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English Language: Paper 2 Section A PERSPECTIVE READING Mark Scheme for Question 3 LEVEL Level 4 Perceptive, detailed 10-12 marks Level 3 Clear, relevant 7-9 marks

Level 2 Some, attempts 4-6 marks Level 1 Simple, limited DESCRIPTORS Shows detailed and perceptive understanding of language Analyses the effects of the writers choices of language Selects a judicious range of quotations Uses a range of subject terminology appropriately Shows clear understanding of language Clearly explains the effects of the writers choices of language Selects relevant quotations Uses subject terminology accurately

Shows some understanding of language Attempts to comment on the effect of language Selects some relevant quotations Uses some subject terminology, not always appropriately Shows simple awareness of language Offers simple comment on the effects of language Simple references or textual details Example Question 3 Use Source 7, where Jourdon Anderson writes to his old Master. How does Jourdon Anderson use language to convey his thoughts and feelings about the letter

from his old Master Colonel P.H. Anderson? What are the key words in this question? Context of the Text In 1864, after 32 long years enslaved to his master, Jourdon Anderson and his wife, Amanda, escaped a life of slavery when Union Army soldiers freed them from the plantation on which they had been working so tirelessly. They quickly moved to Ohio where Jourdon could find paid work with which to support his growing family, and didnt look back. A year later, shortly after the end of the Civil War, Jourdon received a desperate letter from Patrick Henry Anderson, the man who used to own him, in which he was asked to return to work on the plantation and rescue his ailing business. Jourdons reply to the person who enslaved his family, dictated from his

home on August 7th, was subsequently reprinted in numerous newspapers. Jourdon Anderson never returned to Big Spring, Tennessee. He passed away in 1907, aged 81, and is buried alongside his wife who died six years later. Together they had a total of eleven children. How does Jourdon Anderson use language to convey his thoughts and feelings about the letter from his old Master Colonel P.H. Anderson? Re-read Source 7 What is the tone of the letter? How is it conveyed? Highlight Jourdon Andersons discussion of his thoughts and feelings. How might the TAP of the letter help the reader understand Jourdon Andersons thoughts and feelings? Highlight where Anderson uses language technique.

Dayton, Ohio, August 7, 1865 To My Old Master, Colonel P.H. Anderson, Big Spring, Tennessee Sir: I got your letter, and was glad to find that you had not forgotten Jourdon, and that you wanted me to come back and live with you again, promising to do better for me than anybody else can. I have often felt uneasy about you. I thought the Yankees would have hung you long before this, for harbouring Rebs they found at your house. I suppose they never heard about your going to Colonel Martin's to kill the Union soldier that was left by his company in their stable. Although you shot at me twice before I left you, I did not want to hear of your being hurt, and am glad you are still living. It would do me good to go back to the dear old home again, and see Miss Mary and Miss Martha and Allen, Esther, Green, and Lee. Give my love to them all, and tell them I hope we will meet in the better world, if not in this. I would have gone back to see you all when I was working in the Nashville Hospital, but one of the neighbours told me that Henry intended to shoot me if he ever got a chance. I want to know particularly what the good chance is you propose to give me. I am doing

tolerably well here. I get twenty-five dollars a month, with victuals and clothing; have a comfortable home for Mandy,the folks call her Mrs. Anderson,and the children Milly, Jane, and Grundygo to school and are learning well. The teacher says Grundy has a head for a preacher. They go to Sunday school, and Mandy and me attend church regularly. We are kindly treated. Sometimes we overhear others saying, "Them coloured people were slaves" down in Tennessee. The children feel hurt when they hear such remarks; but I tell them it was no disgrace in Tennessee to belong to Colonel Anderson. Many darkeys would have been proud, as I used to be, to call you master. Now if you will write and say what wages you will give me, I will be better able to decide whether it would be to my advantage to move back again. As to my freedom, which you say I can have, there is nothing to be gained on that score, as I got my free papers in 1864 from the Provost-Marshal-General of the Department of Nashville. Mandy says she would be afraid to go back without some proof that you were disposed to treat us justly and kindly; and we have concluded to test your sincerity by asking you to send us our wages for the time we served you. This will make us forget and forgive old scores, and rely on your justice

and friendship in the future. I served you faithfully for thirty-two years, and Mandy twenty years. At twenty-five dollars a month for me, and two dollars a week for Mandy, our earnings would amount to eleven thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. Add to this the interest for the time our wages have been kept back, and deduct what you paid for our clothing, and three doctor's visits to me, and pulling a tooth for Mandy, and the balance will show what we are in justice entitled to. Please send the money by Adams's Express, in care of V. Winters, Esq., Dayton, Ohio. If you fail to pay us for faithful labors in the past, we can have little faith in your promises in the future. We trust the good Maker has opened your eyes to the wrongs which you and your fathers have done to me and my fathers, in making us toil for you for generations without recompense. Here I draw my wages every Saturday night; but in Tennessee there was never any pay-day for the negroes any more than for the horses and cows. Surely there will be a day of reckoning for those who defraud the laborer of his hire. In answering this letter, please state if there would be any safety for my Milly and Jane, who are now grown up, and both good-looking girls. You know how it was with poor Matilda and Catherine. I would rather stay here and starveand die, if it come to thatthan have my girls brought to shame by the violence and wickedness of their young masters. You will also please state if there

has been any schools opened for the coloured children in your neighbourhood. The great desire of my life now is to give my children an education, and have them form virtuous habits. Say howdy to George Carter, and thank him for taking the pistol from you when you were shooting at me. From your old servant, Jourdon Anderson. Andersons use of language in his letter shows his thoughts and feelings about his old Masters request How does Jourdon Anderson use language to convey his thoughts and feelings about the letter from his old Master Colonel P.H. Anderson? 2 PEEL PARAGRAPHS

QUESTION 3 PEER ASSESSMENT Swap paragraphs with a partner Using the mark scheme, highlight and annotate: Used quotes from the text Analysed language Used subject terminology (naming techniques) Linked back to the question, explaining the speakers thoughts and feelings. Award the paragraphs a mark out of 12, with feedback.

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