Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Computer and Systems Engineering Electric Power Engineering Electrical Engineering Research Highlights Research and Teaching Areas E C S E D e p a rtm e n t M ic r o e le c t ro n ic s a n d P h o t o n ic s T e c h n o lo g y C o m p u t e r N e tw o r k in g C o m m u n ic a t i o n s , I n f o r m a t i o n a n d S ig n a l P r o c e s s in g C o m p u t e r H a r d w a r e , A r c h ite c t u re a n d M i x e d S i g n a l D e s g in C o m p u t e r V is io n , Im a g e P ro c e s s in g , D ig ita l M e d ia a n d C o m p u t a tio n a l G e o m e t ry C o n t r o l, R o b o t ic s a n d A u t o m a t io n E le c t r ic P o w e r , P o w e r E le c t r o n ic s , P l a s m a E n g in e e r i n g a n d E l e c t r o m a g n e t i c s C o r e C u r r ic u lu m

Control Systems Research Theory Robust multivariable Nonlinear and adaptive Discrete event systems (TCP/IP) Faculty Murat Arcak Joe Chow Alan Desrochers John Wen Applications Power systems, motion control, robotics, fuel cells, network congestion, microsystems, factory automation ... Design Tools Simulation and design toolboxes, real-time DSP control, network based control For further information: www.ecse.rpi.edu/~control

Funded Projects: NSF, EPRI, NYPA, ESI, UTRC, NYSTAR Microelectronics & Photonics Technology Group Design, modeling, processing and characterization of electronic and photonic devices in Si, narrow (GaSb) and/or wide bandgap semiconductors (SiC, GaN) IC interconnect technology and design, including 3D integration, Cu/low-k and optical VLSI design and IC-CAD tool algorithms Bulk and epi growth of narrow and wide bandgap semiconductors Computer Hardware, Architecture, VLSI and Mixed-Signal Design Group Ultra-high-speed SiGe HBT digital circuits design: Gigahertz SiGe FPGA, High speed adder SiGe high speed processor core Wideband high frequency mixed-signal circuits design: Serial/Deserial (SERDES) data link, A/D converter, Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA), Wideband amplifier VLSI architecture design for communication and DSP systems: Image Analysis and Computer Vision

Real-time face tracking Biomedical computer vision Large-scale camera networks Handwriting recognition Networks Group Networks Internet Wireless Ad Hoc http://networks.ecse.rpi.edu/ Free Space Optical LAN Faculty Ken Vastola core core Shiv Kalyanaraman Biplab Sikdar N/w 2 edge edge Alhussein Abouzeid N/w 3 N/w 1 Koushik Kar

End-to-end Apps Applications/Services Audio/Video Distributed Sensors Community Access Overlay QoS Protocols Routing Congestion Control Medium Access Multicast Traffic Engineering Network Management Techniques Queuing Theory Random Processes Optimization Search Methods Simulation Implementation Electric Power, Power Electronics, Plasma Engineering and Electromagnetics S.J. Salon J.K. Nelson

Noise and vibration in motors Condition monitoring of large utility generators Modeling of generators with a superconducting rotor Analytical tools for large machines Load shedding in islanded power distribution networks Optimal control of a Microgrid with overlaid communications Controls for governor action on a Pelton turbine Protective relaying for islanding in distributed power systems

POWER ELECTRONICS Power Quality Power Electronic Circuitry J. Chow D.M. Demers Evolution of gas-in-oil in power transformers Transient modeling of transformer structures PERIPHERAL ACTIVITIES M.V.K. Chari J. Sun TRANSFORMER TECHNOLOGIES SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND CONTROL

R.C. Degeneff G.B. Kliman MACHINES K.A. Connor P.M. Schoch The development of nanodielectric insulating materials Application of magnetic fields to cells Medical applications of piezo-electric motors Transient quenching of superconductors DIAGNOSTICS FOR FUSION PLASMAS Heavy Ion Beam Probe on MST (Wisconsin)

Heavy Ion Beam Probe on W7X (Germany) Spectroscopic Imaging Beam Diagnostic Core Curriculum Overview Education Education Research ECSE Research Research Studio Studio Pedagogy Pedagogy New Educational Materials, Curricula & Practices Courses/Curricula Outreach programs

Next Generation Engineering Learning Environments Innovative Innovative Interactive Interactive Engaging Engaging Interactive learning materials, Technologies, & Pedagogy Student activities, & Workshops Assessment & Dissemination Communications, Image and Signal Processing W. A Pearlman J. W. Woods L. A. Gerhardt G. Nagy

Image Compression Video Compression Data Compression G. J. Saulnier A. V. Mercado N. Xiang Q. Ji R. J. Radke Wireless Networks Secure Communications Adaptive Modulation & Coding Digital Signal Processing Modulation & Coding Information Theory Detection & Estimation Theory Waveform Coding Adaptive Pattern Recognition 3D Image Segmentation & Reconstruction Watermarking & Data Hiding Acoustic and Audio Processing

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