Dual Media Learners: Instructional Strategies and Assessment

Dual Media Learners: Instructional Strategies and Assessment

Dual Media Learners: Instructional Strategies and Assessment Anne Spitz, M.Ed. Teacher of the Visually Impaired [email protected] Perkins Webinar 2014 1 Times have changed

Previously either print or braille. Now some learners benefit from both print and braille 2

Functional Vision Assessment Learning Media Assessment Determinati on of

Learning Media 3 Federal Register/IDEA The IEP team must* * * (iii) in the case of a child who is blind or visually impaired, provide for instruction in Braille and the use of Braille unless the IEP team determines, after an evaluation of the childs reading and writing skills, needs, and appropriate

reading and writing media (including an evaluation of the childs future needs for instruction in Braille or the use of Braille), that instruction in Braille or the use of Braille is not appropriate for the child Educating Blind and Visually Impaired Students; Policy Guidance; Federal Register; Vol. 65, No. 111; Thursday, June 8, 2000 http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2000-06-08/pdf/00-14485.pdf 4 Functional Vision Assessment

Determine current level of visual functioning in school, home and community Conducted upon initial eligibility, after a change in visual functioning, or at least every 3 years Essential to understanding how child utilizes vision in school environment Can vary significantly from a clinical assessment 5

Learning Media Assessment General and Ophthalmological Information Functional Vision Assessment Background Information Use of Sensory Channels Reading and Writing Assessment Literacy Tools Summary

Recommendations Recommended yearly or after change in6 Characteristics of Dual Media Learners Degenerative eye conditions Field restrictions Demonstrate ability to tactually discriminate shapes Reading rate and fluency are below peers

7 Challenges of Dual Media Service delivery Coordination of literacy instruction Integration of braille and print in classroom Materials Sometimes getting the Team on board 8

but it is so worth it! More literacy tools for student Empowers student to determine when to use which medium Facilitates maximum learning for student Increases availability of materials and technology 9

10 TIME Time: How much service time should I provide? How do I find time to teach braille? How do I integrate braille into the curriculum? Instruction: What approach(es) can I use to teach braille? (commercial & teacher-designed). How do I balance fluency with learning the code? (Which is more important, fluent reading or knowing the entire code?)

Motivation: How can I motivate my student to learn braille? Expectations: What are the goals of braille instruction? How will braille benefit my student in school? After high school graduation? 11 TIME Time Can you teach braille once a week? Consistency in number of weekly sessions

and duration of sessions Role of paraprofessional Vary intensity over several months Before or after school Summer services (ESY)- small peer group? 12 13 Emi

Albinism ; 20/300; Stable LMA (LP-P; B-S) 3rd grade Format DIBELS Date Rate Large Print (18 point) with addtl

magnification Braille Grade 2 (Cluster 38) 1/2010 4/2010 1/2010 4/2010 61 wpm 112 wpm 38 wpm

62 wpm Target for 6/2010 DIBELS 110-130 wpm 60-80 wpm 14 TIME Instruction

Build in success Over-instruct skills Braille notetakers Document progress Balance fluency with learning the code Use materials of interest to the student Book excerpts, songs, poems, students own writing High interest, low level books 15

Braille-Specific Commercial Programs / Approaches FUNdamentals (TSBVI) I-M-ABLE (Wormsley) (Individualized Meaning- centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education) Mangold Basic Braille Program: Tactile Perception and Braille Letter Recognition

(Exceptional Teaching) 16 Braille FUNdamentals? 17 Facilitating Independence with Duxbury Ingenious! Duxbury has incorporated

a feature allowing translation using Cluster levels Allows children to use textbooks, or recreational reading encountering only familiar contractions Utilize with Webbraille (NLS), Bookshare, ReadingA-Z 18

Older Versions of Duxbury (before 11.1) Select Document Select Translation Tables Select Contractions Select "TSBVI Cluster 24" Newer Version of Duxbury Select Document

Select Learning Tables Select TSBVI Select TSBVI Cluster 19 20 BrailleNote Auditory feedback

Reinforcement of braille writing Ease of editing Possible Lessons Builds fluency Writing commands Basic editing Encourages peer and Basic reading teacher interactions commands Cursor navigation

Basic spellchecker features 21 Activities Braille students own writing and have him/her read it back. Question / answer writing Utilize materials with print and braille

22 Word Study Ideas 23 Word Wall Book Trick words Classmates

Dolch words Braille/lp 24 Wilson Trick Words Ring 25 Then add a little braille

26 27 What if a child looks at the braille? Snack Tray 28 Assessment Timeline

29 How do I manage all of this? Assessment Binder Leveled Reading and Running Records Sight Words Braille Contractions Writing Samples Reference Materials Task Sheets

Audio or video recordings (2-3 times a year) 30 Dolch List Record reading and writing progress through the year.

31 Beck (grade 4) Optic Glioma; field loss; 20/400; unstable LMA (B-P; P-S) Grade Format Rate

H&T Spring First Large Print (36pt) Braille 53 wpm 29 wpm

53-111 wpm Winter Second Braille 67 wpm 72-125 wpm

Winter Third Braille 97 wpm 92-146 wpm Spring

Braille 130 wpm 150-200 wpm 32 End of First Grade: Large Print DRA (14) 33

End of First Grade: Braille DRA (16) 34 Fall of Fourth Grade Braille Dibels 35

TIME Motivation Goal setting Teacher, student, family Have the student document progress Reward progress Facilitate braille reading mentor Find real-life uses for braille whenever possible Participate in Braille Challenge Involve sighted peers (braillebug.org)

36 Keep track of the number of worksheets Chart the contractions Rewards Braille Scavenger

Hunt Trip to the restaurant Trip to the grocery store 37 Working with Families Observations Home Visits

Articles Mission Possible 38 Integrating Print and Braille: A Recipe for Literacy (NFB) 39 Moving beyond resistance

Developing trust Sharing resources Demonstrating value Meeting the student and family where they are Negotiating compromise 40 TIME Expectations

Integrate braille in meaningful and purposeful ways Bring it into the general education curriculum Vocabulary, homework agenda, schedule, notes, teacher feedback Consider short term and long term

expectations Utilize technology 41 What does a childs workspace look like? Organization facilitates independence. 42

A workspace for an older child 43 CCTV Writing Conference Workspace Training Setup

VGA Connectivity BrailleNote Computer 44 45 Our role as teacher of the visually impaired is to teach our students the skills needed to become as successful

and independent as possible. To that end, braille is a tool that often best serves dual media learners not in the immediate, but in the long term journey of academics and life. 46

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