ESOPS January 2018 East Sussex Outpatient Services Ltd an independent provider within the NHS family ESOPS ESOPS Organisation East Sussex Outpatient Services Limited Company

Established 2006 Independent provider Part of the NHS family Working with East Sussex CCGs & NHS South East ESOPS Mission Provide excellent NHS and private outpatient services in modern community settings for East Sussex residents ESOPS Vision Deliver high quality care provided by specialist

clinicians supported by an experienced management and office team Deliver patient outcomes that represent excellent value for money through efficient use of resources Deliver integrated care supporting East Sussex Better Together and the NHS 5 year forward

view ESOPS Service Model support activity shift Primary Care GP Services & Procedures What can not be done in primary

care ESOPS Secondary Care Consultant Outpatients Consultant Daycase

& & Procedures Inpatient Care Integrated Care

What doesnt need to be done in secondary care ESOPS Management Managing & Medical Director Dr Joerg Bruuns GP principal Business & Operations Director Mr Stephen Cotton

Company analyst Finance Director Mr Michael Ogilvie Specialist Medical Accountant Director for Clinical & IT Development Dr Russell Brown GP principal Director for Contract Performance & Governance Mr John Vesely Ex NHS Executive Director ESOPS Contract,

Registration, Accreditation NHS Standard Contract CNST Indemnity CQC Independent Clinic Treatment of Disease & Injury Diagnostics & Screening AQP for elective services Whole Patient Pathway ESOPS 2008 ESOPS Departments

------ ESOPS Services ESOPS Diagnostics & procedures ------ ESOPS Patient pathway GP referral

48 weeks 04 weeks 46 weeks 46 weeks

Discharge ESOPS Patient experience Fast appointments Reduced pain & anxiety Faster return to normal activities Seen by specialist Clear treatment plan Shared decision making Fewer follow-up appointments

Excellent facilities Easy access Modern equipment ESOPS Clinical benefits Efficient working environment Modern Equipment Consultant led Controlled workload Clinical Education Clinical Audit

ESOPS Commissioning benefits Quality Excellent patient experience Evidence based Consultant led outpatient care Accountability CQC registered AQP accredited Value Substantial savings through efficient use of resources Seamless Integrated care

ESOPS Progress Consultations : >30000 80% of patients seen within 4 weeks All patients seen by Specialist / Consultant New patient / follow-up ratio 1:1.2 Excellent patient feedback Integrated working with NHS & Independent Hospitals Significant Investment in Medical Equipment ESOPS Plans

Integrate & collaborate with Localities GP Federations Vanguard sites Develop range of outpatient procedures Investigation suite (Endoscopy) Diagnostics (Ultrasound) Minor Surgery Offer new community based clinics serving local needs EHS HWLH H&R

ESOPS Pacific House 1 East Island Place Eastbourne East Sussex BN23 6FA Tel: 01323 404 900

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