Ethics: Background and Overview

Ethics: Background and Overview

IIDE COLLOQUIM ON ETHICS AN INTRODUCTION TO ETHICS Dave Lubbe PRESENTER PROF. DAVE LUBBE Ethical dilemma You are practicing as a medical doctor. Mr. Slow Puncture visited you complaining of stress and burn out because of his work load. You send him for blood test it turns out that he is HIV positive. He demand you not to tell his wife Beauty she is also your patient. You try your best to persuade him otherwise but he

does not want to change his viewpoint. Beauty informed you two weeks ago that they use condoms as precaution and that they wants to start a family within six months. What will you do, and why? CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. WHY ETHICS AND WHAT IS ETHICS? THE HISTORY OF ETHICS AN OVERVIEW MYTHS/ARGUMENTS ON ETHICS PRIMARY CHARACHTERISTICS OF GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE

5. ETHICAL DECISION MAKING 6. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TO ETHICAL PROBLEMS 1. WHY ETHICS AND WHAT IS ETHICS? Life is full of ethics/ moral decisions Ethics more than professional ethics (slide 5)

Ethics morality as synonyms Ethics religion influence Ethics concerns itself with what is good/ right in human interaction one of many definitions (slide 6) Interaction two parties or things Good/ right - ??????? Ethics and the law (slide 7) Apples and barrels ETHICS Ethics Business ethics Professional ethics Ethics / Morality Good

Self Other Relation between ethics and law Ethical Unethical Legal Illegal Apples & barrels Good apples Good barrels

Bad Barrels Bad apples 2. THE HISTORY OF ETHICS AN OVERVIEW Classical antiquity From myth to logos Origins of western philosophy Middle ages Union of philosophy and theology

Faith and knowledge Universities The renaissance Printing Reformation Humanism

Man, history, nature The 17th Century Modern territorial states Rationalists Natural Law Mathematical and natural research Rationalists Enlightenment

American revolution Age of reason Civil and political law Rejection traditional authority Scientific development human progress The 19th century European nation states German idealism Materialism

Industrial revolution Evolution theory Natural vs. human sciences The 20th century and postmodernism Age of extremes Communism and Fascism World of wars Borderless world Relativity and quantum theories

Environment Some philosophers and main aspects Socrates dialogue with CRITO Knowledge from discussion and arguments Ask questions Refuse traditional answers Once know who are behave well Inner eye Plato Philosophy ethics - footnotes of Plato Aquinas Natural law by God Hobbes Social contract Adam Smith

Invisible hand Karl Marx Class economy Class consciousness Kant Morality sticking to compulsory rules Who, how, what Moral law of duty/ moral action Postmodernism Post war

Uncertainty Freud/ Jung unconscious Skeptical objective reality Ecology long march to prison Environmental ethics Lack universally shared moral values 3. MYTHS/ ARGUMENTS ON ETHICS Introduction Africa fraud endemic, etc

Rest world Enron, etc Myths Dog eat dog Survival of the fittest Nice guys come second It is not serious When in Rome The bottom line is all that matters Ethics is not a business issue Unethical behavior pays Justice system failed 4. PRIMARY CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE

Discipline Transparency Independence Accountability Responsibility Fairness Social responsibility

Professor Dave Lubbe. 5. ETHICAL DECISION MAKING (One of many) Eight steps to sound ethical decision making Gather the facts Define the ethical issue

Identify the affected parties (stakeholders) Identify the consequences for them Identify their claims or rights Identify the obligations to them Consider your own character and integrity Think creatively about potential actions Discuss your decision with others Check your gut feeling 6. SOLUTION TO ETHICAL PROBLEMS Ethical code in organization Corporate governance

More ethical training Most difficult problems in business world Not a clear right or wrong - (not soft option) Principles and not just rules Ethics is A state of mind Not a checklist Tone at the top Not just one-size-fits-all Intellectual honesty (ethics) I have no problem with ethical issues - I merely ask myself whether I would mind if my old mother read about this in the press. The only thing required for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

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