DOE Annual Child Abuse and Maltreatment - Stuyvesant High School

DOE Annual Child Abuse and Maltreatment - Stuyvesant High School

DOE Annual Child Abuse and Maltreatment Prevention Fall Training New York City Department of Education 2017-2018 Designated Liaison Training DOE cah 8-17 Child Abuse Prevention DOE cah 8-17

TRAINING: Overview of New Protocol Overview of ACS Protocol Overview of SSL 413 Chancellors Regulation A-750 Educational Neglect and Attendance Protocol Resources DOE cah 8-17 Why the mandates?

What do we have in common? DOE cah 8-17 Chancellors Regulations: A-750 Child Abuse and Maltreatment Prevention A-210 Minimum Standards for Attendance Programs These regulations were completely updated. All staff must read and become familiar with the new DOE protocols and procedures. DOE cah 8-17

New Mandates 1. Tiered Response Protocol Grades PK-8 only 2. Policy for Photographing Injures DOE cah 8-17 Tiered Response Protocol (Section

III) DOE cah 8-17 Tiered Response Protocol: Grades PK - 8 This memorandum sets forth a new protocol for identifying and responding to high-risk cases of unexplained absence that may signal child maltreatment, which includes educational neglect, other forms of neglect, and child abuse. This protocol represents the culmination of extensive collaboration between the New York City Administration for Childrens Services (ACS) and

the New York City Department of Education (DOE), which included consultation with ACSs Office of Educational Support and Policy Planning, the development of recommendations by an interagency workgroup, a review of data regarding educational neglect reports and student DOE cah 8-17 Why this New Protocol? To strengthen collaboration: Between schools, Administration for Children's Services (ACS) and its partner agencies.

To enhance safety by: Closing information gaps Communicating with Child Protective Specialist (CPS), CPS Teams or foster care case planners Sharing attendance or safety concerns This applies only to students: In grades PK-8 Where the report was made by a DOE employee Or who are in foster care DOE cah 8-17 Data Share Ensure that confidential Foster Care files

are received, matched to DOE Student files and returned to ACS on a monthly basis. Foster Care information is shared with DOE School Supports and schools for updating of files and informing practice. Review, evaluate and disseminate SCR data. (Section III.B.1) DOE cah 8-17 Overview: NEW Requirements Tiered Response Protocol: Share information between DOE and ACS for childwelfare involved students (reported by DOE staff)

Schools review attendance for these students daily, and make a determination about the explanation for absences. Schools contact an ACS or agency partner based on inadequately explained absences DOE cah 8-17 Tiered Interventions: Identify what follow up is required for each CPS-involved student: Tier 1: Students with an Open ACS investigation Tier 2:

Student with a Substantiated ACS Investigation During Current or Prior School Year Tier 3: Students Currently in Foster Care DOE cah 8-17 Response to Absence If outreach to students home regarding 1-3 day absence results in: Consistently no response Inappropriate response Response raises concern School staff must share that information

with ACS or ACS Partner (Section III.D.1.2) DOE cah 8-17 Child Abuse Photography Policy (Section I.A.10) DOE cah 8-17 Photography Policy Photographs may provide key evidence that child abuse has taken place. When child abuse is suspected and there is evidence of physical injury, every effort should be made to obtain

photographs of the injury. DOE cah 8-17 Photography Policy Photographs must be taken if: A child abuse report has been made and accepted by the State Central Registry (SCR) The child is willing to be photographed The child is willing to expose body part with injuries (e.g. by lifting shirt). All mandated reporters must notify the principal or designee that a report has been made. NO photos will be taken or examination conducted of a students genital, perineal or breast areas.

DOE cah 8-17 The SCR Reporting Photographs are to be taken whenever there is an accepted report to the State Central Registry (SCR) that involves a student with visible injuries. The report may be made by any mandated reporter in the school, including the nurse. When physical signs are present bruises, abrasions, etc. - limit questions to those relevant to determining if the physical signs seen could be abuse. (Minimum Facts Interview) DOE cah 8-17

After the Report is Made Mandated reporter notifies the principal or designees of the accepted SCR physical abuse report. Confirms the Call ID# Photographs must be taken as soon as possible. The Principal or Principals designee will remain present while the picture is being taken. No Parental Consent is needed Try to establish an honest and open rapport with the student. (If the student has questions more info in the Photo Policy training) DOE cah 8-17

Taking of Photographs Photographs must be taken in a private setting in a way that best serves the interest and privacy of the child. Where feasible, the student should be taken to the nurses office or the schools medical room in order for photographs to be taken. Photographs must be taken with a City-owned device. Photographs may only be taken by someone who has completed the appropriate New York City training. No photographs may be taken and no examination may be conducted of a childs genital, perineal or breast areas.

DOE cah 8-17 Legal Issues Photographs are usually admissible in a court of law. Images should not be manipulated, modified or cropped. Team approach during photography two staff members must always be present. Photographs must be emailed to ACS only to the designated mailbox. (Different from the LDSS-2221A)(No cc) DOE cah 8-17

Photographs emailed to ACS (only; on cc) At the time the written LDSS-2221A report is submitted, or as soon as possible thereafter, the Designated Liaison must send an encrypted email with the photographs attached to the boroughspecific designated ACS email inbox indicated below from a City-owned device in accordance with procedures developed by the DOE. The email must contain: the SCR Call I.D. number; the students name; the students OSIS number; the number of photos attached; the senders name; and the school name and DBN. Bronx: [email protected] Brooklyn: [email protected]

Manhattan: [email protected] Queens: [email protected] Staten Island: [email protected] (Section I.10.c) DOE cah 8-17 More Information on Training There will be posted training decks and webinars on these two Policies. DOE cah 8-17

Highlights of Chancellors Regulation A-750 Link in CR A-750 to the updated document. Each school must prominently post a copy of the revised Highlight of Chancellors Regulation A-750. (Section VIII.A) NYS Central Registry hotline number must be posted in English and Spanish. DOE cah 8-17 Non-Mandated Poster

Each school shall provide notice, in English and Spanish, and in the covered languages as required by Chancellors Regulation A-663, of the OCFS child abuse/maltreatment telephone hotline number and directions for accessing the OCFS website as follows: By posting: a) the toll-free telephone number (1800-342-3720) operated by OCFS to receive reports of child abuse or maltreatment; and b) the internet address to access the OCFS website at Such information shall be posted in highly-visible areas of school buildings and on the schools website, if such a website DOE cah 8-17

New NYS Legislation Schools must conduct Child Abuse and Maltreatment activities for students, staff and parents. The attached poster should be visible in all school buildings in English and any other appropriate languages. DOEcah16 School Requirements Each school principal must establish a School

Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Team. (Section V. A. 1) Designated Liaison for Child Abuse must be a member of the Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Team. (Section V. A. 2) Each school shall develop a child abuse prevention/intervention plan. The plan must be submitted annually. (Section V. A. 3a) Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Team should be familiar with and trained in the Photography Policy. (Section I.10) DOE cah 8-17 School staff must be provided with

training in child abuse prevention and intervention. (Section V. A. 3b) School shall provide child abuse prevention training to parents and students. (Section VI. 1) Each principal must provide all staff with a copy of the revised Highlights of Chancellors Regulation A-750. (Section VIII. B) Each school must prominently post a copy of the revised Highlight of DOE cah 8-17 Administrative

Requirements for Administrators and the Designated Liaison DOE cah 8-17 Who Calls the SCR? Why? All pedagogical and nonpedagogical school personnel are mandated reporters. (Section I.A.1) All mandated reporters must personally make the call to the State Central

Register whenever they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected. (Section I.A.1.a) The reporter is not required to possess certainty or to interview the child. (Section I.A.1.a) The mandated reporter number is:

1(800) 635-1522 DOE cah 8-17 Mandated Reporting When the parent or an employee of a DOE LYFE Center or an employee of a NYCEEC comes before a mandated reporter in his or her professional or official capacity and states from personal knowledge facts, conditions or circumstances which, if correct, would render a child less than 18 years of age an abused or maltreated child, the mandated reporter is required to immediately report the suspicions to SCR as set forth in Section I.A.1.a.

DOE cah 8-17 Reporting Protocol All Allegations To The State Central Registry Accepted calls sent to ACS CPS responds within 24 hours Investigation 60 days to make determination DOE cah 8-17

Mandated Responsibility Staff must immediately notify Principal or Designee after making the report to the SCR and share the call ID number. (Section I.A.3) DOE cah 8-17 Responsibility of the Designee Staff must complete the New York State LDSS-2221A form. (Section I.A.5)

The LDSS-2221A must include the name, title and contact information for all school officials having direct knowledge of the child abuse allegations. (Section I.A.5) The LDSS-2221A must be emailed within 48 hours of the oral report to the ACS field office in the borough in which the alleged subject of the report lives.

(Section I.A.5) DOE cah 8-17 Follow up the Call Complete Form 2221A within 48 hours Send to local CPS DOE cah 8-17 Facts for LDSS 2221A form

Within 48 hours of making an oral report to the SCR. Information required: Student Name(s) Sibling(s) / Parent(s) Full reason for the SCR call Source contact info. Person Making the report contact info. {In cases of Physical Abuse the photograph box on the bottom of the LDSS-2221A must be checked} DOE cah 8-17 Childrens Services Email List LDSS 2221 A Electronic Copy from DOE to Childrens Services Borough/Office

Primary & Back up Email Address Telephone Brooklyn Kathy Mays [email protected] 718-623-4531

Margaret Volcy [email protected] 718-522-8214 Cathy Chiou [email protected] 718-218-6619 Randall Stevens [email protected]

718-942-8811 Joyce Frederique [email protected] 718-348-8102 David Reznik [email protected] 718-933-2140

Marvin Benson [email protected] 718-933-1075 Barbara Alexander [email protected] v 212-534-6975 Cheril John

[email protected] 212-341-3315 Nancy Kernisant [email protected] 718-725-6303 Melissa Brancale [email protected] 718-557-1758

Staten Island Raka Sarker [email protected] 718-720-2817 Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Yvonne Douglas [email protected]

212-442-8317 Theresa Williams-Lloyd [email protected] 212-442-7517 Bronx Manhattan Queens

DOE cah 8-17 DOE officials may not take any retaliatory personnel action against a reporter that filed a report in good faith. (Section IV.C) DOE cah 8-17 If a SCR operator declines to accept a report, you may request that an SCR supervisor review your report. Declined calls should be posted in ATS Intervention Log (ILOG).

(Section I.C.1) Any breach of confidentiality must be reported to the DOEs Office of Legal Services. (Section I.A.9) DOE cah 8-17 Principals/Designees must take photographs of trauma visible on the child who is the subject of the report. (New Protocol Section I.A.10)

Emergency medical services may be requested when warranted. (Section I.B.1) If a CPS (Child Protective Specialist) has not responded by 3:00pm in a case involving imminent danger, the principal or designee must call 911 for emergency police assistance, after consulting with the FSC Director/designee. (Section I.B.2) DOE cah 8-17

CPS Identification and Authentication On-Site: Principal/Designee must verify the CPS workers credentials by asking to see his/her Photo I.D. Card. (Section II.A.4.b) School Officials are not authorized to make photocopies of the CPS workers Photo I.D. card. Over the phone: CPS might call to speak to the source or request additional information. Principal/Designee must request CPS send an email from ACS email address or fax on ACS letterhead. (Section II.A.4.b) DOE cah 8-17

Parental Consent? Parental consent is not required to release a childs record when ACS is conducting a child abuse investigation. (Section II.A.4e) Parental consent is not required to release a childs record to the childs Foster Care Agency. (Section II.A.4.e) Parental consent is required to release a childs record to all preventive service agencies. (FERPA) DOE cah 8-17

School Records Permit child protective workers to have access to all school records relating to the child or siblings once the worker has been cleared. (Section II.A.4.c) A childs records may be released to the police or district attorneys after consulting with the FSC Director/designee. (Section I.C.4) DOE cah 8-17 CPS Investigation Principals, designees and all school

personnel are legally obligated to cooperate in all investigations of alleged child abuse regardless of the reporting source. (Section II.A.2) A member of the school staff familiar to the child may be present during the interview if the child appears uncomfortable being alone with the caseworker. DOE cah 8-17 CPS Investigation

Principal/designee must allow CPS workers to interview and examine, on school property, children who have been reported abused or their siblings, regardless of the reporting source. (Section II.A.3) A child protective worker is authorized to remove a childs outer garment in the presence of a second CPS worker or another school official. (Section II.A.4.f) DOE cah 8-17 Court and Legal Procedures

DOE cah 8-17 Ethics or Law? Ask a Child Protective Specialist to: Make an appointment to visit the school Come back another day Delay or hamper the investigation of an allegation of Child Abuse, Neglect or Maltreatment To make false reports to the SCR {Any of these actions could cause further harm to a child and is considered a

DOE cah 8-17 SCHOOL STAFF DOE cah 8-17 Defining Educational Neglect Is this a case for the SCR? DOE cah 8-17 Educational Neglect Educational neglect is considered to be the failure of a parent, or person legally

responsible for a child, to ensure their childs prompt and regular attendance in school or the keeping of a child out of school for impermissible reasons resulting in an adverse effect on the childs educational progress or imminent danger of such an adverse effect. DOE cah 8-17 A report must be filed when the following conditions exist:* DOE cah 8-17 NYC SCR Educational Neglect Reports

2014 to 2016 update School Year # of Ed. Neglect Reports % of Ed. Neglect Reports Indication Rate Ed. Neglect

Reports 20147,465 26.96% 43.39% 5 20156,697 22.90% 38.56% 6 2016Note: School7,369 Year 2016-17 covers23.92% SCR Reports from 9/2016 thru 44.99%

7 6/28/2017. Total calls to SCR - 17,057 resulting in 30,810 allegations Source: SCR June 30 2017 DOE cah 8-17 Educational Neglect Main issues: Calls made to SCR (May to June 27) for students who were absent or late for most of the school year. (90-158 days) Multiple calls made to SCR on the same day by the same member of school staff with no direct knowledge of the cases. Multiple calls made within a few days by various members of the school staff regarding the same

student. DOE cah 8-17 Calls made to the SRC the last week or day before school recess on students with 30 or more days of absents. All Ed. Neglect calls to the SCR must have proof of attendance outreach. (see Chancellors Regulation A-210) DOE cah 8-17 Educational Neglect - Is not:

DOE cah 8-17 REPORTING TO THE CHANCELLOR The principal/designee is required to go on-line onto the Department of Education webpage, access the On-line Occurrence Reporting System (OORS) and enter the Call I.D. that was provided by the New York State Central Register (Child Abuse Hotline). No information on the source of the report may be entered as this information is confidential. The child abuse OORS report must be submitted

within 24 hours after the principal/designee is advised of the report to SCR and receives the Call I.D. DOE cah 8-17 Training Resources (See Resource Handout Yellow Card) Samaritans of NY Jewish Board of Guardians Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC) Mayors Office to Combat Domestic Violence

End Child Prostitution and Trafficking ECPAT-USA Girls Empowering and Mentoring Services GEMS Trevor Project Thrive NYC Growing Up NYC DOE cah 8-17 Department of Education Administration for Children Services Interagency Resources DOE cah 8-17

ACS DOE Monthly Case Review Meetings Borough DOE/ACS Monthly Meetings Meeting Location Manhattan 2nd Tuesday 10 to 12

150 William St. NY, NY 10038 Bronx 1st & 3rd Wednesday 10 to 12 1 Fordham Plaza Bronx, NY 10453 Queens 4th Tuesday 10 to 12

TBD Staten Island 2nd Thursday 10 to 12 350 St. Marks Place SI, NY 10301 Brooklyn 3rd Tuesday 10 to 12

TBD D. 75 3rd Thursday 9am 12 400 First Avenue New York, NY 10010 DOE cah 8-17 Request ACS/DOE Collaborative Case Review DOE cah 8-17 ChildAbuse/default.htm DOE cah 8-17 Office of Safety First 1-718- KID-SAFE (543-7233) [email protected] DOE cah 8-17 Instant Response Team

(IRT) Joint Response (see Handout) DOE cah 8-17 Office of Education Support and Policy Planning Education Advocates Kathleen Hoskins, Assist Commissioner 212341-0977 Roberto Romero 212-442-5046 (Bronx & D.75) Melissa Cueto 212-341-0913 Staten Island)

(Brooklyn & DOE cah 8-17 Family Assessment Program (FAP) Manhattan-212-341-0012 Brooklyn -718-260-8550 or 8508 Queens 718-725-3244 Bronx 718-590-6700 Staten Island - 718-720-0071 DOE cah 8-17 Contact Cheryl A. Hall

Citywide Coordinator 52 Chambers Street NYC, NY 10007 [email protected] 212-374-0805 Robin Winstead Administrative Assistant [email protected] 212-374-5991 DOE cah 8-17

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