EU Terminology in the Age of Digital Communication

EU Terminology in the Age of Digital Communication

EU Terminology: Building text-related & translation-oriented projects for IATE 20th European Symposium on Languages for Special Purposes University of Vienna 8-10 July 2015 Rodolfo Maslias European Parliament Terminology Coordination in the EU Institutions Translators covering all 24 EU languages insert terminology into the interactive internal IATE

Each Unit appoints a number of terminologists Terminology tasks make part of the workflow The Terminology Coordination Unit works on language independent level and cooperates with the other Institutions IATE Management Group: 13 Institutions Task Forces and Working Groups Group Groupof of interinstitutional interinstitutional

coordinators coordinators IATE IATEHandbook HandbookTask Task Force Force IMG IMG Data DataEntry

EntryTask TaskForce Force EurTerm EurTermTask TaskForce Force Data DataClean-Up Clean-UpTask Task Force Force

IATE/Studio IATE/Studio Integration IntegrationTask TaskForce Force IATE IATE Support Support & & Development Development Team Team

Normative Normative Terminology TerminologyTask Task Force Force Task TaskForce Forcefor for Interinst. Interinst.Cooperation Cooperation in

inthe thefield fieldof of terminology terminology (ended (ended early early2014) 2014) Interinstitutional Toponymy Group Interinstitutional

Taxonomy Group IATE public A valuable resource worldwide for translators - average of 3500 clicks/hour The multilingual database with the biggest number of languages covering EU-relevant domains Most used terminology database Very positive promotion for EU Translation Mentioned in most Terminology Conferences and used in academia for research purposes Available in downloadable TBX files on Open Data Portal (12,371 downloads as of 1/4/2015, stats retrieved on 23.4.2015) Inserted in several search engines and plug-ins Producing precious feed-back

Language en - English fr - French de - German it - Italian nl - Dutch es - Spanish da - Danish el - Greek pt - Portuguese fi - Finnish sv - Swedish pl - Polish la - Latin

ga - Irish lt - Lithuanian et - Estonian sl - Slovenian mt - Maltese cs - Czech sk - Slovak ro - Romanian bg - Bulgarian hu - Hungarian lv - Latvian hr - Croatian Number of terms 1392515

1330589 1029526 694862 689419 615831 601674 519485 507256 331148 314966 65836 64026 63285 57913 49435

46538 44820 42576 41128 40841 38806 37674 35630 11401 IATE Public version Number of terms on 1/4/2015 24 EU languages + Latin Plus terms in some 120

non-EU languages (internal version) Some 600 terms added each day 223 000 new terms added in 2014 Download IATE in TBX from

Integrating terminology in SDL Studio Automatic integration of terminology in the translation environment Full entry view with IATE link Term verifier for obsolete and deprecated terms

Interinstitutional terminology work Euramis/Translation memory vs. IATE Terminology Text-related Proactive Terminology Workflow for the terminological pretreatment of an EU legislative act: Early warning by the drafters (political bodies) Term-extraction Creation of bilingual

text related glossary Adding IATE export Insertion into the CAT-tool as Termbase Interinstitutional terminology work Terminology workflow An original document arrives for translation Terminology coordinator goes through the document and manually extracts problematic terminology. Compiles list Terms from the list are then searched for in IATE

If search returns results, verify that the concept is the same If result refers to the same concept, then update the entry as necessary If not, or if no result comes up, create a new entry in English (or in any other anchor language) Interinstitutional Terminology Projects Workflow One EU-Terminology Coordination launches a project The information is shared on EurTerm

Interinstitutional Terminology Projects 1. Identification new concept 2. Creation IATE entry 3. Completion 24 languages

4. Addition metadata 5. Updating IATE entry 6. Finalisation IATE entry EurTerm: collaborative space for terminology projects

EurTerm: terminology projects (details) Some examples of specialisation by institution Institution Domain Translation Centre Agency names ECHA-Term (REACH terminology) EMCDDA core terminology Financial supervision authorities (EBA/EIOPA)

Council Toponymy Defence Justice and Home Affairs International conventions and agreements Commission Community programmes, initiatives and actions White and Green Books Budget Aquatic animals and plants

European Parliament Human rights Gender rights Humanitarian law Interinstitutional resource sharing and terminology collaborative platform EurTerm Language Wikis TermCoord also created a wiki for each language community, accessible from the portal, which facilitates cooperation in

terminology between institutions and with their national linguistic bodies A customized wiki for each language Collaborative spaces for terminology work for each language community Access EurTerm and your language wiki Ask TermCoord for an external ECAS account IATE Projects with Universities

IATE TermCoord inserts the glossaries in IATE Signing an agreement with DG TRAD EPTermCoord Common choice of domain The terms are validated in Translation Units The projects are published in TermCoord provides the material and instructions Universities prepare an action plan Universities submit their lists of terms Students work under the supervision of Professors

Special gift for the users of EU shares its Terminology Resources Terminology Toolbox TermCoord in the projects for a future-oriented terminology A common Ontology The project Big Multilingual Terminological Data Space

Presented at the Summit of Riga on the Future of the Multilingual Digital Single Market All Terminology in all languages just with one click Click on a button to proceed to a meta search in all reliable terminology databases of international organisations, academy and industry Use cloud computing and linked data technology Added value:

Avoid waste of resources Resolve ambiguity Consult the specialists Convert our GlossaryLinks in a an open meta search tool in the cloud Thank you for your attention and greetings from Luxembourg!

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