various projects we do throughout the year. We spend about 3 weeks designing and building toothpick bridges and then I have each student do a research report on a famous bridge. Instead of having them write a written report, I am going to have them design a powerpoint presentation. I found out that all of my 5th graders have been taught powerpoint in 4th grade, so their basic design knowledge should be in place, all I would have to do refresh their memory. I would require a title page with a picture of the bridge. A page about each of the following: year built and purpose, location, architect, tupe of bridge (suspension, beam, cantilever, or arch), and a page highlighting their sources. I actually prefer using this method versus the written report because so much of the written report depends on what their parents help with This way if each student designed a powerpoint presentation during school, each student would be given an equal chance. Back to First Page

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