EATON CENTRE - Department of Geography

EATON CENTRE - Department of Geography

YORKDALE Due Feb 13- In Class The Feb 6 class will not be held in the classroom but will be given to you for fieldwork. The assignment is due at the start of the class on Feb 13. The essay should be between 5 and 7 pages in length.

YORKDALE Opened in 1964 110 stores, over 1 million square feet Largest in Canada and for a short time in the world Yorkdale may have sucked the life out of Weston Road but it has had a major impact on the local

area Has evolved old anchors Eatons and Simpsons (Bay Dominion (Holt Renfrew) Famous Players (Cineplex) Now 10 sub anchors (new Crate and Barrel) Latest renovation 1.6 million square feet

Meant to reproduce an urban streetscape with 240 stores and services Return is over $1,000 per square foot (highest in Canada) Over 400,000 visitors per week (Niagara Parks average about 15 million visitors annually majority are tourists) About 300,000 per week

This is a public/private space Mentioned in most tourist books on Toronto However this brings up some interesting considerations There should be evidence that this is a tourist centre and a recreation centre (facilities) There should be evidence of tourists Perhaps most importantly, the management should

be concerned about the presence of both onetime visitors AND regular visitors to the Centre. THERE SHOULD BE EVIDENCE THAT THE MANAGEMENT IS AWARE OF THIS POTENTIAL PROBLEM On your trip to Yorkdale Do not talk to management or retailers . Just observe Be polite and unobtrusive

Have a good time while you work (this is recreation). Can observe with classmates but must submit an individual paper. Read the course outline for style considerations Develop a list of recreational opportunities in Yorkdale and place them in categories linked to their purpose. Justify your categories and answer the following

questions Are they linked to the general mall design or to private sites Are they permanent fixtures or temporary offerings. Comment on the balance of permanent to temporary and shopping to entertainment Are recreational opportunities clustered or

scattered (is there a pattern)? Are there influences on their location? Explain your answer Sample Introduction Categories Classification and types facilities Table

Observations public or private links Observations permanent or temporary Balance use simple statistics

Observations on patterns Cover Page Information RYERSON UNIVERSITY (B, 16 font) DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY GEO 802 L FULLERTON JOR 606

Title of Submission Student Name Student Number Department

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