ETSI activities on Network Functions Virtualization

ETSI activities on Network Functions Virtualization

Document No: GSC(14)18_033 Source: ETSI Contact: Laurent Vreck Agenda Item: 6.1 ETSI ACTIVITIES ON NETWORK FUNCTIONS VIRTUALIZATION Laurent VRECK, ETSI GSC-18 Meeting, 22-23 July 2014, Sophia Antipolis, France What is NFV about? A means to make the network flexible, dynamic, and less dependent on hardware v Traditional Traditional Network Network Model: Model: HARDWARE HARDWARE APPLIANCE APPLIANCE APPROACH APPROACH v Virtualised Virtualised Network

Network Model: Model: VIRTUAL VIRTUAL APPLIANCE APPLIANCE APPROACH APPROACH DPI WAN CG-NAT BRAS Accel. Firewall Test/QoE DPI BRAS VIRTUAL APPLIANCES ORCHESTRATION, AUTOMATION & REMOTE INSTALL Firewall CG-NAT STANDARD HIGH VOLUME SERVERS Session Border Controller Network Functions are based on dedicated hardware and software One physical appliance per role Network Functions are software-based using common and well known hardware Multiple roles using same hardware

Transformation of network hardware Network Function Virtualization, why ? Traffic & Service trends Challenges for Network Operators Lack of flexibility and agility Traffic evolution voice internet video. Launching new services is difficult and takes long time Services change rapidly, user behaviours as well Complexity User devices increase in sophistication Inefficiency

Enterprises want a seamless networked cloud Benefits and Challenges of NFV Benefits Flexibility to rapidly, dynamically instantiate services in different locations without installing new equipment. Faster time-to-market for new service introduction Reducing costs through leveraging the economies of scale of the IT industry Improving operational efficiency by taking advantage of a homogeneous hardware network platform Reducing operational costs: less power, less space, improving network monitoring Benefits and Challenges of NFV Challenges ETSI ISG NFV FOUNDED OCTOBER 2012 Global operators + ETSI Address the needs of network operators, to develop common approaches to Virtualisation

Goal = make NFV a reality in operators networks define requirements for NFV, develop architectural frameworks, identify the gaps in the industry and prepare cooperation with other organizations Industry Specification Group (ISG) = appropriate model Quick to set-up Open membership with small fees to encourage involvement of smaller players Flexible: allows some (controlled) deviation from the ETSI rules Binds all participants to ETSI IPR policy October 2012 : ISG NFV was formed ISG NFV 18 MONTHS LATER Has become the centre of gravity for the global industry to collaborate on NFV 220 companies (including 34 global operators) Intensive work, tremendous effort 7 plenary meetings so far, 250-300 participants each ~100 F2F sessions (Drafting mtg, WG mtg, )

500+ conference calls 10 Mailing lists 1160 subscribers on the main mailing list some WG lists exploded to 200 + emails/day. Provides an umbrella for the industry to converge requirements, share learning and coordinate wider effort through cooperation with external bodies. First 5 ISG NFV deliverables October 2013 GS NFV 001 Use Cases GS NFV 002 Architectural Framework GS NFV 003 NFV Terminology GS NFV 004 Virtualization Requirements Available from ETSI site free of charge: 9 Use Cases that should be focussed on for developing future specifications. UCs range from VNF Iaas, VNF aas, VNF Platform aas, to Mobile core (EPC) and

IMS virtualisation, Mobile Base Station virtualisation, and others Documents a high-level functional architecture to identify which domain are subject to further specification and innovation and where there is a need for abstraction to enable to abstract the network functions from the hardware. Not just a list of acronym, helps understanding what is meant by Virtual Machine or Virtual Appliance or a Virtual Network Function so that everyone (coming from IT, Telecom, ) is on the same page when it comes to communication of some of the basics NFV. * Formalize high level business and technical requirements for virtualization. GS NFV PER 002 PoC Framework Proof of Concept Framework: Describes a procedure to encourage growth of the NFV ecosystem through multi-party implementations of Proof of Concept demonstrations (PoCs). NFV PoC framework NFV Proofs of Concept 21 multi-vendor PoC projects Minimum 2 vendors and 1 network operator per PoC Overall +50 vendors and +10 network operators Addressing NFV E2E concepts (Use cases, Requirements, Interfaces, ) 80% of NFV use cases covered Goals Provide feedback from the field Explore new areas and technology options Validate assumptions or approaches Facilitate gap analysis Help to guide the future NFV ISG activity Develop Market awareness

Demonstrate NFV capabilities 12 NFV PoC Demos @ SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, Dsseldorf,14-17/10/2014 Second NFV operators White Paper 25 operator Published October 2013 signatories Provides operator perspectives on progress made Brings attention to the first outputs and shows a broad operator support Initiates discussion on relationships with other bodies (SDO, Fora). Encourages industry involvement in PoCs Start discussion on the role of Open Source 17 Documents in development In Release 1, Dec 2014 WI-09 D E H S

I L B U P GS NFV INF 001 WGa Infrastructure Overview pp GS NFV 001 Use Cases D E H S I L B U P GS NFV 002 WI-10 Architectural GS NFV 002WIed121 02ed121 Framework Architectural Framework D E H S I L B U P

GS NFV 003 WI-11 Terminology fored121 GS NFV 003 WIMain Concepts 03ed121 Terminology for Main Concepts D E H S I L B U P GS NFV 004 WI-12 Virtualisation Requirements WI_ 013 __ GS NFV Gap AnalysisNEW WGapp WG approved NOT IN Release 1 GS NFV SWA 001 VNF WGapp Architecture GS NFV REL 0 01 WGa Resiliency

pp Rqmts NEW New at last plenary P U B L I S H E D GS NFV SEC 001 WGapp GS NFV INF 003 WGapp GS NFV INF 0 Compute 04 WGapp Domain GS NFV INF Hypervisor 005 Domain Infrastructure Network GS NFV MAN 001 Domain Management and Orchestration WGapp GS NFV PER 002

Public Demo NFV PoCs WGa Securitypp Problem Statement GS NFV PER 001 Perf & Portability Best Practises P U B L I S H E D GS NFV INF 010 NFV Service Quality Metrics GS NFV SEC 002 Cataloguing security features GS NFV WGa INF 007pp Interfaces and Abstractions GS NFV SEC 003 Security & Trust Guidance Available in OPEN AREA: ISG NFV Release Timeline Jan

Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Release Release Freeze Freeze Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April June Release Release Approval Approval && PUBLICATION PUBLICATION All WG drafts

WG-approved Release stable, WG final check WG Progress Progress NFV NFV release release Approval Release Maintenance (alignment phase) OPEN Area NFV Approval Ph2 Scope, content Ph2 Time plan ToRs Finalize FinalizePh Ph22 plans plans Appointment of New WGs/TF officials Phase Phase22 Kick-off Kick-off Structure, Governance

Phase 2 inception NFV#5 Spain May NFV#7 USA NFV#6 Japan Focus on Prep. for WG Approval Focus on General Alignment Phase 2 execution NFV#8 USA NFV#9 CZ Focus on Final Release Focus on Phase 2 Documents now stabilized for alignment phase (i.e. now under formal Change Control) Alignment phase: July November 2014 Release date: December 2014 WHAT COMES IN PHASE2

ISG NFV remains the centre of gravity for NFV Interoperability as major goal Build on Ph1 results to produce "normative" specifications Develop cooperation (including Open Source) Technical Content, Structure, governance proposals ready Increased Vendors involvement New test framework Interop testing Develop the Proof of Concept framework And more A New Open Source Initiative: Open Platform for NFV Project initiated by members of the NFV ISG leadership that will be coordinated by the Linux Foundation Create an integrated (SW, HW) open platform Create an environment for continuous system level validation and integration Contribute changes to other open source projects used within the platform provide feedback to the NFV ISG Build new open source components within the project where needed Timescales: launch October 2014 to be ready for the NFV ISG release in December. CONCLUSIONS Tremendous amount of work achieved Big, well established and very active community This is just a start Next step implementation of these principles in specific Use Cases (eg: 3GPP,

BBF, Linux foundation). Focus on interoperability through normative specs and tests Cooperate to accelerate Thanks for listening Useful links: 1. NFV ISG Published Documents 2. Draft documents available prior to publication: 3. #1 and #2 joint-operator white papers (Oct 2012&2013) 4. NFV ISG PoC Enquiries: 5. NFV ISG portal pages:

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