Dual enrollment information night - SportsEngine

Dual enrollment information night - SportsEngine

DUAL ENROLLMENT INFORMATION NIGHT JANUARY 28, 2019 ARCHER HIGH SCHOOL WHAT IS DUAL ENROLLMENT? Dual Enrollment is a program that provides funding for students at eligible high schools that are enrolled to take approved collegelevel coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements. BENEFITS OF DUAL ENROLLMENT Students can earn college credits while in high school (reducing cost of college in long run); dual enrollment covers tuition/books/fees Opportunity for students to exercise independence, communication skills, study skills, organization skills, etc.

Students get a head start on the postsecondary transition Students can test out a college environment to determine if they want to attend there after high school State funding for dual enrollment is separate from funds for HOPE Scholarship Access to unique classes and rigorous courses A FEW DETAILS. Available to all 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th graders No residency or citizenship requirement Must meet postsecondary institutions admission requirements Cannot have already met graduation requirements nor can a student be a fifth year senior Eligible for summer study Student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress" at the college can be denied participation for violation of college rules.

CONSIDERATIONS Part-time Combination of AHS and DE classes (5) DE classes scheduled around the AHS schedule 3 (or more) AHS + 2 DE classes 4 (or more) AHS + 1 DE class Full-time All classes taken at the college 4 DE classes required Still able to participate in athletics (if earn 2.5 credits per semester) Still considered a AHS student


Some course specific fees must be covered by the student. Colleges communicate with the student not the parent/guardian or with Archer. Communication is through email. Competitive colleges may not consider dual enrollment courses as rigorous as Advanced Placement. Credit transferability is not guaranteed. Archer announcements/information could be missed.

Student may be in classes with adults and be the youngest in the room. Archers & the colleges calendar dont always align. Professors may not excuse absences due to state play-offs, family spring break, etc. Student services (504 Plans, IEP, etc.) must be arranged with the college by the student. Please speak to your case manager prior to enrolling in DE courses. Accommodations given at the college could be different than ones given at Archer. Contact colleges Office of Disability Services for more information. CONSIDERATIONS

Parking is NOT guaranteed for Dual Enrollment students. Have a back-up plan if you dont get a parking pass for Archer HS. Students are not allowed to be on Archers campus on days or periods they dont have their college classes. Students cant hang out in the media center or the commons. This includes students taking dual enrollment courses online. If you are unable to leave campus during your assigned dual enrollment courses, you will need to reconsider participating in the program. Students must factor in travel time, parking, traffic, bell schedules, etc. Students will be expected to comply with Archers bell schedule and with their college class times. The two dont always work together. Students should not drop classes after the start of the semester could result in student being removed from DE

Students need to communicate with Assistant Principal in Archers Attendance Office ahead of time if their DE end of semester final exam time conflicts with a class time at Archer HS. CONSIDERATIONS High School Athletic/Interscholastic Participation: To be eligible to participate, practice, and/or try out in interscholastic activities, a student must be academically eligible. A student is required to pass classes that carry the equivalent of at least 2.5 Carnegie Units counting toward graduation the semester immediately preceding participation (Georgia High School Association Constitution and By Laws). Laws). Other eligibility concerns may be confirmed with the athletic director. Parents will need to consider whether practices, games, etc. will interfere with the completion of postsecondary course requirements. Since DE students are considered Archer students, they may still participate in athletics/extracurricular activities as long as they meet the academic requirements, etc. of those activities. WHERE CAN I ATTEND? A student may apply to attend any participating public college, private college, or

technical college in Georgia. The counselors responsibility is to make sure students meet requirements to graduate from high school. The students/parents responsibility is to research what will transfer to which college/major (high school counselor cannot speak for a college). GEORGIA GWINNETT COLLEGE (GGC) http://www.ggc.edu/admissions/admissions requirements/dualenrollment/ 11th and 12th graders only GPA: 3.0 Core SAT: 26 Reading and 500 Math ACT: 21 English and 19 Math; composite: 20 DEADLINES Summer: April 2 Fall: May 1 Spring: November 1

GWINNETT TECHNICAL COLLEGE (GTC) https://www.gwinnetttech.edu/dualenrollment/ Accepts grades 9th 12th No minimum GPA required 2.5 is recommended Accepts ACCUPLACER Test (free) & SAT/ACT GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY BOTH CAMPUSES ARE FOR 11TH & 12TH GRADERS ONLY; CORE GPA 3.0 DEADLINES: SUMMER/FALL: MAY 1; SPRING: NOVEMBER 1 Main Campus: Downtown Atlanta https://admissions.gsu.edu/bachelorsdegree/ apply/dualenrollment/?specialty=Dual %20Enrollmnent#admissionrequirements

SAT: 29 Reading Section and 560 Math Section; ACT: 23 English, 23 Math; Freshman Index (FI): 2600 or higher Perimeter Campus/Dunwoody https://perimeter.gsu.edu/admissions/ dualenrollment/ SAT: 26 Reading and 26.5 Math ACT: 20 English and 21 Math TRUETT MCCONNELL COLLEGE For more information: https://truett.edu/admissions/dual-enrollment/ Course are available to be taken online.

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA https://ung.edu/undergraduateadmissions/dualjoint enrollment.php Five locations and online option 11th and 12th graders only GPA 3.25 Core SAT: 26 Reading and 480 Math; 970 total ACT: 20 English and 18 Math; composite 20 DEADLINES Summer: March 15 Fall: March 15 Spring: October 1 DEADLINES DEADLINES Please note: AHS DE Contract, GCPS DE Permission Form, and Completed DE Student Participation Agreement (sections I, II, and V, w/parent signature) all need to be completed and dropped off in

AHS Counseling office (no appointment needed) by March 1, 2019. Please see DE Checklist for more information. Students must complete all paperwork (both Archer & Dual Enrollment) & apply to the college for Dual Enrollment by the following dates: Fall 2019 or Summer 2019 Deadline March 28, 2019 Spring 2020 Deadline October 1, 2019 Finalize courses (if part-time) May 1, 2019 College deadlines could be earlier or later but students must meet Archers deadline to participate . DE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Checklist for Participation:

Attend the Dual Enrollment (DE) Information Meeting Complete the 2019-2020 Dual Enrollment Google Form students log into GCPS gmail account then access via e-Class Complete and return the Archer Dual Enrollment Contract & GCPS permission form and student participation agreement Meet with AHS Counselors and complete the Dual Enrollment Student Participation Form. After completion, the student submits this form with their college application for admission.

Take the SAT/ACT/Accuplacer before Archers &/or the colleges admission deadline and have scores sent to colleges. Send AP scores to exempt intro level courses. Admission testing in the FALL is RECOMMENDED. Remember Archers Deadline all paperwork & apply to the college (even if college deadline is later must meet Archers deadline): Fall 2019 or Summer 2019 Deadline March 28, 2019 Spring 2020 Deadline October 1, 2019

DE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Checklist for Participation: Apply and gain acceptance to the college/university of your choice. You are responsible for following the colleges application procedures and meeting all deadlines. After receiving your college acceptance, set up an advisement appointment with your counselor to plan your Archer and college classes. Part-time Dual Enrollment students will need to plan all college classes around their Archer schedule. Archer schedule (courses selected and periods courses are offered) must be finalized by May 1, 2019. Part-time DE students will need to make transportation arrangements. Remember Archers deadline all paperwork & apply to the college (even if college deadline is later must meet Archers deadline):

Fall 2019 or Summer 2019 deadline March 28, 2019 DE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Register for college classes follow college procedures for registration. Turn in a copy of your college schedule to AHS Counseling (for fall and spring semesters, also submit AHS schedule change form) must do this every semester. Submit the DE Funding Application on www.GAfutures.org -- this also must be done each semester. Provide an official copy of your college transcript to AHS Counseling at the end of the colleges semester (this is before the end of Archers semester) each semester you are in dual enrollment so grade can be entered. If not received, you will not receive a grade/credit for DE course you took. Dual enrollment students are responsible for completing all high school graduation requirements in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. Remember Archers deadline all paperwork & apply to the college (even if college deadline is later must meet Archers deadline): Fall 2019 or Summer 2019 deadline March 28, 2019 Spring 2020 Deadline October 1, 2019


May 4, 2019 April 5, 2019 June 1, 2019 May 3, 2019 ACT (www.act.org) Test Date Registration Deadline

April 13, 2019 March 8, 2019 June 8, 2019 May 3, 2019 HOW DOES GRADING WORK? 3 to 5 hours = 1 credit on the high school transcript. 1 to 2 hours = .5 credit on the high school transcript. Science labs earn .5 of high school credit and will count toward elective credit. They will not

count toward fourth science requirement. There is usually a fee of $25 associated with taking a science lab. This fee is not covered by dual enrollment. Letter grades from the college will be transcribed as: A = 95 B = 85 C = 77 D = 72 F = 55 Additional points are NOT added to the college grade on the high school transcript (exception: 10 pts added for Georgia Institute of Technology distance learning/dual enrollment courses). Students receive a .5 GPA boost for DE courses on their HOPE transcript.

All Dual Enrollment courses will be included on the high school transcript including Ds and Fs. Failing a course or not taking a course required for graduation could result in the student not graduating. DROPPING/CHANGING DE CLASSES Drop/Add period at the beginning of the semester is NOT an option. Any course changes made at the beginning of the semester must be sent to AHS

Counseling. Colleges will advertise Drop/Add timeframes. These are for current college students, NOT dual enrollment students. Dropping courses could result in dual enrollment courses being unavailable the following semester. Students graduation status could be effected if courses are dropped or changed without approval. COURSE SEQUENCING Math class placement determined by SAT/ACT scores. ALGEBRA II MUST BE TAKEN at Archer HS. College Pre-calculus is a prerequisite for college physics, but its best to successfully pass 1.0 credit of physics 1st at Archer HS. Only attempt college physics if you meet college math criteria and you

completed 1.0 credit of physics in high school. Biology I will not count as a 4th science. History 2111 or History 2112 can count as U.S. History credit. Macroecon or Microecon can count as Economics credit. If American Literature not taken at the high school, then take Advanced Composition/Engl 1101, then 1102, then American Literature. TRANSFERRING DE CREDITS It is the students responsibility to verify with colleges regarding their policies on accepting transfer credit and how the credit will be used. The counselor is responsible for advising on courses needed for graduation. Students need to consult with their post-high school college/university of interest to determine what is accepted, especially institutions that are private and out-of-state colleges & universities.

WWW.GAFUTURES.ORG Resource for: Applying to DE college/university Order electronic transcript for in-state GA colleges/universities Dual Enrollment Funding Agreement (needs to be completed each semester a student in dual enrollment) Course Directory for locating courses covered by dual enrollment funds I ATTENDED THE MEETING. WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS? Please note: In DE packet given out tonight, AHS DE Contract, GCPS DE Permission Form, and Completed DE Student Participation Agreement (sections I, II, and V, w/parent signature) all need to be completed and dropped off in AHS Counseling office (no appt needed) by March 1, 2019. Please see DE Checklist for more information. Student completes the Google Information Form by logging in with GCPS email into their e-Class. Register to take SAT/ACT/Accuplacer students responsibility; dont forget to send test scores to DE college Complete College Application Its Free!

Complete Student Participation Agreement with AHS Counselors Student sends with application to the DE college Submit Transcript through GaFutures.org Remember Archers Deadlines All paperwork & apply to the college (even if college deadline is later must meet Archers deadline): Fall 2019 or Summer 2019 deadline March 28, 2019 Spring 2020 deadline October 1, 2019 Finalize Archer schedule (if part-time) May 1, 2019 IVE BEEN ACCEPTED! WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS? Make a registration appointment or orientation appointment at the college. Meet with AHS Counselors (if you have not already done so) to confirm the courses needed for graduation. See AHS Counselors before you register for college classes. Confirm your Archer schedule with AHS Counselors by May 1, 2019. Submit a copy of your college schedule to AHS Counselors (with AHS schedule change form; to be updated on AHS Counseling webpage). Please note Archer Counseling completes their part of DE funding agreement in GA Futures based

on timelines given to them by the various college DE offices. Please be patient; it will be completed.

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