EIE and ESG - George Mason University

EIE and ESG - George Mason University

EIE and ESG ----Spatial Web Portals for Supporting Sharing of Earth Science Information Presented by Wenwen Li and Danqing Xiao Wenwen Li, Danqing Xiao, Rob Raskin, Rahul xxx, Phil Yang, Marge Cole, Myra Bambacus GMU, NASA, ESIP April-21th-2007 AAG 2007 Table of Content

Introduction Objectives Architecture Key Technologies Prototype Ongoing Conclusion and Discussion Introduction (1) Problems in Earth Science Data Sharing and Accessing

Large amount of data Poorly cataloged Widely dispersed Difficult to access Motivation: Users perspective: -Fast access and acquisition of Earth Science Data Professionals perspective: -Data integration and sharing -Efficient spatial data management Decision Makers perspective: -Models and accurate Predictions for future

decision making. Introduction (2) EIE: Earth Information Exchange Developed from the joint effort of NASA,ESIP,GMU Present data, Products and Services Integral and timely exchange of earth science information Support 12 national applications: Air Quality, Public Health, Carbon Management Water Management, Ecological Forecasting, Disaster Management, Agriculture, Aviation Safety,

Homeland Security, Invasive Species Objectives Interoperable and Integrative Earth Science data management Platform Interoperable Plug and Play (OGC) Reduce development cost Reduce development duplication (avoid one-in-a-kind)

Integrative Integrate Current Resources from NASA ESG, ESIP EIE, GMU Computing Current Resources Earth-Science Gateway (ESG) Spatial Information Retrieval Model Supporting Semantic Search

Interoperability: metadata, data, mapping, portlet level NOESIS by Univ. of Alabama at Huntsville Computing Platform GMUs grid system Infrastructure Earth Science Communities through Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) National Applications .. Earth Science Focused

Research Education (K- 20) Visualization and Interaction Earth Science Gateway Portrayal Services Reprojection BPEL workflow ... Support Earth Information Exchange

Web Portal Services Local Portlets Web Service for Remote Portlets invoke Grid Services (based on Cyberinfastructure, such as GMU Grid) Interoperable Interfaces (such as CS-W, WMS, WCS, etc.) Existing Services (Catalog, Data, Air Quality, Public Health, Semantic, etc.) Key Technologies (1)

Portal and Portlet JSR168 CSW, Z39.50 client server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases. Liferay

Spatial Web Services Standards for communication between portal and portlet containers OGC WMS,WFS,WCS Portal Container Liferay, JBOSS portal, Apache JetSpeed portal. Key Technologies (2) Ontology and Semantic Search

Extended SWEET Ontology SWEET: Thing Nuclei Phenomena Earth Science PhenomenaEcological Phenomena Fire Atmospheric Phenomena Fires will cause dramatic Air quality

change of local air quality Solid earth phenomena Volcanic eruptions influence Volcanic activity at local/global Inversion cause air scale pollution Weather Phenomena

Ontologybased Semantic Search Tools -Inference Service (1) SOAP-based web service -Pellet: (1) Tableaux Algorithm (2) T-box, A-box reasoning Keyword Request Handler

Natural language-based Q&A Smart Search Broker Web Pages, Documents (Meta Search: Google, Yahoo! ..) Spatial Web Service (Spatial Web Servers) Map Data (GCMD, ECHO) Ontology Inference Service Inference Engine SWEET Ontology Earth Science Ontology (12 Topics)

Prototype (1) EIE Structure (Air Quality) Prototype (2)- Air Quality Prototype (3)-Map Client Ongoing Semantic Search Conclusion and Discussion Importance of EIE Provide efficient and integral access Expendable and flexible Architecture

The utilization of search tools Future directions Portlet development of semantic search Provide operational version of EIE to both general public and professionals. Thanks and Questions. Acknowledgments

We appreciate the assistance of Dean Younger, Dave Omeney from Compusult ltd, Canada; Rahul, Sunil from UAH; Bin Zhou from GMU. Sponsor : NASA Collaborator : ESIP Clusters, Compusult Inc., Government Agencies

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