Ecology - Miss Schwippert

Ecology - Miss Schwippert

Ecology Booklet Go back and read/answer all the questions in the booklet. Complete ALL PAGES = TEST GRADE Due on Tuesday Jan. 5 Welcome Back! Take out your Ecology Booklets Remember the whole thing is DUE TOMORROW for a TEST GRADE. REVIEW!

Refer to the picture to answer ALL 20 questions. Use your Ecology Booklets to help with the vocabulary. For #20, you do not need to draw pictures.

Create your food web using words only. Ecology Biotic Relationships Ecological Relationships Recall: LIVING Biotic means _____________ NON-LIVING

Abiotic means ____________ Biotic Relationships are interactions among living organisms. Biotic Relationships can be classified as: 1. 2. 3. COMPETITION _________________________ PREDATOR PREY (PREDATION)

_________________________ _________________________ SYMBIOSIS COMPETE lion hyena food

2 types of bacteria compete for living space on your hand WHITE BOARDS! 1) What are the Starfish and Octopus competing over? 2) Give an example of a COMPETITOR of the shark? 3) What are humans and seagulls COMPETING for? 4) Who is COMPETING over Phytoplankton? LIMPETS & MUSSELS

HUMAN FISH & MUSSELS ZOOPLANKTON & FISH predator lion zebra prey

hunted killed dies A caterpillar eats a leaf. MUTUALISM different Living together


SNAKE & KINGFISHER 3) The 2 predators of the frog are _____________________________. 4) Review! What do turtles and slugs compete for? WATERWEED 5) Trout eat carp. Who is a competitor with trout over carp? KINGFISHER BENEFIT

Getting food/nectar Having pollen spread for reproduction BENEFITS Is UNAFFECTED Gets transport, protection, &access to food nothing unaffected BENEFITS

Insects/food PARASITE tick food harmed HOST IN ON

tapeworm the human Tapeworm (parasite) Human (host) Nothing goes in this space! If it is an example of SYMBIOSIS, then classify it as one of the 3 types below. Relationship Worksheet

Use todays notes and your Ecology Booklet to answer 1-20 on the worksheet. Turn this in!

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