EchoLink: A Summary - Rice University

EchoLink: A Summary - Rice University

EchoLink: A Summary PHYS 401: Physics of a Ham Radio Eastman Landry Goals of Presentation Introduce terminology Show use of the Interface Show how to customize Echolink to your own preferences

Discuss general Operation practices Answer Questions EchoLink The Basics Licensed Amateur Radio stations communicate using VoIP Worldwide connections Over 200,000 validated users worldwide (4,000 any given time)

162 nations Based at a computer BUT can be used from any location with proper set up Key Terms Node Type User Individual call sign associated with the person using EchoLink

Repeater -R Actual repeater which is connected to the EchoLink system Link -L A users station that is linked to a local band through its own antenna Conference *Name* Group of Links, Repeaters, Users and even other

conferences all together EchoLink Links and Repeaters (USA) Main Screen Explorer View Index Search by location Search by Node Type

Set Alarms: When a station becomes active/unbusy Search your favorites Explorer View Main Screen Displays what is present in selection made in Index view Shows total spaces

available and how many are currently in Conference *IRELAND* conference is great for contacts Current Station Detail List of Call Signs and Names Name

(Defined In Setup) Callsign (Defined by Login) Note that conferences can bring in all conferences with them Setup Tools -> Setup

This is what shows up in the Station Detail as your name This is NOT necessarily what shows up on the Explorer view Main Screen as your location Preferences - List Tools -> Preferences

First tab You can customize what you want to see in the index view. Defaults are fine Preferences - Connections Tools -> Preferences Second tab This IS what shows up on the

explorer main screen as your location Checking this box lets other people see what station you are on PTT Control lets you adjust how you toggle transmission (Spacebar etc) This is your station profile that others can see if they connect directly to you.

Preferences - Security Tools -> Preferences Third tab Just like Instant messaging block list EXCEPT you can block incoming and still provide outgoing calls

Good To Go! Get a microphone and youre Ready to transmit! Use the Test Server: Station -> Connect to test server Check readability and volume EchoLink Tips Not everyone is aware they are on EchoLink! Wait longer than normal between transmissions It is not possible to violate your band usage in a conference or

on a repeater Most links are OK to use but check to make sure it is not HF. It is not illegal to connect, only to transmit, so hop in and check the info. If you are a General there are some unique remote access HF stations that you can use remotely as the control operator After waiting, hop out there and say CQ a lot of times people are just waiting to here someone chime in!


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