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First-Semester Writing Portfolio at Seton Hall University Getting Started: Log into PirateNet Go to http://www.shu.edu Click on My Account Sign In

Click Here Enter your Username and Password Click Sign In

You should now be logged into PirateNet Click on myInfo Click Here

Locate My Content Collection and Web Folder Click My Content Collection This should launch another browser window, opening the Content Collection You are now in the Content System of Blackboard. My Content is

similar to the hard drive on your computer. You can create folders for organization and store items such as PowerPoint files, Word files, and images. When creating an ePortfolio, you can create links to the items that you saved in My Content. Click here to create

your folder Organization of documents, whether on your computer in My Document or in the Content System, is very important. You should consider creating folders to store and organize your documents. This is especially important when creating your electronic portfolios, and you will see why later when you create your first portfolio. For this particular portfolio you will need to create a folder titled First-Year Writing Portfolio. Name your folder

then click Submit. Click on your folder to add your files Click on Upload Files to add a file or files

Click Browse to locate the file or files on your computer. But first, remember to delete your name and your teachers name throughout the document. Highlight file or files that you want to add. You will

ONLY be adding the English 1201 sample and self-assessment this semester. Click Open Click Submit to finish uploading the file or files

You will upload only the English 1201 sample and 1201 self-assessment into your My Content space.

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