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Essay Writing -

The essay body Introduction: 1. 2. 3. 4. Attention getter (Lead) Contextualize topic Thesis stament / question Outline Main Body: 1. The body is organized into three supporting paragraphs that prove your thesis statement 2. Each supporting paragraph needs to be illustrated with details, facts, examples, or quotes that make your point clear. (NO OPINIONS) Conclusion: Summarizes the essays main points! 1.Summarize main points and answer thesis question. 2. Connect the answer to a new issue / topic. Thesis Notes

Introduction NEVER begin an essay with in this essay! Grab the readers attention (lead) Begin with a quote from the story ___________________ Start with a strongly stated question that your readers might have (it may have a predictable answer) Start with a unique observation about the story or character Start with a snapshot (a piece of information or short description that gives an understanding of a situation at a particular time.) Begin with a metaphor that shows the storys significance Notes Thesis Statement: A statement that gives the main idea or focus of an essay. Your thesis needs to be something that you are going to support with evidence throughout your essay. List THREE main points to your thesis so that these three points can be the three paragraphs in the body of your essay. Transition Words and Phrases Use these transitions to help you connect the ideas between your sentences and between your paragraphs. TO INTRODUCE EXAMPLES for example

in fact in one instance for instance in one case as proof to illustrate to begin with in one example TO ADD ANOTHER POINT also in addition (to) furthermore moreover another a second (third, fourth, etc.) besides further TO SHOW TIME RELATIONSHIPS before since in the meantime after meanwhile to begin with next eventually at the same time then at last not long after finally afterward as time passed TO SIGNAL RESULTS OR EFFECTS as a result because (of)

for this reason due to therefore in response to thus consequently in conclusion TO SHOW COMPARISON OR CONTRAST similarly in contrast different from like unlike on the other hand just as the same as on the contrary as well (as) equally important TO CONNECT IDEAS yet so however though nevertheless moreover Tips

Miscellaneous things to remember when writing an essay Style *Never refer to yourself in the essay. Dont say things like I think... or I saw... Just make your point. Its obvious that you believe what you say. *Avoidall, the its use of contractions in a formal essay. The After your essay. only exception would be if they appear in a quotation from the text that you are using word for word. Instead, spell out the two words in the contraction. Douglass is not deterred in his plan--not isnt. *Keep your writing in present tense. It seems more alive if you do. Say, Douglass is a man who... rather than Douglass was a man who... Again, you dont want to change the wording of direct quotes, so if they use a verb tense other than present tense, copy it as it appears in the text. * Use standard English when writing. Avoid using slang (sup or could of),

texting jargon (ppl, idk, lol, bff), or symbols (&). Tips Using and documenting quotations and passages from the text There are several things to learn about using passages from the text to support your points. *Remember, the majority of the essay is in your words. You need to explain your points clearly and thoroughly enough so that someone not familiar with the text can understand you. *Use quotes/passages from the text to illustrate or support a point you make. They dont have to be long passages. They should not be longer than two sentences. You should weave or blend short, but powerful, quotes or passages from the text into your essay. *When you weave or blend quotes they should not appear in your essay as a sentence by themselves. Instead, they should fit smoothly into your explanation so if you were reading your essay aloud, listeners wouldnt even know where your words end and the quoted passage begins. *For each quote or passage used, you must document where it appeared in the text. To do this for an essay in which all of the quotes are from the same source, the story you read, all you have to do is put the line number in parentheses before the final end punctuation Final reminders 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Dont use 1st person. (I, me, you) Dont use your opinion. (I think, I believe) Avoid using contractions Keep your verb tense consistent Keep your verb tense in the present tense to make it seem more alive Leave your reader with something to think about! Be sure to use strong transitions between paragraphs. Be sure to explain your quotes! Broaden your opening question so that it isnt so predictable. Avoid saying well, Spell out numbers 1 10 Avoid saying in this essay Provide a bit more background info.

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