East Asian Entertainment Industry - Instruct

East Asian Entertainment Industry - Instruct

East Asian Entertainment In dustry By TingShu Yazhu Yang Jiaju He Agenda Introduction Representatives: Hallyu( and ACG Bottlenecks for East Asian entert ainment industry Analysis Introduction Entertainment industry con sist of a large number of su

b-industries devoted to ent ertainment which involve ci nema, television, radio and music ,etc. What we focus on Hallyu ( Korean Wave) ACG (Animation Comics and Game) Obstacles for a saturated market Solutions for obstacle of East Asian enter tainment industry Future for East Asian entertainment indu stry

http://www.economywatch.com/world_economy/south-korea/industry-sector-industries.html http://www.economywatch.com/world_economy/south-korea/industry-sector-industries.html http://special.daynews.com.cn/xwzt/sxzxjxs/103919/994482.html South Korea Macro Economic Growth http://www.nri.co.jp/opinion/r_report/pdf/east_asia_report_en201101.pdf 02/24/2020 Opening of the market to Hollywood Local film companies closed (Late 1980s to mid 1990s) Government report suggested the promotion of media Production. 1993- 1994 Korean wave took a boost in the mid 1999s

1980s ..1990 1991 1992 1993 Embryonic Stage 1994 1995 1996 1997 Awakening Stage

History of Hallyu 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Boosting Stage Now http://www.scribd.com/doc/72761116/K-POP-A-New-Force-in-Pop-Music

Hallyu K-pop K-drama K-pop is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electro pop, hip hop, rock, R&B and electronic music originating in South Korea. Korea

n Dram a Korean drama (Korean: ) refers to televised dramas, in a miniser ies format, produced in the Korean language. Many of these dramas have be come popular throughout Asia and have contributed to the general phenom enon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu and also "drama fever" in some c ountries. Most popular Korean dramas have also become popular in other p arts of the world such as Latin America, the Middle East, and elsewhere. Economic Effects of Hallyu in 2010 Two Steps of Calculating the Econo mic Trigger Effects of Hallyu http://webzine.kofice.or.kr/201202/eng/sub_01_01.asp

Economic Effects of Hallyu in 2010 Amounts to $4.429 Billion Year Rate of increase from 2009 (%) Ave. rate of increase Hallyu effects 2008 2009 2010

Production inducement 4342.66 3486.16 4385.60 25.8 0.5 Value-added inducement 1508.63

1290.40 1689.34 30.9 5.8 Employment inducement 11.01 31.39 45.370 44.6

103.0 http://webzine.kofice.or.kr/201202/eng/sub_01_01.asp Production Inducement Effect of Hallyu (Unit : USD 1 million, %) Content Prop ortio n Rate of increase from 2009 (%) Ave. rate of

increase (%) 7.4 3.1 12.2 22.2 32.0 149.8 141.1 129.2

48.0 3.7 14.1 -7.6 4.1 76.8 40.7 599.11 854.01 1043.40 10.6 31.2

-33.5 100. 0 25.8 0.5 2008 2009 2010 Broadcas 256.05 312.97 322.53 ting

Games Music 599.11 854.01 1043.40 23.8 20.77 48.33 120.75 2.8 Tourism 642.12 613.91 1407.21 32.1 Clothing

190.51 142.41 162.52 Cosmetic 312.96 322.528 256.05 s 45 8 Vehicles Total 20.77 48.33 120.75 http://webzine.kofice.or.kr/201202/eng/sub_01_01.asp

Employment Inducement Effects of Hal lyu (Population) Content 2008 Games 7,411 Music 342 Tourism 13,220

Cosmetic s 1,175 Total 12,503 2009 2010 Rate of increase from 2009 (%)

Ave. rate of increase (%) 19.2 35.3 3.2 136.6 119.9 49.7 116.9

39.3 3.8 70.3 29.4 44.6 103.0 Prop ortio n 11,392 13,574 26.3 699

1,654 11,820 25,642 1,155 1,967 35,657 51,545 100.0 http://webzine.kofice.or.kr/201202/eng/sub_01_01.asp ACG Animation Comics Game

2008: 2008: ACG ACG began began addressing addressing the the housing housing situation situation for for people people living living with with HIV HIV and and AIDS AIDS in in Guelph

Guelph and and Wellington. & Wellington. & 1986: 1986: Evaluate Evaluate the the need need of of aa local local committee committee on on HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS (Guelph (Guelph Correctional

Correctional Centre, Centre, University University of of Guelph, Guelph, The The Ministerial Association, The Gay and Lesbian Community, Ministerial Association, The Gay and Lesbian Community, Stonehenge Stonehenge Drug Drug Treatment Treatment Centre,

Centre, and and Concerned Concerned Citizens) Citizens) 1987: 1987: Annual Annual General General Meeting Meeting on on members members selection selection 1989: 1989: United United Way

Way Community Community Services of Guelph Services of Guelph & & Wellington Wellington initialed initialed aa support support program program Received Received time time limited limited funding funding for

for aa Positive Positive Prevention Coordinator through the Prevention Coordinator through the Public Public Health Health Agency Agency of of Canada. Canada. 2009: 2009: AA new new "Community "Community Impact Impact

Plan Plan was was developed developed to to assist assist ACG ACG in in finding new innovative ways finding new innovative ways 2005: 2005: to to 409

409 Woolwich Woolwich Street, Street, to to share share space space with with the the (proposed) (proposed) regional regional HIV HIV clinic clinic & & ACG ACG became became the the sponsor

sponsor agency agency for for Masai Masai Clinic Clinic & & Regained Regained funding funding for for community community education education 1993: 1993: AA movement movement of of office

office space, space, 265 265 Woolwich Woolwich Street Street 1994 1994 to to 2004 2004 Lack Lack of of funding funding for for ACGs ACGs community community education

education ..1986 and 1987 1990 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004

2006 2008 2010 2012 Now ACG Source: http://wenku.baidu.com/view/8d7176eb172ded630b1cb6b2.html Japanese Animation Companies TOEI ANIMATION CO.,LTD.

GONZO DIGIMATION CO.,LTD. PRODUCTION I.G .,LTD. Japan has around 440 animation companies and less than 50 companies could make a complete cartoon. The rest of them only make parts of cartoon and being a cooperator with each other. Spirited Away the highest-grossing film in Japanese history. Budget 1.9 billion (US$19 million)

Box office 27,492,509,500 ($274,925,095) Japanese Game Company Capcom Co., LTD Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., ACG in 2003 $155.18billion Animation $73.95billion Imaging

Products $53.34billion Comics $67.89$billion Music Products $20.61billion Separate Edition $36.21billion Game $13.34 billion Magazine

$31.68billion ACG has already accounted for Japan GDP about 2.5%, however, plus the outputs of related industries as Communication, IT and Service, Printing, Advertising, Household Appliance etc. which called the generalized ACG industry and it has worth of $715.26billion in 2003, accounted for GDP about 11.47%. Source: > j 7 y y 2003,2004.III ( ) > ,1,j y y y Obstacles for both Saturated Mar kets Aging problem Creativity problem Aging Problem Asia has been particularly aging problem for t hese developed countriesKorea, and Japan. They both have the sharp decline in fertility ra

tes. -----Peter S. Heller A result of deliberate policy initiatives as in China, Korea and Japan and rising longevity rates will result in a rising elderly dependency ratio (EDR) by 202030, largely offset by a declining youth depende ncy ratio (YDR). Is Asia Prepared for an Aging Population, Peter S. Heller IMF Population Structure Source: NRI based on National Institution of Population and Social Security Research Yen(Billion) (include products of film, television and video) What the relationship

between outputs and population? 1 billion yen=10.78 million U.S dollars Endogenous Growth Model a nd New Explanatory Variable Y = A Ka H b L1-a-b Human capital will decrease Y will decrease. (Y=output) GDP decrease

Implication: Negative Developing Creativity Problem Japanese ACG stands for culture of Japan. Korean Wave stands for culture of Korea. Pop cultural trends have limited shelf life, (so) sooner or later, ACG and Korean Wave as a distinctive cultural phenomenon will disappear, if they have nothing to change. As a result, diversity in the Korean Wave and ACG are deficient. Solow Model (Technology) New creativity = New technology Y= (K,L,T, )) The evolution of existing forms of ent ertainment through the addition of m ultimedia technologies.

Korean Wave ACG Korean Wave ACG Implications-Japan J-pop develop in a high rate . Data as of 2007 indicates that Japan has the se cond largest music market in the world, and th e largest in Asia. http://www.ifpi.org/content/library/Recorded-music-sales-2007.pdf Implications-Korea

Total revenue of Korean animation industry: a bout 288 billion USD. Number of animation production companies: 260. Number of animation industry revenue increas ing rate: 11% Game industry in Korea has been developed in high level. Source : Korean animation industry 2007(Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2007) Animation Base of Wansheng in Chongqing, Chin a Initial capital US$0.54billion cover an area of 984,000.049 m2 Animation base include theme park , theme museum, Animation Institutes and related companies.

http://news.china-ef.com/20111228/290961.html Han Geng is a Chinese Mand opop singer and actor . In 2001, he was chosen by S M Entertainment (SME) to become a member of Sout h Korean boy band Super J unior, and in 2005, becom e the leader of its sub-gro up Super Junior-M in 2008 . In 2010, Han Geng got back to China and continued to be the pop star. Fans Effect

China Growth Rate China China has one of the fastest growing entertainm ent industries in the world. The global entertainment industry is expected t o show an annual growth of 10% in the next fou r years and that growth will be driven by China movies, theme parks, media, etc. This growth in entertainment gives rise to many issues, including distribution, licensing, intellect ual property, contract and investment. China plans to more than doub le the value of its entertainme nt and other cultural industries to nearly three trillion Yuan(ro ughly $460 billion), within the

next five years in effort to boos t domestic consumption and p ropel Chinese culture overseas . Three Trillion Yuan Domestic Consumption Chinese culture overseas Chinese Population Structure The population influences a few key econo mic variables:

Primarily, increasing populations provide st rictly more labor, an input in production. Generally, providing more human capital, o r skills. Finally, it will link to increasing levels of tec hnology. Implication: Revolution. Entertainment Possession The New Entertainment Development The entertainment industrial chain in China use the special measure in developing entertainment. Not Linear and balance The wave of

development Mixed Jumping Tortuous Neo-Confucianism Entertainment Dev elop Model Benevolence ( ) Justice ( ) Knowledge ( )

Etiquettes ( ) Doctrine of the Mean ( ) Life-Long Learning and Practicing ( ) Source : Neo-Confucian as the Basis for Asian Economic Growth J.D. Han Case: Chinese Film Market The number of locally produced films shot up 15 % in 2010 from a year earlier, to 526 films. China's film industry generated revenues of 10.1 7 billion Yuan in 2010, up from 6.2 billion in 2009. (Life-Long Learning and Practicing ( )) 20.3%

(Compare with 10 years ago) Resource: media research firm EntGroup Inc. Other affects on the New Model The restriction of theatrical ownership on foreign capit al might be relaxed. Etiquettes ( ) Co-productions create a win-win situation for Chinese and Hollywood studios. Benevolence ( )and Jus tice ( ) Chinese media institutions have started to treat intelle ctual property rights seriously. Knowledge ( ) China Entertainment Model U.S South

Korea China & Japan Question What is the best strategy for Chinese entertainm ent industry to maximize chances of success? Except for aging problem and creative problem, and what other factors will can effect the whole East Asia entertainment industry ? Sop hie Mar y

Ton y Thank you Bibliography http://www.economywatch.com/world_economy/south-korea/industry-sector-ind ustries.html http://www.economywatch.com/world_economy/south-korea/industry-sector-ind ustries.html http://special.daynews.com.cxwzt/sxzxjxs/103919/994482.html http://www.nri.co.jp/opinion/r_report/pdf/east_asia_report_en201101.pdf http://www.scribd.com/doc/72761116/K-POP-A-New-Force-in-Pop-Music http://webzine.kofice.or.kr/201202/eng/sub_01_01.asp Neo-Confucian as the Basis for Asian Economic Growth J.D. Han

NRI based on National Institution of Population and Social Security Research > j 7 y y 2003,2004.III ( ) > ,1,j y y y (DCAJ) http://webzine.kofice.or.kr/201202/eng/sub_01_01.asp

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