THE PRESENT PARTICIPLE You learned yesterday that a gerund phrase, or present participle, translates as the -ing form of the verb. finir - finissant aimer - aimant TEXT

BUT THERE ARE OTHER WAYS OF SAYING 'ING!' Using the subjunctive/ past subjunctive Present tense Infinitives Imperfect tense TEXT

PRESENT PARTICIPLES Most of the time, present participles do not follow prepositions. They are either alone ( passant par la rue) Or follow the preposition 'en' (En passant) TEXT

AN ING FOLLOWING A PREPOSITION Most prepositions are followed by the infinitive Sans parler - without speaking Avant de parler - before speaking Apres de parler - after speaking continuer parler - to continue speaking

TEXT YOU KNOW THE ING IS AN INFINITIVE WHEN: It follows a preposition (, pour, par, avec, sans, avant de, aprs de) It is NOT followed by a subject Apres de parler - After speaking

TEXT SUBJUNCTIVE If your preposition is followed by a subject, it is subjunctive. Apres que je parle - after speaking Sans que je sache - without me knowing

Avant quil arrive - before he is arriving TEXT SUBJUNCTIVE REVIEW The subjunctive is the tense that follows que and expressions of: Doubt volition (je veux que)

uncertainty impersonal expressions (Il faut que) emotion (jaime que) TEXT THE EASIEST WAY TO SAY ING Everyone asks - how do I say I am skiing? skier- to ski

Je skie - I ski, I am skiing, I do ski So, when you conjugate a verb, any verb in the present, it means that you do the action, you are doing the action, and you do perform the action. TEXT THE ING THAT EVERYONE FORGETS Lastly, everyone forgets how to state what you were

doing. I was skiing If you were doing the action, the expression is simply just in the imperfect. Je skiais TEXT

WHY IS THERE NO ETRE? Etre is specifically used for descriptions If you are tall, are comes from ere If you are eating, eating doesnt describe you. Use manger. TEXT REMINDER OF IMPERFECT ENDINGS

ais ais ait ions iez aient

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