Dracula by Bram Stoker - Derry Area School District

Dracula by Bram Stoker - Derry Area School District

DRACULA BY BRAM STOKER A Book Report by Mrs. Feldbusch All Periods POINT OF VIEW ANALYSIS First person point of view is the predominate viewpoint of Dracula. The fascinating thing about the book is that it takes on the viewpoint of several characters in the form of letters, journals, and diary entries. Occasionally there are third person accounts written as newspaper articles. If the story was only written in third person or even in only one characters viewpoint the story would not unfold in quite

the same way. The reader would not know more than the characters or be able to put things together long before the characters. It would not be nearly as suspenseful. CHARACTER ANALYSIS Main Character: Mina Murray Harker is the main character in the novel because we read her diary entries more than anyone else's. Traits: Mina is brave because she goes into dangerous situations trying to save her friend Lucy. Mina is persistent in that she refuses to give up hope that they will destroy Dracula. She is hard working as shown when she types up all the diaries and journals from several people so that all the information about Dracula is found in one place. Finally, Mina is

also loyal to her husband and she is intelligent. CHARACTER ANALYSIS Minor Character: Professor Van Helsing is one of the many minor characters in the novel. Traits: Van Helsing is an intelligent man, having studied unusual cases from all around the world. He is also a bit strange when he demands that the suffering Lucy wear garlic around her neck. Van Helsing is a loyal friend when he travels to London to help discover what is wrong with Lucy. Finally he is resourceful and determined.

SETTING ANALYSIS The story has two main settings. The first is Transylvania, located in the obscure mountainous areas of Hungary. It is a mysterious setting full of superstitious people and unknown forces of evil. The other setting is London. It is important to the story since Dracula is able to prey upon more people in the crowded city of London.

Plot Diagram Conflict: Van Helsing reveals to everyone that Dracula is a vampire and needs to stopped. Rising Action: 1)Jonathon, Minas fianc, comes back from Transylvania with strange tales of Count Dracula. 2) Lucy is losing blood throughout the night and needs transfusions to survive. 3) Lucy dies, but is undead, preying upon children at night. 4) Van Helsing kills Lucy by driving a wooden stake through

her heart. 5) Mina is attacked by Dracula and is becoming like him. Exposition: Minas friend Lucy is suffering from a strange sickness Falling Action: 1) Everyone travels to Transylvania in order to catch Dracula. 2) Dracula communicates through Mina. 3) Draculas wives try to attack Mina and Van Helsing. Resolution: Dracula is finally killed and Mina

goes back to being a normal human. IMPORTANT SCENE FROM THE BOOK In the following scene Dracula lures Lucy into the garden and attacks ,drinking more of her blood, but not killing her. Mina finds her and saves her from Dracula. I think this scene is very scary because Mina thinks Lucy is being attacked by a wolf. Dracula is able to change his shape into a variety of animals, a very frightening idea. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF DRACULA I really liked this book. Even though I saw the

movie a few times already, it was still suspenseful and scary. Bram Stoker did a great job of telling you just a little bit, then a little bit more, leaving you wanting to know more. He also told the story through diaries, letters, and newspaper articles so the plot was revealed through many characters viewpoints. I was a little disappointed with the end because I expected to know more about how he became a vampire. Overall I would recommend it to anyone.

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