Du`a al-Iftitah

Du`a al-Iftitah

DUAA AL-IFTITAH coB coB B tQ In the name of Allh the Beneficent, the Merciful. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

kd B kd { B O Allh send Your blessings on Mu

DUAA AL-IFTITAH kdQ AE\B eXXB B B O Allh, I begin glorifying You with Your Praise.

DUAA AL-IFTITAH Q PB| jkt YB You direct towards what is right through Your Grace. DUAA AL-IFTITAH


RCB kwB but most severe in matters of warning and retribution, DUAA AL-IFTITAH UB AEoRB

oR`XB B and the most mighty in matters of DUAA AL-IFTITAH XNt MEj

YlB B O Allh You have allowed me to supplicate to You and ask from You. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

Wj cn C S_B Xck s C sC Then hear my praise, O One who hears all, and answer my call, O DUAA AL-IFTITAH

Wo\ n C B and decrease my mistakes, O most Forgiving. DUAA AL-IFTITAH CX_o k UQo B


how many mistakes You have prevented, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CX k AQ Uc

and how many series of afflictions You have separated. DUAA AL-IFTITAH Bk URcC{ mhX mB kdB

All Praise is for Allh who has not taken a wife nor a son, DUAA AL-IFTITAH B ow

who has no partner in His Kingdom, DUAA AL-IFTITAH BoRW oR mB

who has no friend to protect Him from humiliation, so magnify Him DUAA AL-IFTITAH C kCd `Q kdB

All Praise is for Allh for all His praiseworthy acts, DUAA AL-IFTITAH C _ for all His favours and blessings.

DUAA AL-IFTITAH jE kdB All Praise is for Allh who has no opposition in His Kingdom,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH oB pC nor any challenge to His command. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

g ow mB kdB All Praise is for Allh who has no partner in creation, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

X Rw nor anyone like Him in His Greatness. DUAA AL-IFTITAH oB hB wCB

kdB All Praise is for Allh, His commands operate over His creation, DUAA AL-IFTITAH k` oCQ

oCB kc and his Praise is evident through His Generosity, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

k j`CQ sCRB whose bestowal stretches out liberally. DUAA AL-IFTITAH MDqg }W mB

His treasures never decrease, DUAA AL-IFTITAH Co Bj_ B ACB To\ kqW (rather) the frequency of His

Giving increases His Generosity DUAA AL-IFTITAH PCB qqB B

Surely He is the Mighty, the Bestower. DUAA AL-IFTITAH o\ NsB B B O Allh I ask You a little from

much, DUAA AL-IFTITAH U B Q U_Cc although I am in great need of it,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH k C while You are eternally needless of it, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

ot s o\ k though it is a lot for me, while it is easy and simple for You.

DUAA AL-IFTITAH XNg pC`W Rl B B O Allh, indeed Your forgiveness of my sins

DUAA AL-IFTITAH eR oXs d{ Your pardoning my oppression, Your hiding my ugly deeds,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH o_ o\ c and Your forbearing my many wrongs, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

k Cg C C k done intentionally or unintentionally, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

R_XsB C NsB B B tempted me to ask from You what I did not deserve from You, DUAA AL-IFTITAH Xcn

Xpn mB which You (still) gave me out of Your Mercy, DUAA AL-IFTITAH provided me by Your Power,

and made known to me from Your XQC_B Xo Wnk XnB DUAA AL-IFTITAH CtGXt

NsB CD jB Vo| So I became habituated to call You trustingly and ask You familiarly, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

_ CMEg neither fearing nor scared, DUAA AL-IFTITAH B Vk| C k

but with confidence in You for what I intended. DUAA AL-IFTITAH `Q

YRX GQB C Then if there was a delay (in Your answer), I would blame You, due to my ignorance, DUAA AL-IFTITAH nB URCQ og

GQB mB and perhaps the delay was best for me, for You know the outcome of DUAA AL-IFTITAH N kR oR{B

Co nB I have not seen a more generous DUAA AL-IFTITAH C kW B Qn C

My Lord, You call me and I turn away from You, DUAA AL-IFTITAH B RWB B

SRdXW You show affection to me and I show hatred towards You, DUAA AL-IFTITAH XB C RB B jjXW

You display Your love for me and I DUAA AL-IFTITAH B CtcB

UcoB Bl But this does not prevent You from having mercy on me, being good to DUAA AL-IFTITAH o j`Q XB

and favouring me, through Your Generosity and Nobility. DUAA AL-IFTITAH CtcB Q

k_ C`B kR cnC So please (continue to) have mercy on your ignorant slave, and be DUAA AL-IFTITAH

o jB_ B Surely You are the Bountiful, the Generous. DUAA AL-IFTITAH B o`

B C kdB All Praise is for Allh, the Owner of the Kingdom, who makes the ships sail, DUAA AL-IFTITAH bCR{B C bCoB oht

controls the wind, causes the dawn to break, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CB Pn kB Cj

is the authority on the Day of Judgement, (and) is the Lord of the worlds. DUAA AL-IFTITAH kQ c kdB

All Praise is for Allh for His patience despite His knowledge. DUAA AL-IFTITAH Wnk kQ

kdB All Praise is for Allh for His forgiveness despite His power. DUAA AL-IFTITAH R

WCB kdB All Praise is for Allh for the lengthy respite He gives DUAA AL-IFTITAH

ko C njC though He has the power to do as He wills. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

hB Cg kdB All Praise is for Allh the creator of all creation, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

bCR{B C poB sCQ the provider of plentiful sustenance, the cleaver of the dawn, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

CB B BoB `B l possessor of Glory and Honor, and Excellence and Blessings, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

`B kx Po o kQ mB who is far and thus cannot be seen, but is close and thus witnesses secret conversations.

DUAA AL-IFTITAH CW nCRW Blessed and Exalted be His name. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

jC pC u mB kdB All Praise is for Allh who has no equal who argues with Him, DUAA AL-IFTITAH kC o

Cx Rw nor anyone similar to Him, nor any Helper to support Him. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

AEB X BW ADqB WqQ o He overpowers the mighty by His DUAA AL-IFTITAH

AEx C WnkQ R He accomplishes what He wishes through His power. DUAA AL-IFTITAH jCB c R` mB

kdB All Praise is for Allh who answers me when I call Him, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

|B CB Tn oXt covers all my faults yet I disobey Him, DUAA AL-IFTITAH pC_B UB

increases His bounties on me but I do not acknowledge them. DUAA AL-IFTITAH CB k UN UR

How many pleasant gifts He has given me, DUAA AL-IFTITAH BnB k U U`Q C k

Uh U how many great fears He has DUAA AL-IFTITAH CdRt olB

BkCc [C Thus I glorify Him, thanking Him and I remember Him with praise. DUAA AL-IFTITAH QCQ

QC`c X mB kdB All praise is for Allh, whose curtains cannot be opened, whose DUAA AL-IFTITAH D Sh MCs jo

who does not reject the one who asks Him, and who does not disappoint the DUAA AL-IFTITAH

MEhB K mB kdB All Praise is for Allh, who provides safety for the frightened, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

XtB o dC|B ` rescues the virtuous, raises the oppressed, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

C oRXtB humiliates the proud, destroys kings,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH ogD hXt and replaces them with others. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

nCR`B {C kdB All Praise is for Allh, who crushes the tyrants, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

QnCB nk CB oR annihilates the oppressors, watches over the runaways, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

go|XtB io{ C B C punishes the oppressors, assists those who cry for help, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

KB kX RCB VC_Cc grants the requests of the beseechers,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH CCs AEtB koW Xxg mB kdB All praise is for Allh in whose awe

DUAA AL-IFTITAH CnC nB _oW the earth and its inhabitants tremble, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

CWBo eRt nCdRB ^W the sea and all that swims in it billow. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

Bm CBk mB kdB All praise is for Allh who guided us to this DUAA AL-IFTITAH

B CBk B kX C C and we would not have been guided had Allh not guided us to this.

DUAA AL-IFTITAH h h mB kdB All Praise is for Allh who creates but is not created,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH po po gives sustenance but is not given sustenance, feeds but is not fed

DUAA AL-IFTITAH WB d AEcB Y causes the living to die, and gives life to the dead.

DUAA AL-IFTITAH ohB kQ V c He is Ever-Living and does not die, (and) in His control is all good,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH ok Aw and He has power over all things. DUAA AL-IFTITAH

sn kR kd { B O Allh send Your Blessings on Mu

DUAA AL-IFTITAH RRc { B Your trustee, Your chosen One, Your beloved,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH WCsn R os Cc g Wog the best of Your creation, the preserver of Your secrets, and the

DUAA AL-IFTITAH pB B _B tcB B the most superior, elegant, handsome, perfect, upright, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

sB oB SB B prosperous, pleasant, holy and sublime, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

YcoW YnCQ Y{ C o\ B more than what You have blessed, given, had mercy, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

MERB jCR kcB Ys YdW sympathised and greeted, anyone from Your servants, Your Prophets, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

g UBoB B W{ sn Your Messengers, Your chosen DUAA AL-IFTITAH

KB oB { B O Allh, and send Your blessings on `Al, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

CB Pn sn { and the successor of the Messenger of the Lord of the worlds. DUAA AL-IFTITAH g

X`c sn gB kR Your servant, Your friend, the DUAA AL-IFTITAH

B GRB oRB XB Your great sign, and the mighty awaited news. DUAA AL-IFTITAH ToCB Uk|B

{ And send blessings on the truthful, pure (lady) DUAA AL-IFTITAH CB AEt

Tks ADoqB UC F>ima alZahr, the leader of the women of the DUAA AL-IFTITAH

kB CB UcoB Rs { And send Your blessings on the two grandsons of mercy (unto the world), the leaders of guidance, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

U`B B PCRw ks tdB tdB al-\asan and al-\usayn, the leaders of the youths of DUAA AL-IFTITAH

tdB Q , tB UMB { And send blessings on the leaders DUAA AL-IFTITAH

Q kd Mu

kd Q o_ Ja`far son of Mu

Msa son of Ja`far, DUAA AL-IFTITAH s Q `Al son of Msa,


kd Q `Al son of Mu

Q tdB \asan son of `Al, DUAA AL-IFTITAH kB jCB hB

and the successor, the guide, and the rightly guided. DUAA AL-IFTITAH jQ MEB jCR ``c

(These are) Your proofs over Your servants, Your trustees on Your DUAA AL-IFTITAH UMDj To\ T{

Bless (them with) numerous and continuous blessings. DUAA AL-IFTITAH KB MEB oB { B O Allh send blessings on the

guardian of Your orders, the one DUAA AL-IFTITAH QoB XMQ c oXB kB

the one hoped for, the awaited justice. DUAA AL-IFTITAH CB Pn C rkB boQ kB

and assist him with the holy spirit, O Lord of the worlds. DUAA AL-IFTITAH kQ MEB QCX B BkB _B B

O Allh, appoint him to invite DUAA AL-IFTITAH R mB YhXsB C nB hXsB

Make him the successor on the DUAA AL-IFTITAH XWnB mB j Establish for him his religion which

You have approved for him. DUAA AL-IFTITAH CNw Q ox kR CB g kQ kQB

Give him security after fear (so) he DUAA AL-IFTITAH Q o|XB o|B Q pqB qB B O Allh, give him power and through him strengthen (others),

DUAA AL-IFTITAH Bot CdX eXB Bqq Bo| o|B Help him with a mighty help,

and give him an easy victory, DUAA AL-IFTITAH Bo| CCs k _B and grant him an assisting authority from You.

DUAA AL-IFTITAH R Us j Q oB B O Allh, make manifest through him Your religion and the way of

Your Prophet, DUAA AL-IFTITAH kcB UCh dB OxQ hXt Xc hB

DUAA AL-IFTITAH Uo Uj B So CB B O Allh, we earnestly desire from You an honored state,

DUAA AL-IFTITAH B CB CQ mW B sB CQ qW through which You strengthen

DUAA AL-IFTITAH XC B TCkB C C`W And make us in it amongst the inviters towards Your obedience, DUAA AL-IFTITAH

Rs B TjCB and the leaders to Your path. DUAA AL-IFTITAH TogB

CkB UBo CQ CpoW Give us through it honor of the world and the Hereafter. DUAA AL-IFTITAH Cd

dB CXo C B O Allh, what You have made known to us of the truth, help us DUAA AL-IFTITAH

CR Co| C and what we fall short, make us reach it. DUAA AL-IFTITAH Ck{ Q SwB C\w Q B B

O Allh, through him put order in our affairs, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CX Q o\ CX Q

WnB join together our separations, increase our minority, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CME Q B CXl Q pqB

lift us from degradation, relieve our miseries, DUAA AL-IFTITAH Co Q oR_B Co Q B

pull us out of our debts, remove our poverty, DUAA AL-IFTITAH Cot Q ot CXg Q ks

fill the gaps in our confusion, ease our difficulties, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CosB Q C_ Q Q

brighten our faces, free our prisoners, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CkB Q q`B CXR Q e`B

grant our requests, fulfill our promises, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CKs Q CB CWj Q S`XsB answer our calls,

grant us our requests, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CCD TogB CkB Q CQ

cause us to obtain what we hope for, from this world and the hereafter, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CXRn

Q CB and give us more than our expectations. DUAA AL-IFTITAH B sB KtB og C

O the best of all who are asked and the most generous of bestowers, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CQ

Q SlB Cnk{ Q wB through him, cleanse our chests, remove the stains of anger and DUAA AL-IFTITAH lCQ dB XgB

C Q CkB and guide us to the truth on disputed matters, by Your permission. DUAA AL-IFTITAH Xt Bo{ B AExW

kW B Surely You guide whom You wish to the right path. DUAA AL-IFTITAH Ck k Q Co|B

Through him help us to overcome Your enemy and our enemy. DUAA AL-IFTITAH D dB B

O God of truth, Amen. DUAA AL-IFTITAH B WB{ CR k B Bx CB B

O Allh, we complain to You of the DUAA AL-IFTITAH Ck To\ C UR

the concealment of our leader, the abundance of our enemies, DUAA AL-IFTITAH CQ XB Tkw Cjk U

the scarcity of our numbers, the severity of our trials, DUAA AL-IFTITAH C CqB oCW

and the victory of the era against us. DUAA AL-IFTITAH B kd |

So bless Mu

DUAA AL-IFTITAH oW c Cs qW o| xW oQ dispersing miseries, giving us a

help that strengthens, providing DUAA AL-IFTITAH CCtRW UC CC`W Ucn a mercy from You which is clear to

us, DUAA AL-IFTITAH .cBoB cnB C XcoQ by Your mercy, O most Merciful.

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