Dual Enrollment Information Night

Dual Enrollment Information Night

Dual Enrollment Informational Meeting McEachern High School Counseling Department School Year 2018-2019 What Is Dual Enrollment? Students take college classes while still enrolled in high school Earn dual credit Core classes and electives are available Full time and part time options State provides funding for tuition, fees and books Available at Georgia Public, Private and Technical colleges On campus and online classes McEachern students have taken classes at Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee

Technical College, GA State University/GA Perimeter College, West Georgia What Does It Take To Be A Successful DE Student Organized Motivated

Proactive (NOT a procrastinator) Flexible Capable under stress Assertive Good self-advocate (comfortable with asking for help) Independent Responsible (register, meet deadlines, READ information) Advantages Tuition, Fees And Books Are Covered Dual Credit For HS And College

A full HS credit is earned for a 3 hour college course Can ease college transition and allows student to explore potential career interests earlier Some students truly are ready to move on Advantages (2) Academies, degree level credits are given a .5 quality point for the HOPE GPA Count as rigor course for Hope Scholarship Does not count as attempted credits for HOPE Flexible schedule for full time DE student No EOC or AP exams for DE classes College credit is not based on one test score

Disadvantages Transportation And Scheduling Conflicts Not on Cobb County schedule (breaks) Parking- pay at HS AND college Extracurricular Activities- Band practice? Football Practice? Clubs? Student Council Mtgs etc. Challenging courses taught by college professors Doesnt know/care student is in High School Only communicates with student Fewer grades Grades are recorded double (college and high school GPA) Disadvantages (2)

Extra Quality Points are not always given to McEachern GPA Credit transfer is not a guarantee (must do your own research) Competitive colleges may not consider DE as rigorous as AP May miss McEachern announcements and activities (class meetings, pep rally's, graduation information, etc.) and are less involved with school and peers Special Student Services must be arranged by the student/parent directly with the college (504, IEP) Maintaining Eligibility Student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the college and

be progressing towards on-time HS graduation Colleges set their SAP differently Can be withdrawn from the school mid-year Students must be enrolled full-time College: 12-15 college hours (4-5 classes) Part-time: enrolled in courses totaling a minimum of 3 HS credits per semester One to two college semester hours = .5 HS credit Three to four college semester hours = 1.0 HS credit **Athletes must also adhere to GHSA rules of earning 2.5 HS credits the semester before participation. Sample DE Schedule Full Time DE Student Part Time DE Student

ENGL 1101 (3 hours/1.0 credit) MATH 1113 (3 hours/ 1.0 credit) H Human Anatomy (3 hours/ 1.0 ENGL 1101(3 hours/1.0 credit) MATH 1113(3 hours/1.0 credit) PYSCH 1101 (3 hours/1.0 credit) POLS 1101(3 hours/ 1.0 credit) Total of 12 college credit hours and 4

HS credits. ** At the college level, a 12-credit hour class load requires 750 minutes or 12.5 hours of classroom time 1,500 minutes or 25 hours of out-of-class work (homework) per week. credit) Weight Training (3 hours/ 1.0 credit) Total of 6 college hours equaling 2 HS credits and 2 HS classes equaling 2 high school credit (3 HS credits in total)--minimum Part Time Decide what will be at McEachern and what will be at college

AM or PM? Know the bell schedule ( Regular vs Advisement) Extracurricular activities Announcement, activities, handouts, etc. during advisement singleton classes- performing arts, AP languages, Year Long AP courses Transportation PARKING AT MCEACHERN NEXT YEAR!!!! **The McEachern Master Schedule is not set until late in the summer (and still changes after school starts)- this is the opposite of the college **Things may conflict, despite everyone's best efforts you may still need to make adjustments to either of your schedules Awarding Credits Students must successfully complete college credits Many colleges require a C or better for college credit, McEachern requires a D for

HS credit. College classes stay on your college transcript, even when taken in HS Students sign release for the college to provide a transcripts to McEachern Colleges provide a letter grade: McEachern converts to a numerical grade A=95, B+ 85, C= 76, D= 72, F=69 ** It is always your responsibility to check the accuracy of your transcript after grades are posted each semester Dropping A Course Colleges will advertise Drop/Add and withdrawal timelines This is a common thing in college and may sound appealing to a struggling DE student DE students who drop courses after the first 10 days of the semester receive a

grade of 10 on their McEachern transcript Courses receiving state funding MUST be posted on the HS transcript with a grade BOTTOM LINE: Dont drop a class GPA will be impacted- McEachern, HOPE scholarship GPA and W on college transcript Student cannot drop below full time status Students will lose credit and could be off track for graduation What Courses Can I Take? Core academic classes and academic electives, foreign languages (requires placement tests), career tech and fine arts electives (these may be trickier to transfer elsewhere) For a full list of courses offered at different colleges and for their respective high school course codes please visit the GAFutures website

DO YOUR RESEARCH! www.gafutures.org MOWR is now Dual Enrollment Course Directory Duel Enrollment Course Directory (search by college) DE Trends/Counselor Observations Science classes Challenging and may require college pre-reqs Not on all campuses American Lit Graduation requirement for high school Graduation requirement for high school

2nd or 3rd English class at the college Math It is STRONGLY recommended that you complete Alg 2 at the HS before taking a college math class Health and PE Not offered/funded at all colleges Personal fitness is only funded for full-time DE students Health is at KSU a 3 hour class Mid-year withdrawals Online classes- especially math, not a good idea! Steps For Students And Parent Research and consider all options/criteria/implications Is Dual Enrollment right for you? What is your end goal?

Take SAT/ACR/ACCUPLACER and any other required paperwork May need to meet with counselor to sign forms Request your send your transcript from McEachern (2 and 4 year colleges) Have a game plan for what classes you want to take at the college/at McEachern Different for every student It is your responsibility to research the impact DE classes will have on: College Admissions High School and HOPE GPA College Transcript (GPA, Withdrawal Count) Credit Transferability (Elective, Core) More Steps For Student And Parent Acceptance notification from college is emailed to student

Students must check email- colleges will communicate everything through email Attend college orientation/ advisement/ registration Register for classes ASAP to get preferred sections/times Do your Research! (rate my professor, bell schedules, practice times) If you wait, you may not get the classes/times/locations you need Send your funding application through GA futures Submit your funding applications through GA Futures **Everything must be approved by your high school counselor. No changes to schedules may be done without us knowing Paperwork Participation Agreement HS keeps a copy but original goes to the college (you upload it

yourself!) May or may not be requested as part of the application Transcript, Test Scores Transcripts sent by McEachern, $2 fee Test scores sent by CollegeBoard or ACT (dont forget AP Scores) (you upload it yourself!) Cobb County Local School

Online funding application (gafutures.org) Instructions come from college HS cannot our part until you bring us your schedule Must be done every semester Other forms required by the college KSU advisement form Immunization or Lawful Presence Verification

Deadlines College Admission Deadlines Deadlines are different for all colleges Make sure to watch your deadlines and apply EARLY Remember that there are many steps and you must have supporting documents in on time in addition to doing your online application (transcript, test scores) **The earlier you are accepted the earlier you can register which makes everything EASIER! McEachern is requiring all students who are participating in Dual Enrollment for Spring 2019 to be accepted and have their schedules before Nov 30th 2018. Thank You!!!! Questions????

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