Evans Garey - American Counseling Association - representing ...

Evans Garey - American Counseling Association - representing ...

RELIGIOUS PROBLEM SOLVING STYLE AND LIFE SATISFACTION IN ADOLESCENTS Evans Garey ADOLESCENCE Adolescence is a period of opportunities and challenges It is a time of youthfulness, vitality, and enthusiasm But also full of challenges During adolescence young people are facing many changes in terms of their developmental period They also have to face many changes that happen in the world

ADOLESCENTS IN INDONESIA Indonesia is a developing country There were so many changes happened in recent years (eg. Politic, Economy, Education) These changes bring pressure for many adolescent ADOLESCENT In 2011, it was estimated that over than 2,5 million Indonesian youth age 7-15 years old could not go to school because of economic condition (UNICEF, 2012). Students were complainining about school

Only limited studies that have been conducted in Indonesia to investigate adolescent wellbeing LIFE SATISFACTION Life satisfaction was define as individuals cognitive evaluation of life. How a person view the positive in his/her life will determine how satisfied someone with his/her life Adolescents who reported having high level of life satisfaction

have been found to have high score in their academic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills (Gilman & Huebner, 2003; Proctor, Linley, Maltby, 2010) Adolescents who have a very high life satisfaction have been found to have lower level of depression, anxiety, stress, and negative emotion (Gilman & Huebner, 2003; Proctor et al., 2010). ADOLESCENT LIFE SATISFACTION Studies show that despite of the pressure that adolescents have to face, their well-being were still intact

Garey & Anggraini (2015) found that Indonesian adolescents life satisfaction relatively high Even for adolescents with economic difficulty What are the factors that contribute to adolescent life satisfaction? RELIGIOSITY Garey (2015) conducted an interview to 4 adolescents, asking questions such as what are the cause of your life condition (eg. economy, ) right now?

They were referring to God as the causal factor of their life circumstances I concluded that the belief in God plays an important role in adolescents life World Values Survey (Ingleheart, 2010) had found that 90% Indonesian considered God as important in their life RELIGIOUS PROBLEM SOLVING STYLE Religious problem solving was define as ways of understanding

and dealing with negative life events that are related to the sacred/God (Pargament & Raiya, 2007). Religious problem solving style consist of three style: Collaborative Deffering Self-directive PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to investigate the association between religious problem solving style and life satisfaction Hypotheses: there is a relationship between religious problem

solving style and life satisfaction in adolescents METHOD Sample: 189 adolescents (age 13-15) who come from one private Christian school in Jakarta Instrument: Religious Problem Solving Scale (Pargament, et al, 1988) & Brief Multidimensional Student Life Satisfaction ScalePTPB (Bickman, Athay, Riener, Lambert, Kelley, Breda,..Andrade, 2010) Religious Problem Solving Scale has 12 items with 3 item for each scale with 4 point response option

BMSLSS-PTPB has 5 items with 5 point response option METHOD Cronbachs alpha for Religious Problem Style respectively were Collaborative style: .76 Deffering style: .69 Self-directive style: .79 Cronbachs alpha for BMSLSS-PTPB was .74 Statistical Analysis: we used Pearson Correlation to measure the association between religious problem solving style and life satisfaction RESULT

Mean SD LS 19.88 3.017 Collaborative 8.79 1.850

Deffering 7.09 2.123 Self-directive 6.21 1.864 RESULT LS

Collaborative Deffering Self-directive LS Sig (2-tailed) N 1 189 Collaborative

Sig (2-tailed) N .260** .000 189 189 Deffering Sig (2-tailed) N -.010 .892

189 .078 .286 189 189 Self-directive Sig (2-tailed) N -.101 .165 189

-.579** .000 189 .066 .364 189 1 1 **. Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)

1 189 DISCUSSION Adolescents who were participated in this research tends to have a relatively high life satisfaction Adolescents tend to use collaborative style in coping rather than deffering or self-directive DISCUSSION This research showed that there was a positive correlation

between life satisfaction score and collaborative style score Adolescents who perceived them selves working together with God in coping with problem appeared to be satisfied with their life. This finding consistent with the previous findings ( Bjork , et al. 2010; Pargament, et al. 1988; Tadie, 2010) DISCUSSION These coping styles relates to further attributions to the nature of God (Hood, Hill, Spilka, 2009)

The collaborative style adolescents have the tendency to view God has control over their life along with their personal sense of control. We saw the collaborative style as having an external control and internal control in somewhat degree We tend to be happy when we see ourselves in control DISCUSSION The deffering style and self-directive style did not show to be

associated with life satisfaction This finding showed that neither God nor self are able to stand alone in affecting adolescents well-being This finding suggest that it was God and human as co-worker might affect adolescents well-being DISCUSSION The notion of God and man working together is harmonious with the teaching of Christian faith

In Christian teaching, one was taught to rely on God and also he/ she has to prepare and must be diligently working all the time Further study is needed to investigate the acclaimed that God and us working together in different religion such as Islam DISCUSSION Utilizing collaborative style in counseling might be helpful in order to maintain adolescents well-being Addressing God and his positive quality might be useful in

working with religious adolescents in counselling LIMITATIONS The fact that the participants come from one specific religion must be considered in interpreting the result of this research Due to the multidimension of religiosity, generalization for the effect of religiosity must be carefully taken

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