Electronic PE Offerings

Electronic PE Offerings


The Vessel Safety Check (VSC) program objective is to achieve voluntary compliance with recreational boating safety laws and statutes regarding the carriage of safety equipment. 2 WHY BECOME A VESSEL EXAMINER? You can:

make a difference save a life contribute to safety on the water talk to boaters about safety

answer boaters questions help spread the word about the Auxiliary recruit new members 3 WELCOME VESSEL EXAMINERS WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES: Offer guidance in conducting vessel safety checks Help achieve voluntary compliance with federal and state requirements

Address Vessel Examiners concerns on current topics 4 GENERAL INFORMATION Uniforms COMDTINST M16790.1G Operation Dress Uniform (ODU) Black boots or boat shoes Hot Weather (ODU) Uniform

USCG Auxiliary Vessel Examiner Polo Shirt ODU shorts, 1 above knee Boat shoes 5 VE CURRENCY REQUIREMENTS In the first year of VE qualification, the VE is NOT required to perform five additional VSCs in addition to supervised VSCs conducted during qualification.

6 VE CURRENCY REQUIREMENTS A qualified VE who fails to perform the annual certification procedures, must complete two satisfactory VSC exams as a trainee, under the supervision of a certified VE using the ANSC Form 7012 to regain qualification In addition, another five VSCs are required to retain

certification for the following year 7 IMPORTANCE OF ASSIGNMENT TO DUTY Auxiliarists who are injured may be compensated Requirements for Assignment to Duty - Have a VE Qualification Certification - Activity scheduled with elected officer or

FSO-VE 8 GETTING STARTED The VE should emphasize the examination is voluntary and that deficiencies will not be reported to the Coast Guard or other law enforcement agencies The VSC is offered at no charge

9 AWARDING VSC DECAL The VE shall ensure the VSC decal is affixed immediately after the exam Attach decal to a visible, permanent piece of the vessel, e.g. lower forward corner of a portside window 10

POWER BOATS 11 FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Kidde fire extinguisher recall issued 11/2/2017 Involves two styles of Kidde fire extinguishers: plastic handle and push-button The recall involves 134 models manufactured between January 1, 1973 and August 15, 2017 Contact Kidde to request a free replacement

12 FIXED FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM The VE should look for a means of determining if the system is charged If it can be determined the system is charged or not discharged, the system can be counted There is no requirement for an

inspection tag on a bottle nor requirement to document inspection of the bottle or system 13 CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) Colorless, odorless and tasteless gas Can result in carbon monoxide poisoning Symptoms: irritated eyes, headache, nausea, weakness and dizziness

14 CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) Confused with seasickness or intoxication Large exposures can result in death Install and maintain marine grade approved CO detector 15

SOURCES OF CARBON MONOXIDE 16 SOURCES OF CARBON MONOXIDE 17 VESSEL DISTRESS SIGNALS The SOS distress LED light must be combined with daytime flag (black square and black circle

pattern) to comply with the CG day and night requirement. 18 New Life Jacket Labels The traditional Types categories are going away. New labeling system relies more on icons Older jackets and flotation aids labeled by type still meet regulatory requirements until no longer serviceable.

19 New Life Jacket Labels Two Categories: 1. 2. Wearable Throwable

Wearable life jackets will be divided into five buoyancy categories: 50, 70, 100, 150, and 275 Newtons (metric to harmonize with Canadian standards) 20 New Life Jacket Icons Choose the level of buoyancy for the type of activity.

The curved arrow indicates that it is likely to turn an unconscious wearer face up in the water. 21 New Life Jacket Icons 22

New inflatable Life Jacket Sample Limitations of Use (No PWC, Skiing, Towing, Paddle) Will Not Turn You Face Up Buoyancy Level (70) Care 23 PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES All recreational vessels must carry one Type l,

ll, lll or V wearable life jacket for each person on board Boats 16 feet or over (except paddlecraft) must also carry one Type lV (throwable) device 24 INFLATABLE FLOTATION DEVICES Inflatable PFDs are convenient, less restrictive

and comfortable. The examiner can emphasize these points to encourage wear rates. Often used for fishing, sailing and paddle sports. During the vessel exam, in order for an inflatable PFD to count, the recreational boater MUST be wearing the device at the time of inspection. Only approved for 16 year and greater. 25 CHILD PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES

Choosing a childs PFD: Must be Coast Guard approved The childs weight must fall within the range specified on the label Test the fit 26 VESSELS 65 FEET OR GREATER Vessels 65 feet or greater are not eligible for a VSC

This rule has been in effect for 20 years Vessels that large typically have complicated systems that the average VE would have difficulty examining 27 BATTERIES Batteries should be secured or clamped down to prevent movement Each battery must be installed so that metallic objects

cannot come in contact with battery terminals Covering the positive terminal is a requirement to receive a VSC decal; however, some states may require both terminals be covered Vessels with outboard motors are except from the above requirements 28 PADDLECRAFT


Always wear your life jacket and carry a whistle Know the rules of the road File a float plan Plan for changing weather conditions Know your limits, plan for immersion Carry a waterproof VHF radio & cell phone For safety, always paddle in a group Carry a tow line & small anchor Wear proper footwear & high visibility clothing

30 PADDLECRAFT REQUIREMENTS Boat registration check state requirements Sound device, e.g. whistle, attached to a USCG approved life jacket Vessel conditions: as applies, see form 7012A for other requirements 31

PADDLECRAFT DECAL AIDS If Found-Contact sticker popular with paddlers Helps law enforcement personnel identify owners of lost paddlecraft Offering sticker to paddlers is a great way to start the educational VSC process 32 KAYAK SAFETY EQUIPMENT PFD

Compass Whistle GPS Paddle Cord/Leash Anchor

Paddle Float Lights Bilge Pump Emergency Kit VHF Radio Tow lines

33 PFD AND WHISTLE PFD designed to keep you afloat Paddlers prefer a cutaway design for PFD Whistles or sound producing device 34 PADDLE CORD/LEASH

Connects to either the kayak or paddler Facilitates easy retrieval 35 PADDLE FLOAT Inflatable bladder Inflated by paddler

Assists in re-entry May be solid foam 36 BILGE PUMP Hand operated Easy to use 37

VHF RADIO Portable Water resistant Effective/Reliable 38 ANCHOR Small in size Easily deployed

Requires a scope similar to other small vessels 39 STAND UP PADDLEBOARD (SUP) HISTORY Earlier forms of SUP found as early as 1,000 B.C. Modern SUP originated in Hawaii The Hawaiians call it Hoe Hee Nalu (surfing with paddle) Very first stand up specific paddle ordered 2001

Remained a Hawaiian thing until 2004 when Rick Thomas brought SUP to California 40 SUP IS A VESSEL The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has determined that a SUP is a vessel. 41

SUP QUICK QUIZ Whats wrong with this picture? 42 PADDLECRAFT RESOURCES 43 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Auxiliary National V Department website

http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=v-dept Vessel Safety Checks for Rental Agencies (Liveries) http://vdept.cgaux.org/JobAidFiles/Vessel-Exams-For-Rental-Marina-Facilities.pdf paddlecraft Vessel Safety Check Addendum http://vdept.cgaux.org/JobAidFiles/SUBsVSCManualAddendum.pdf B-Directorate Paddlecraft Safety http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=B-DEPT&category=paddlecraft-safety Paddlecraft videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e0WlXgNGDg 44

EVERYONE IS A RECRUITER 45 REMEMBER While performing Vessel Examinations, remember the goal is to educate the public in boating safety The United States Coast Guard is in the Recreational Boating Safety business and our

responsibility as their partner is to save lives through education 46 CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING THE 2019 VE WORKSHOP! VSCS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE! 47

2019 V-DIRECTORATE STAFF Director (DIR-V) Christopher Wilson Deputy Director (DIR-Vd) James Cortes Division Chief Vessel Exams (DVC-VE)

Ed Lieblein Division Chief Visitation Programs (DVC-VP) Vincent Cerveruzzo Division Chief Technical Support (DVC-VT) John Yskamp

Division Chief Incentive Programs (DVC-VI) Dixon Keller Division Chief Special Projects (DVC-VS) Charles Hurley Division Chief Communications (DVC-VC) John Bigrow


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