Empty Bowls at the Table of Life - ems-online.org

Empty Bowls at the Table of Life - ems-online.org

Empty Bowls at the Table of Life Life Revitalisation Campaign of the Ecology Community Movement Center (ECMC) Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

The campaigns aims being aware of a global table community thinking of those facing empty bowls emptying our bowls in respect of those wh o filled them The campaigns projects

study group on ecology and humanity learning and discussing about food issues, ethics, our res ponsibility and possibilities sharing food from own vegetable garden church gardening competition eco-travel to Koreas rural areas organic food cooperative to foster rural urban dire

ct transaction and producer-consumer interaction study group and table community gardening and awarding ceremony eco travel

PROK food cooperative PROK cooperative initiated in 2013 by PROK rural ministers association (RMA) rural development institute (RDI) and PROK womens association aim to establish direct links between rural producers and urban consumers

production aims on organic, integrated, low or no pe sticide farming first items were organic rice, sticky rice, brown rice a nd beef organisation of PROK cooperative members pay a fee to become part of coop money is used to set up urban-rural direct transac

tion system for food items cooperative establishes contact to rural pro ducers, receives orders from urban consume rs and distribute the products overcome producers-consumers demands discrepancies: gross market system, distribu tion through churches, small scale packages

for private consumers public relations activity Table Community event in production areas: meeting of producers and consumers to build relation and trust Revive the Life academy in Seoul: inform consumers a bout table of life issue and PROK cooperative advertising in local churches in Seoul and surrounding,

at rural minsters and womens association meetings an d among ECMC members distributing gifts for Easter Sunday (eggs in 2013, rice i n 2014) introduce each item to the consumers, develop recipe of the month with coop food items, publish a booklet w ith producers stories and best practice examples

current situation (by July 2014) ECMC has role of incubator for two years 962 members and 47 producers 357 PROK churches (46 in Seoul) ordering by phone or text message, online shoppi

ng possibility in preparation (blog open: www.prokcoop.or.kr) PROK COOP market at Jeonju Ahn-di-ok church (July 2014) PROK COOP booth at PROK 99th General Assembly (Sep. 23~26th 2014)

The 1st PROK COOP producer-consumer consultation (July 14th 2014/Duck-chon church) future plans plan to encourage ministers to tackle reviv e the life topic in the sermon every week in another church

plan to sell products before production my tree, my field plan to offer rural life experiences consumers give a hand at harvest, in villages or i n farm houses plan to open an offline store in Seoul (2015)

Thank you for your attention !

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