E-20 Testing - NMMA

E-20 Testing - NMMA

Evaporative Emissions Standards & Regulations John Adey, Technical Director ABYC Philosophy & Misnomers The ONLY Federal Regulations that apply to Recreational Boat Construction are

found in Title 33 the Code of Federal Regulations. This recent EPA Ruling has changed that Title 40 part 91 Contains the Rule ABYC WILL be adding this to the CD and Other Electronic products as permission is given Philosophy & Misnomers Cont This

is FEDERALLY ENFORCEABLE Non Compliance WILL cause a Recall Talks on-going for inspection of the EPA Requirements during the USCG Factory Visit. NMMA Certification will follow the EPA Implementation times, NOT ABYCs Construction Standards? Whats

Out there? SAE J1527 Fuel Hose ABYC H-24 Gasoline Fuel Systems On Board Boats ABYC A-XX Carbon Canisters ABYC H-XX Non Metallic Fuel Tanks

How Have These Changed? Fuel Hose You are Already Seeing It A-1-15 = EPA Compliance, USCG Compliance, ABYC Compliance ABYC H-24 July 2010 Already

has the option of A-1-15 Hose Per SAE J1527 Will Require A-1-15 Hose Published July 2009 Effective July 2010 SoBY July 2010 Compliance with

ABYC = USCG, EPA, NMMA CANISTERS NO Industry Standard Exists Today Auto Industry = Proprietary Incredible help from Industry

Standard Underway Construction in A-XX Installation in H-24 Key Marine Points in A-XX Able to Handle Condensate, Corrosive Environment Not Block Flow e.g. No Pressure Keep Carbon Intact

Pass Fire Test If Installed in Engine Cpt. Volume of Carbon vs Tank size <26 .04 x Tank Capacity 26 .016 x Tank Capacity Key Points for H-24 Under Consideration: Self Draining NO Fuel in the Canister **EVER**

Check Valve etc.etc. Mounting Fire Test? Daisy-Chained? Pressurization? 33CFR 183.520 (a) Each fuel tank must have a vent system that prevents pressure in the

tank from exceeding 80 percent of the pressure marked on the tank label under Sec. 183.514(b)(5). @ 3 PSI Solution? Could Be. Considerations

for Safety Standards: Securing the tanks Connection Methods Hose Types Cap & Vent durability testing Engine Connections

Spitback? The Wording: You must design and build your equipment such that operators can reasonably be expected to fill the fuel tank without spitback or spillage during the refueling event. Spitback?

Mentioned, though vaguely. Could be a key point to the canister install EPA is attempting to standardize nozzle size Fill rates vary from standard auto 9-12 gpm Fill habits vary from trailer to in-water A not-to-ignore item, we were not expecting H-24 will have to deal with this How Many

Different Nozzles? Tank Permeation Barrier coat? New Plastics? Blow Molding? Rotational Molding? Conventional Testing?

Possible ABYC H-XX Standard for NonMetallic Fuel Tanks.

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