Eastvalley Elementary Gifted Program

Eastvalley Elementary Gifted Program

Kemp Elementary Gifted Program Target Team: Ashley Dorsey, Anna Dickinson, Beth Okraski Our Mission Continues to Be To prepare gifted students for an ever-changing global marketplace where they must be self-reflective, goal-oriented, problem-seekers

and solvers Our gifted program is process-driven. Our ultimate goal is for students to meet the standards. The content and activities help us reach these goals. Gifted Standards Cognitive Growth Standards Critical Thinking Standards Examples

Algebraic Thinking Analyzing Mathematical Problems Convergent Thinking

Divergent Thinking Brainstorming Visualization Creative problem solving Evaluative Thinking Solving authentic problems Emphasis on STEM, teamwork and

technology Relationships and Connections Researching real world topics Make connections Develop solutions Logic Analogies Quotefalls

Algebraic Thinking o Hands-On Equations (HOE) and Verbal Equations (3rd - 5th Grade) o Primary Algebra (1st & 2nd)

Affective Growth Topics 1st Grade Multiple Intelligences 2nd Grade 7 Habits of Happy Kids 3rd Grade VIA Character Strengths 4th Grade Group Dynamics/Growth Mindsets 5th Grade Goal Setting Affective Growth Standards Examples

Communication Verbal/Nonverbal Read and Respond Write for a variety of purposes Collaboration Group participation Decision making Constructive feedback

Self-Reflection Weekly Target Tally with reflection questions and goal setting Respect for Others Value individual differences Respect input from others

Listen Affective Growth Cont. Self-Directed Learners: Establish and work toward short and long term goals Persevere despite failure and adversity Advocate for self Set appropriately high standards for work and behavior Take initiative to pursue new opportunities Typical Target Day Class Meeting

Algebraic Reasoning Cognitive Convergent, Growth Affective Growth Divergent, Evaluative Thinking, and Relationships & Connections 1 Semester Topics st 1st Grade - Amelia Earhart / Legendary AviatorPilots, Aeronautical Engineering, GPS,

Cartographer-Map Making, Google Earth, Drones 2nd/ 3rd Grade - Cubism-Picasso, Art, Rubiks Cube, Architecture, Pixels, Tiling, Primary Algebra 4th Grade - Inventure-Patents, Inventions, Inventing Process, Marketing 5th Grade - Lego Robots-programming, coding, innovative solutions to real-world problems STEM is integrated into all grades 1st-5th CUBISM P

o l b Pa o s s i ca Per imt

er a nd Are a Rubiks Cube s c i a s

o M Weekly Target Tally Volunteers We are ALWAYS looking for guest speakers for our theme topics. We would LOVE to have you support our topics whether its speaking to our kids or just providing information/insight.

Progress Report Progress Reports now correlate with our semester unit structure rather than each 9 week grading period. Progress reports will go home with your child in January and May. If we ever see a need to provide communication regarding your childs progress with our unit/standards, we will certainly be in touch. Home/School Communication E-mail is always fastest. Our goal is get back to you as soon as possible! [email protected]

[email protected] [email protected] Target Tally Teacher Blogs Phone Calls Conferences Important Information Send your child in with a HEALTHY snack Water bottles are welcomed Bring your binder, pencil, and a smile to every class Target Lunch (11:40-12:10)

Please look over and sign your childs Target Tally each week. It is a great communication tool for us to include reminders in the HW section. Thank you for attending! Are there any questions? We look forward to a great year! Resources for Parents Raisin Brains: Surviving My Smart Family, by Karen L.J. Isaacson

Hoagies Gifted Education Page SENG Georgia Association for Gifted Children www.puzzles.com www.mindware.com

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