EL Strategic Plan Status and Update

EL Strategic Plan Status and Update

EL STRATEGIC PLAN Status and Update Taffy Carlisle Education Specialist, Equity & English Learners Oregon Department of Education Office of the Deputy Superintendent A LOOK AT THE BEGINNING Steering Committee Members David Bautista Yvonne Curtis Miriam Fox Karen Gray Sandy Husk Steve Larsen

Doris McEwen Salam Noor Chuck Ransom Bill Rhoades Hilda Rosselli Jada Rupley Oregon English Learner Strategic Plan 2013-2016 Charge ~ Focus educators across the P-20 system using research informed practices and models to: Eliminate the achievement gap Increase English learner high school graduation rates

Provide for English learners to complete college Overview of the Strategic Planning Process Steering Committee Governor & Legislature State-wide Vision 40/40/20 & P-20System OEIB Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals Objectives & Initiatives Participation 465 Educators and

150 Superintendents ODE Strategic Plan to OEIB April 9,2013 Goals, Objectives, Strategies ELL Collaborative Blue Print and Policy Recommendations Strategic Plan to ODE April 10, 2013 Statewide Vision for English Learners English learners achieve their dreams and remain in

Oregon to contribute to building our world-class public education system. The nations best educators flock to Oregon to serve students in a seamless public education system, from cradle to career. Businesses move to Oregon to hire multilingual English learners to fill top positions. Oregon contributes to world-wide efforts to improve. Prepare all English learner MIS SIO N students to be ready with the

language and academic skills necessary to access and achieve success in college and multiple career pathways by 2015. Value Statements: It is important to demonstrate acceptance and appreciation for all cultures and languages. All English Learner students should have access to a rigorous curriculum and engaging learning opportunities. By providing exemplary educational programs for all of our ELs, they will exit our school systems as graduates sought after. A variety of effective, research information models can be sued to educate English learners.

Value Statements contd: Training and professional development are essential to the implementation of effective instructional programs. Multilingualism will strengthen our educational programs, and prepare our students to compete in a 21st Century global school. Parent education and the partnerships are essential components of education. CURRENT WORK IN PROGRESS A Picture of ELs in Oregon Category Current English learner

student counts Description # Total number of English Learners 57,158 English learners receiving service 54,876 English learners waiving service

2,282 Elementary English learners (K-5) 43,710 Middle School English learners (6-8) 7,780 High School English learners (9-12) 5,668 2014-2015 LEP collection and Oregon State Report Card

Oregon English Learner Statistics Monitored Total number of Former ELs in Oregon English learner student counts Number of Monitor year 1 ELs (exited 14-15) Number of Monitor year 2 ELs (exited 13-14) English learners with IEPs Top five (5) languages spoken by

English learners Number of ELs on an IEP (ELSWD) Number of Elementary School ELs on an IEP Number of Middle School ELs on an IEP Number of High School ELs on an IEP Number of ELs by language of origin Spanish speaking ELs Russian speaking ELs Vietnamese speaking ELs Chinese speaking ELs Arabic speaking ELs 9,397 7,868

6,376 2,680 1,553 44,413 1,895 1,453 993 967 Map of Oregons Districts with English Learners Oregon English Learner Statistics (2014-2015) Top ten districts with largest English learner population by student count

Top 10 districts with largest percentage of English learners to total district enrollment Salem-Keizer Beaverton Portland Hillsboro Reynolds David Douglas Woodburn North Clackamas Tigard-Tualatin 8,297

5,684 4,176 3,407 3,270 2,386 2,220 1,796 1,456 Gresham-Barlow 1,445 Woodburn Umatilla Jefferson Co.

Nyssa Reynolds Gervais Milton-Freewater Morrow David Douglas Salem-Keizer 38.56% 34.15% 28.82% 27.97% 27.87% 26.94% 23.42% 22.89%

21.61% 20.38% Goal #1: Develop tools and resources in order to support implementation, benchmarking, and continuous improvement of instructional programs for English learners. Method Of Online Communication (MOOCs) through Stanford and OSU Biliteracy Pathways Grant Dual Language Community of Practice meetings HB 3499 EL Strategic Plan ODE/OSU Collaboration on Reclassification methods of EL students

Goal #2: Systemic approaches to capacity building for all stakeholders will occur and will positively impact academic achievement for all English learners. COSA EL Alliance Conference yearly format for ODE staff to present Best practices from districts who met all three AMAO Reclassification using multiple measures (ODE/OSU) How, when, and why - parent communication Collaboration with Indian Ed on culturally appropriate communication between districts and communities/ families Biliteracy Seal opportunity for dual credit Monthly Title III new and general Director webinars

Goal #3: School districts engage and involve families and communities as equal partners in order to support and enhance programs designed for English learners. Migrant Education Active district/statewide parent meetings EL Plans Heightened engagement and accountability for parent involvement and communication Indian Ed discussions on culturally appropriate communication Dual Language Grant commitment to parent understanding and communication Goal #4: Develop a team of expert practitioners and researchers to guide the development, improvement, and accountability for English learner program models and practices.

ODE/OSU collaboration multiple measures for reclassification ODE staff part of workgroups A national discussion on a common definition for an EL and a long-term EL student Common program models and data collection requirements Benefit from national leaders and experts in the field HB 3499 workgroups on coding and outcomes Goal #5: Develop a process for replicating exemplar programs across the state. COSA EL Alliance Annual Conference Exemplar programs meeting all 3 AMAO targets

Districts piloting Common Home Language Use Survey Multiple Measures for Reclassification Biliteracy Seal districts sharing best practices SB 1564 best practices in reporting data Dual Language/K-12 Biliteracy Pathways grantees to share exemplar practices Goal #6: Create and align assessment systems to support all English learner program models that include the performance of both current and former English learners. Oregon is lead state in: The multi-state ELPA21 consortium aligning the ELPA21 assessment to the new English Language Proficiency standards

ODE/OSU partnership first to propose a flag to track former EL students in the state data collection system Oregon was the lead state to create training modules for the ELP standards and the ELPA21 assessment Goal #7: Oregon provides support to provide all educators the knowledge and skills they need in their positions to better serve English learners. Title I-C and Title III technical assistance onsite and remotely Monthly Title III Directors webinars COSA EL Alliance Annual Conference open to all educators Dual Language and K-12 Biliteracy Pathway support

ODE staff presentations at multiple forums Goal #8: The Universal Preschool Program will ensure that English learners receive a quality early learning experience that provides a powerful foundation for their education. Migrant Education Parent Meetings Activities for parents and children to do Pre-Kindergarten checklist Collaboration with Early Learning Preschool Incentive Grant Consortium Ten states looking at best practices and materials for migrant students

Next Steps HB 3499 task with the EL Strategic Plan OEIB stakeholder group has sunset Create a subgroup to analyze the plan to continue the work as outlined, for revisions, and for updates Create workgroups to develop each goal, training materials, and seek opportunities to disseminate information SB 1564 work with districts to collect data ODE consolidates and reports back to districts Assists districts in communicating information Thank you

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