Employability and the Education Curriculum

Employability and the Education Curriculum

Employability and the Education Curriculum An initiative in collaboration with ESCalate [email protected] My involvement

1997-2000 TransLang Project (FDTL) 2000-2 National Project Developing Learning Organisations 2004 Languages Subject Centre project on Skills and portfolios My lessons: 1. Learning to learn part of employability 2. Value of arts, humanities & social sciences 3. Value of engaging with employers Objectives of this initiative in ESS To explore and disseminate methods of

incorporating employability in the education curriculum To establish an Employer Forum for ESS involving students, staff (college and university) and employers To enhance employability within the ESS curriculum Initial activity

Graduate Survey Level 3 survey of employability Establish a database of Employers Exploit existing ceth, futures and DLO models of embedding employability A Student Intern Project will be used to collate data and present initial findings Next steps

1. Utilise survey data as a basis for exploring Education Curricula and Employability 2. Redesign the curriculum to respond to findings 3. Run a series of workshops to explore Education Subjects and Employability at local, regional and national levels Wider Engagement

Workshop in December and March (local) National Conference Employer Forum in Summer 09 Further regional and national events .. Funding from ESCALATE will cover dissemination activity Student Engagement

Delivered in January Students require around 10-15 mins to complete survey in class Gather and return forms to RP Student Interns will process and produce a report by (module, Subject, etc) Graduate Engagement From January, on website Invitation to alumni to participate Fill out survey on-line

Interns collate data Collect 8 case studies from data Student Interns to collect employer contacts for a database Employer Engagement

Database designed Contacts from Staff Alumni contacts Stakeholder representation Planned Employer Forum

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