Drafting &Technical Design

Drafting &Technical Design

LycoCTC Drafting & Design Technology

Design Anything House School Cell Phone

Wrist Watch Car Roads Bridges Career Objectives

Architecture Mechanical Drafting Civil Engineering

Architecture Learn to design residential and commercial buildings Architecture Drawings

Mechanical Drafting Learn to design mechanical devices Learn basic manual drafting techniques, read scales, introduction to CAD

Mechanical Drafting cont Create parametric solid models using Inventor & SolidWorks programs: Step 1 to create a solid

Sketch the part profile Step 2 Add dimensions and constrain the sketch

Last Step Give the sketch thickness Inventor Example Other Examples

Civil Engineering Learn about road, bridge, and dam designs, and gain surveying skills Surveying Skills

Nikon Total Station Research Deeds Layout Plot Plans Site Work

What We Have 3D Printers Create plastic prototypes HP Plotters & Graphtec Scanner Scan and print large format drawings

CAD Programs Architecture - AutoCAD & Revit Mechanical Drafting - AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks Civil Engineering- AutoDesk Civil 3D

Text Books What is it like? In Drafting & Design Technology you work at your own pace

Discover the type of drafting career that interests you Third Year Options When you join this class you gain the competencies required to become a

successful draftsperson After two years you have four choices Stay in the classroom and gain more knowledge Accept a paid Co-op position Attend PCT and earn college credits Enroll in Penn College Now program


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