Dr. Phillips High School Guidance Department Spring 2012 ...

Dr. Phillips High School Guidance Department Spring 2012 ...

Dr. Phillips High School Guidance Department Fall 2016 Senior Orientation Seniors: Class of 2017 Learning Goals: At the conclusion of this meeting, students will: Identify their specific graduation requirement needs while reviewing senior letters and transcripts with counselors Heighten awareness of the need to plan now in order to achieve postsecondary goals WHERE ARE YOU ON THE SCALE OF

UNDERSTANDING GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS AND POST-SECONDARY OPTIONS? 4. Call me the guru of knowledge! I totally know this. I am very confident about graduation requirements and whats needed for my postsecondary goals. 3. I know what I need for graduation but am unclear on what is needed to meet postsecondary goals. 2. I am aware of graduation requirements and post-secondary goals, but have many questions. 1. I am clueless and confused! I know very little. Transcript Review Requirements for University Admissions: (minimum requirements)

High School Graduation Requirements plus the following: World Languages: 2 years minimum of the same language Example: Spanish I and Spanish II This is the minimum; if you are going to a university we recommend 3 years!! 4 Years of Math: Algebra I and higher If you are going to a university math is recommended every year even in your Senior year!! 4 Years of Science: Biology, Chemistry, and two additional lab sciences encouraged

SAT/ACT scores sent directly to college(s) of choice Community service hours/participation in leadership activities Note that the courses you take your senior year should be rigorous, as this is considered by a college admissions office. GPA IS RECALCULATED BY EACH COLLEGE BASED ON CORE ACADEMIC CLASSES

What should you be doing now? SeniorFallChecklist 2016 Complete the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) October 1st

Bright Futures application Opens up (To be completed through your English class with the counselors) October 1st Attend College Night at Valencia. RSVP online to reserve your free ticket. Prepare Post Secondary Plan and then create your to do list. Apply to colleges of interest by their deadlines (recommended by Nov 1) Meet with college representatives (check on Guidance Website) Fall Checklist Continued

Take or retake the ACT and SAT to earn competitive scores (Seniors take a FREE SAT on October 19th) Evaluate your transcripts for accuracy Visit the College and Career Room for help on Post-Secondary Planning Request letters of recommendation if needed (at least three weeks prior to deadline) can be found on Guidance Website Apply for scholarships early and often Have your transcripts and test scores sent directly to colleges Transcript request are handled by Ms. Debbie Hobbs Attend Financial Aid Information Night at DPHS November 17 th at 6:30 p.m. NC Cafeteria

Recommendations for College Continued The parent release must be signed on the front page Email the completed packet to counselor no less than three weeks prior to your application deadline Follow application directions carefully ***ensure your college of choice requires a letter of recommendation*** Senior Checklist Spring 2017

Research scholarships on the internet (including Guidance website) Submit Final Transcript request through English class which is then submitted to Ms. Debbie Hobbs (April/May) Ensure transcript reflects completed community service hours for scholarships Follow up with colleges regarding housing, meal plan, orientation, and institutional scholarships Maintain a competitive GPA Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

Funded by the Florida Lottery Based on Academic Merit 3 Scholarship Types: Academic Scholars Medallion Scholars Gold Seal Scholars Florida Academic Scholars 3.5 weighted GPA using the credits listed below: 4 English

4 Mathematics 3 Science 3 Social Science 2 World Language (sequential, in the same language) Community Service:100 hours Test Scores: SAT-1290 or ACT-29 Florida Medallion Scholars

3.0 weighted GPA using the credits listed below: 4 English 4 Mathematics 3 Science 3 Social Science 2 World Language

Community Service: 75 hours Test Scores: SAT-1170 ACT-26 Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Note: This scholarship provides funding to students attending a technical/vocational school or 2 year college

3.0 weighted GPA (16 core graduation credits) 4 English 4 Mathematics 3 Natural Science 3 Social Science 1 Fine or Practical Art 1 Physical Education AND Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars

3 credits in a single career/technical education program 3.5 unweighted GPA in the career/technical courses ACT, SAT, or PERT exam minimum scores Complete 30 service hours Florida Shines For additional support in choosing your PSP visit www.FloridaShines.org Created by M. Borgon, M.Ed. 03/01/2020 16

Florida Shines (Example) Take assessments, explore occupations, plan for your education, and more Created by M. Borgon, M.Ed. 03/01/2020 17 College Transition Counselor Nicole Gurley [email protected] At DPHS every Tuesday in Guidance Email for appointment or students can stop in with a pass from a teacher or during

lunch Postsecondary Goals/Majors College Admissions Scholarships Valencia Dual Enrollment Resume Building Financial Aid And more College & Career Specialist Robert Palmer [email protected] College & Career Center Hours of Operation Monday through Friday

7:10 AM-7:20 AM A and B Lunch 1:55 PM-2:40 PM (Wed: 1:12 PM-2:40 PM) After School for Parent meetings by appointment/Scheduled Workshops Student Appointment Request Students can also request an appointment at https://robertpalmerdp.youcanbook.me. This link is also available through the DP Guidance Website (teacherpress.ocps.net/dpstudentservices). College Application Help Sessions Valencia Application Days (Bridges to Success Scholarship) Financial Aid Night/FAFSA Workshops

After school workshops to further support students and their families in Post-Secondary Planning Senior PSP Form You MUST complete the following items BEFORE you leave this room. Senior PSP Form https://goo.gl/forms/QW5LKNtJhmVzObef1 Senior Letter with Signature returned to your Counselor

Remind for Guidance Updates Text @dpguide to the number 81010 to receive important updates from the Guidance Department You will receive a welcome text from Remind. If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @dpguide to (407) 901-3124.

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