Early Childhood

Early Childhood

If We Can Do It, You Can Too! A Rural Communities Approach to Early Childhood Including All-Day, Everyday 4-Year old School Programming What Do We Have? How Did We get Here? Every Day-All day School Program

Licensed Early Childhood teachers on the the master contract pay scale PK-3 Community Leadership team that serves B- grade 3 for area schools and EC programs

Gold Star Assessments in our School, Head start, and many of our Child care settings Agreed upon Kindergarten Readiness Goals for all children near White Earth Reservation A new Childhood Center and indoor playground

This is our story New Superintendent, Lisa Weber White Earth Education Director Assistant, Mary Otto White Earth/ West Central Initiative Early Childhood Director, Terri Darco Ogema Elementary Principal, Laurie Johnson Early Childhood Teacher, Suzy Olson Early Childhood Teacher, Kimberly Antonsen Three themes

1. Know your needs Our learners were not/are not K ready 2. Know your community What and who are the assets in your community? Win/win partnerships 3. Know your resources What resources are available? Lease space? Grants?

Revenue Revenue: $26,350 - ECFE (Levy/Aid) $17,000* - Program Fees/Tuition Charged to Families * This amount will differ year to year depending on the income qualifications of families We use the Free and Reduced Lunch Guidelines $12,000 Learning Readiness Aid $23,000 Pathway II Funds $16,500 Early Childhood Race to the Top Grant (Finance 412) $16,500 Title 1 Preschool Set-aside (Match for EC RTT Grant (Fin 401))

$111,350 Total Revenue Expenses Expenses: $70,250 1.0 FTE ECFE/Kick-Start Teacher (funded by General Fund 01) Fund 04 Expenses $52,350 1.0 FTE ECFE/Kick-Start Teacher $60,000 2.0 FTE Paras ( One for Each Classroom) $2,000 Curriculum and Supplies/Field Trips $114,350 Revenue & Expenses

Revenue & Expenses 2015-16 Applied and was granted increased funding for Pathways II in the amount of $11,500 This allocation went from $23,000 to $34,500 Fee increase to address $3,000 unfunded expenses Was: FR: $4.00 and FP$8.00 per day 15-16: FR $7 and FP $12 per day Worlds Best Workforce Kindergarten Readiness

We will continue our early childhood efforts and continue to promote the importance of early childhood development and State Standards with well developed Essential Learner Outcomes; so that future preschoolers are ready for kindergarten. (13-14) We will also work on developing intervention opportunities for children not hitting the developing as expected indicator to bring them closely inline with their peers. 80%

of students will be developing as expected. (13-14) Waubun ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) ECFE started in the early 1980s with parent and child classes Today, classes meet twice a month in the evenings with parent and child activities

Benefits of ECFE Familiarizes families with our school Most of our ECFE families attend Kick-Start (School Readiness Program) Gives families the opportunity to be involved in play and learning Waubun School Readiness (Kick-Start) 2001- Our first Kick-Start class was held in 2001 Class had 7-10 students who met twice a week This program provided another early childhood program option for families in our community

2003- Class grew to 11 students and met all day, twice a week. 2004- Class numbers doubled and we had 2 sections that each met twice a week. Waubun School Readiness (Kick-Start) 2012- Applied for and was awarded The Grant to Construct or Rehabilitate Facilities for Early Childhood Programs. This grant enabled us to build an addition to enhance our

early childhood programs. Waubun School Readiness (Kick-Start) 2013- Construction began on the addition at our elementary school Three classrooms Indoor play area Student bathroom Conference room

2014- Our first year of all day, every day Kick-Start with 2 classrooms. A Day in Kick-Start Indoor Play Area Breakfast A Day in Kick-Start Circle Time

A Day in Kick-Start Ojibwe Technology A Day in Kick-Start Table Time A Day in Kick-Start Recess Lunch

A Day in Kick-Start Rest time A Day in Kick-Start Play Time A Day in Kick-Start Gym Music

A Day in Kick-Start Snack Time to go home History of PreK-3 Alignment In 2012 the need for PreK-3 alignment was identified by many of the same people on the current PreK-3 Leadership Team

A group of over 20 individuals from different programs convened to discuss the possibilities The group used the MSUM/White Earth Education Study as a basis of the identified need: Capacity limitations: 795 children age 0-5 with only 492 slots available

Concerns for lack of funding for Early Childhood programming The need to share assessment data & communicate between programs

Summer programming made a big difference in limiting regression over summer months Race to the Top & MDE White Earth was selected a Race to the Top Transformation Zone in 2012 they began offering Early Learning Scholarships With RTT status White Earth was approached by MDE to apply for the PreK-3rd Grade Leadership Institute with Dr. Kristi Kauerz We met with stakeholders on or near the White Earth

Reservation and formed a team Once we were accepted to the institute and had our first few meetings we drafted a resolution and presented it to Tribal Council WERTC Resolution Resolution No. 038-14-005 WE Pre K-3 Leadership Team White Earth Tribal Council officially recognizes the team as

advocates for children from birth to grade 3 with an emphasis on school readiness, incorporating common core standards and recognition of cultural identity PreK-3 Leadership Team Representation The White Earth

Reservation encompasses 1300 square miles of land. Within in that area lies: 3 Public Schools 1 Private School 1 BIE School 1 Charter School 17 Tribally Licensed family home child cares 2 Tribally licensed Child

Child Care Centers 8 Tribal Head Start Classrooms 5 Tribal Home-Based Head Start Programs 2 Non-Tribal Head Start Classrooms Family Friend and Levels of Commitment ECI The White Earth Early Childhood Initiative is funded by White

Earth Child Care Early Childhood Program and West Central Initiative of Fergus Falls MN. ECI support of Leadership Team Superintendents We have three local superintendents that are committed to the PreK-3 Leadership Team Federal, State and private funded Early Childhood Programs Public, Charter, and BIE school systems PreK-3 Vision

Vision: Every child living on or near the White Earth Reservation has access to a continuity of services and a clear pathway of high quality education from pre-natal through 3rd grade. 1 Cross-Sector Work 2

Engaged Families 3 Continuity and Pathways Cross Sector Work Better lines of communication and when appropriate collaboration Collaborating on Professional

1 Development Identify and engage other important Cross-Sector Work players to be on the team Goal to develop a list serve Engaged Families

Parent Mentors Early Childhood Parent Choice Guide 2 Engaged Families Community Events ECFE Hosting Parenting Trainings Continuity & Pathways

School Readiness Guide Early Childhood Parent Choice 3 Continuity and Pathways Guide Identify non-served children Transition Team Parent Aware:

STAR RATINGS Have Introduced practices that best prepare children for Kindergarten. Uses many of the practices that best prepare children for kindergarten. Uses most of the practices that best prepare children for Kindergarten. Excels in the use of most of the practices that best prepare children for Kindergarten. Getting the word out! Growing the village: Aligning preK to third grade for all Minnesota

children The popular proverb It takes a village to raise a child is understood well by parents, teachers and just about everyone else whos ever been around kids. On White Earth Reservation, we take this proverb to heart. Thats why in

recent years, weve worked closely with colleagues and families to strengthen our proverbial village and ensure that every child is set up for success by the end of third grade, a critical turning point in a students academic 9-1-15

career. MINNPOST If We Can Do It, You Can Too! Do you have questions for us?

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