Domestic Violence Re-enactment of Trauma

Domestic Violence Re-enactment of Trauma

Faith and Energy Elisabeth Ross General and Forensic Psychotherapist and Counsellor Continuing the Journey Conference 2016 Conflicting Perspectives

We are not in the business of judging what is true or false only understanding and supporting our clients OUR CLIENTS NEED TO BE.. Seen, acknowledged, supported and understood. They need connection and belong. To be freed from mental

emotional and spiritual nightmares Consciousness and Energy: an open-minded approach Learning as much as possible to understand the client But individual practices of any religion or belief system are so varied and unique that listening to the clients story is

imperative. Consciousness and Energy: an open-minded approach Prof Cox explains how his fridge shows that there is no afterlife (thermodynamics, apparently). But then he qualifies himself

Philosophers would rightly point out that physicists making bland and sweeping statements is naive. There is naivety in just saying theres no God; its b------t, he says. People have thought about this. People like Leibniz and Kant. Theyre not idiots. So youve got to at least address that. ( Prof-Brian-Cox-Theres-a-naivety-in-saying-there-is-noGod.html)

Wonders of Life (TV Series) Dr Brian Cox: There is a fact, or, if you wish, a law, governing all natural phenomena that are known to date. There is no known exception to this law it is exact so far as we know. The law is called the conservation of energy (p 80)

Wonders of Life The concept of energy is absolutely central to the description of any physical process, because it is always conserved. Because it can be neither created nor destroyed, all that can happen to it at the most fundamental levels is that it is transformed from one from to another.

In a sense, this is all there is to the Universe! Wonders of Life If no energy is flowing a colloquialism by which we mean being transformed from one form to another then nothing is happening at all. What is life? Whatever it is, it is a process by which energy is transformed from one form to another (Cox, p79)

The Law of life, Vital or Odic Force Ecclesiastes 3:14 I find, whatever god may do shall stand unchanged; nothing can be added to it, nothing can be taken from it. So God orders things, that man may stand in awe of him.

Maintaining the Energy Flow When we die, the energy goes back to the universe Prof Brian Cox Further Reading

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Press, 2001 NHS Resource on Trauma and Dissociation ntroduction.aspx Organisations European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD)

International Organisation for Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) Video: A logical Way of Being, The reality of Dissociative Identity Disorder Ritual Abuse Information Network (RAINS)

Organisations TAG (Trauma and Abuse Group) Workshops: Trauma and the Body, Somatization and Dissociation, Positive Outcomes for Dissociatives-

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