Dot Notation - Mr. Wolfrey's website

Dot Notation - Mr. Wolfrey's website

Dot Notatio n Materials Needed 0 Periodic Table Identify # of Valence Electrons

0 Valence electrons determine the chemical characteristics of elements. 0 The chemical characteristics in each GROUP are similar. 0 Because- The number of valence electrons in each

group are the same. Ignore Transition & Rare Earth Metals 0 Too complicated with those at the moment.

Consider an example of each group. 0 Consider Electron Configuration: 0 Hydrogen: 1s1: 1 Valence e0 Beryllium: 2s2: 2 Valence e0 Consider Electron Shells 0 Boron: 5 total e-, 2 for the first shell, 3 in valence shell Carbon 4, nitrogen 5, oxygen 6, fluorine 7, Helium 2 (Full)

1 A Convenient Pattern 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 Trick to remember: 0 Groups 1 & 2: Their group # = # of valence of e0 Groups 13-18: # of valence electrons = group # - 10

Drawing the Dots 0 The number of dots equals the number of valence electrons. 0 Steps: 1. Write the elements symbol. 2. Start with a dot to the right.

3. Moving clockwise, draw a dot on every side of the symbol until all valence e- are represented. Consider Aluminum 0 Aluminum has 13 electrons: 0 2 on inner shell 0 8 on next shell

0 3 on valence shell Al Consider Bromine 0 Bromine has a Noble Gas Notation: [Ar] 4s2 4p5 0 Since we know Ar is stable, all the e- represented by its

notation are stable. 0 Add the exponents to determine 7 e- on the valence shell. Br Summarize 0 Write a 3-5 sentence summary how to determine and

draw the valence electron of an atom in Dot Notation.

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