Enginuity 2013 Introduction - virtmansim.co.uk

Enginuity 2013 Introduction - virtmansim.co.uk

ENGINUITY 2013 The Global Business Management Competition for the Construction Industry COMPETITION REVIEW Copyright Virtual Management Simulations The Global Challenge An international field of 92 teams started the ENGINUITY 2013 Business Management Competition for Construction Professionals in the UK and worldwide. The entrants included teams from consultancies and contractors based around the UK, Dubai, United States, Australia, India, Holland and New Zealand, emphasising the wide ranging and global appeal of the Enginuity competition. Participants, working as a team of directors, were given the task of running a fledgling UK-based Global Construction Business using a sophisticated computer simulation.

Key decisions had to be made to manage the business for a simulated number of years, in a dynamic 'real life' environment, with jobs, clients, competitors and people across different continents and countries, resulting in unique challenges and opportunities and requiring some special management skills to be successful. ENGINUITY 2013 gave the participants an opportunity to acquire an understanding of the challenges and decisions that face their corporate management on a daily basis. The Competition The PRELIMINARY ROUNDS During 8 preliminary rounds between March and April, the teams did not compete directly against each other, but against 'fictional' rival companies, each with their own profile, strategies and bidding history. The top 8 teams at the end of this stage qualified for the 2-day final. The FINAL The final was played over a further 6 rounds during two weeks in early May, enabling the teams to take part in the final from wherever they were located, and giving them enough time between

each round to make considered and effective decisions, and reflect upon and refine their strategies. During the final the teams competed 'head to head' directly against each other. This created an even more uncertain and pressurised environment in which the skills and team dynamics formed in the early years were really put to the test. After a tense and exciting finale, when the lead changed in the penultimate round, it was the Pbers from the Manchester office of Parsons Brinckerhoff, part of the Balfour Beatty Group, who emerged as the ENGINUITY 2013 Champions, and become the first Parsons Brinckerhoff team to win the Enginuity Competition after a number of near misses. The Final League Table The Champions The ENGINUITY 2013 Champions, the Pbers from the Manchester (UK) office of Parsons Brinckerhoff, were presented with their awards at the annual PB awards evening on June 6th in the magnificent surroundings of Drapers Hall, situated in the heart of London.

The guest speaker for the evening was Rageh Omaar, the award winning journalist and writer, who came to global prominance through his reporting on the Iraq War. Other speakers included Steve Reffitt, the Operations Director for Parsons Brinckerhoff, who provided the opening address before dinner, and Andrew McNaughton, the Chief Executive of Balfour Beatty. 3 members of the winning team, Chris Gregory, Matthew Lupton and Michail Gordijenko were present to collect their awards. Unfortunately the fourth team member Christoper Chung could not be present. After a number of near misses, the 'Pbers' became the first Parsons Brinckerhoff team to win the ENGINUITY Competition. A Participants Viewpoint From the very first moment I heard about Enginuity Competition I knew it "would be a stimulating challenge full of learning, networking,

competitiveness and enjoyment. Indeed, I have developed my commercial awareness and gained essential business management skills. What makes Enginuity so unique is that you are managing a global construction business, which is relevant both for our business, and most of the sponsors of other teams taking part. The simulation allows participants to manage resources and understand the importance of contract completion and financial implications of delays. On the bidding side, I learned how to estimate project risks and translate them into financial perspective as part bid submission while maintaining competitiveness on the market. Team meetings are a great opportunity to develop soft skills such as communication and presentation, networking and team building. These are only a few aspects of learning and training relevant to continuous professional and personal development objectives that a participant can benefit from during competition. Enginuity helped me better understand many facets of global

engineering business management and I would recommend it to any emerging professional as well as experienced engineers seeking to develop their Business management skills. " Michail Gordijenko Proposed Schedule For ENGINUITY 2014 2013 Publicity for the competition will be sent out at the beginning of November Registration will start during November 2014

The 2014 software is released on the website at the beginning of January Trialling starts shortly after the software is released for registered teams The Preliminary Rounds take place during March and April The Final will take place during May Further Information Further detailed information can be obtained from the website at: www.enginuitycomp.co.uk or by e-mail [email protected] or by contacting in the first instance Mike Fletcher Tel/Fax No: +44 (0)1332 694351

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