Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes

Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes

Opportunities in Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programmes Erikas Jankauskas, EaPTC Support Programme S3 Design Learning Workshop Chisinau, Moldova/ 18-19 February, 2016 Topics for discussion Introducing ourselves Eastern Partnership Territorial

Cooperation: concept, principles, programmes Synergies between programmes of territorial cooperation and actions for smart specialization CONCEPT OF TERRITORIAL COOPERATION

EaPTC: Origins Part of regional development/social-economic development Initiative of EC, well accepted by EaP countries Pilot-testing programmes Allocation in budget: ENPI 2013 regional progamme In EaP countries, emulate cross-border cooperation programmes:

Programming Joint structures EaPTC: Four Borders Geographical Coverage: AM-GE Geographical Coverage: AZ-GE

Geographical Coverage: BY-UA Geographical Coverage: MD-UA Thematic Coverage: Objectives Overall objective: sustainable territorial cooperation between border regions benefiting their social and economic development

Specific objectives: strengthening cross-border contacts between local authorities, communities and civil society organisations so as to allow for the development of joint solutions to common social and economic development challenges Thematic Coverage: Priorities 1. Improving the living conditions of local communities through joint projects

supporting economic and social development: Agriculture and rural business Entrepreneurship and employment Tourism and alternative income

2. Addressing common challenges in the fields of common interest having a cross border dimension: Environment and management of natural resources Emergency situation management 3. Culture, education and sports

People-to-people exchange in culture and education Youth exchange Common social issues Thematic Coverage: Target Groups

Local and regional organisations based in the programme eligible areas: Local and regional authorities; State service providers (e.g. public health institutions)

Academic, educational and research institutions; Sport and cultural institutions, including museums, libraries, youth organisations; Civil society organisations; Business associations and unions EaPTC: Fact Sheet Budget AM-GE

AZ-GE BY-UA MD-UA 1.35 mEUR 1.35 mEUR 3.3 mEUR 3.3 mEUR

No. of applications 40 29 120 (est.) 154 No. of

projects 10 10 (est.) 20 (est.) 18 (est.) HOW PROGRAMMES WORK

Structures in EaPTC EC EaP Countries Administration s Joint Decision Making Committees

Managing Authority (delegated to GIZ) EaPTC Support Programme (Potential) Applicants and Beneficiaries (State and non-state actors)

EaPTC Support Programme Team Contacts: OPPORTUNITIES IN EAPTC. WHICH OPPORTUNITIES?... Territorial Cooperation and Smart Specialisation: Can there be

synergies between EaPTC and S3? + = Competitiveness of regions Networking and

partnership Joint response to common challenges Building viable ecosystems to change social??? economic structures Building Eco-Systems Handset providers Software developers: OS and apps

Hardware component suppliers Aesthetic designers Material scientists . Future of Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation

Discussion at the policy level to continue support to territorial cooperation beyond 2017 Moving from traditional to smart approach Ensuring innovation and research are woven to the EaPTC programmes Questions?

Comments? Suggestions? And thanks a lot for your attention!

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