Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

School Improvement Updates School Improvement Plan and Other Updates 1 Mission The Bureau of School Improvement (BSI) serves as a partner in supporting improved outcomes for all students through strategic problem solving, capacity building, and the implementation of sustainable systems in the areas of: Transformational Leadership Standards-based Planning, Instruction, and Learning Positive Culture and Environment

www.FLDOE.org 2 2 Vision We serve districts and schools as collaborative partners to support continuous improvement and improved outcomes for all students by: Providing monitoring and support to low performing schools Building positive relationships, effective communication, and a growth mindset among all stakeholders

Supporting an equitable learning environment focused on improving student outcomes and closing the achievement gap Coaching for standards-aligned learning and evidence-based interventions Utilizing various data for purposeful planning and problem solving www.FLDOE.org 3 3 DA Highlights

Schools in DA 2013-14 420 2014-15 467 2015-16 498 2016-17 467 2017-18 223

2018-19 203 68 94 59 % of DA schools graded D or F in 2017 improved their grade in 2018 % of DA schools graded F in 2017 improved their grade in 2018 % of 2017-18 first year turnaround schools improved their 2018 school grade to a C or better and exited turnaround *These numbers are based on schools that received grades in both 2017 and 2018.

www.FLDOE.org 4 2017-2018 DA Schools, where are they now? www.FLDOE.org 5 2018-19 BSI Team Goal If we implement our Bureau of School Improvement mission and vision with fidelity, then 67% of Differentiated Accountability (DA) schools will increase their school grade in 2019. www.FLDOE.org

6 6 Changes to School Improvement Rule www.FLDOE.org 7 Proposed Changes The proposed rule: Eliminates the state designation of TS&I and classifies all Differentiated Accountability (DA) schools as CS&I; Renames DA; Adds a form to notify and receive approval prior to the hiring of a turnaround principal and Revises incorporated forms used by school districts. Webinar- June 6 at 10:00 a.m.

www.FLDOE.org 8 Principal Change Formsubmit to BSI no later than 10 days prior to the proposed principal hire date Assurance 2: School Capacity-Leaders and Educators The district shall ensure the principal has a successful record in leading a turnaround school and the qualifications to support the student population being served. In the box below, the district must provide information about its systems to ensure the school has an effective administrator capable of leading the turnaround efforts, including desired experience and competencies, recruitment and retention incentives and operational flexibility. At a minimum, reply to the following: 1. Explain the rationale for replacing the principal. 2. Provide the principals name and proposed start date, selection process and leadership experience. 3. Provide evidence that indicates the principal has a proven record of success in turnaround schools and the qualifications to support the community served. 4. What operational flexibility will be afforded to the principal, such as the degree of input in selecting their school leadership team and instructional staff?

5. What actions will the district take regarding the school leadership team if the schools grade does not improve? www.FLDOE.org 9 2019-20 School Improvement Plan Updates www.FLDOE.org 10 School Improvement Plan (SIP) 1001.42 (18)(a) F.S. School improvement plans.The district school board shall annually approve and require implementation of a new, amended, or continuation school improvement plan for each school in the district which has a school grade of D or F; has a significant gap in achievement on statewide, standardized

assessments administered pursuant to s. 1008.22 by one or more student subgroups, as defined in the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), 20 U.S.C. s. 6311(b)(2)(C) (v)(II); Webinar- May 23 at 10:00 a.m. www.FLDOE.org 11 Requirements for SIPs The district shall annually approve a SIP for each school which: Has a school grade of D or F Has a significant gap in achievement on state assessments by one or more subgroups Has not significantly increased the percentage of students passing state assessments Has not significantly increased the percentage of students demonstrating learning gains or

Has significantly lower graduation rates for a subgroup when compared to the states graduation rate 1001.42 (18)(a) F.S. www.FLDOE.org 12 Evolution of the SIP In 2018-19, there were two options available in CIMS for the SIP. 200 Users Standard SIP (traditional format) Pilot SIP (condensed, data-based format) In 2019-20, there will be only one option. 2000 Users Stakeholder input (internal, external) SIP (condensed, practical, data-based format)

www.FLDOE.org 13 13 2019-20 Schoolwide Improvement Plan Created in collaboration with feedback from DA Team, Internal DOE partners, and districts. Notable Changes: DA and ESSA status will be listed on the demographics page EWS systems page will include number of students by grade level and teachers at the school Schools ESSA data will be included Analysis questions revamped to provide deeper and more thought provoking reflection Planning process revamped to include measureable outcomes and evidence-based strategies Helpful links to the State, District, and School Report Card and the 2019-20

School Improvement Leadership Guide are included in the plan www.FLDOE.org 14 Area of Focus Rationale Measureable Outcome Evidence-based Strategy Rationale for Evidence-based Strategy Action Steps (numbered) www.FLDOE.org 15

Schoolwide Improvement Plan Resources www.floridacims.org School Improvement Leadership Guide Webinar will be held on May 23, 10 AM and will be recorded and posted on CIMS for future use Regional teams will facilitate district trainings Exemplar SIPs for TS&I schools with underperforming subgroups of SWD or ELL www.FLDOE.org 16 7070 Turnaround School Supplemental Services Allocation (TSSSA) www.FLDOE.org 17

TSSSA Eligibility Three criteria for eligibility: 1. A school that is implementing a district-managed turnaround plan. 2. A school that has earned three consecutive grades below a C. (May be in Cycle 2 of turnaround with the grade history of FFD, FDF, FDD, FFF) 3. A school that has improved to a C and is no longer in turnaround status within the last two years. www.FLDOE.org 18 TSSSA Timeline & Funding Timeline Districts should develop and submit a plan (including a budget) for implementation to its school board for approval no later than August 1st

Districts shall submit its approved plans to the commissioner no later than September 1st Funding Each school districts allocation must be based on the unweighted FTE student enrollment at the eligible schools and a per-FTE funding amount of $500 or as provided by the General Appropriations Act. (list available) www.FLDOE.org 19 TSSSA Service Models 1. Services may include, but are not limited to:

tutorial and after-school programs student counseling nutrition counseling parental counseling extended day and school year In addition, services may include models that: develop a culture that encourages students to complete high school and to attend college or career training set high academic expectations inspire character development 2. A school district may enter into a formal agreement with a nonprofit

organization to implement an integrated support service model that provides wrap-around services, including, but not limited to: www.FLDOE.org health services after-school programs drug prevention programs college and career readiness programs food and clothing banks 20

TSSSA Plan Requirements A plan, at a minimum, must: 1. Establish comprehensive support services that develop family and community partnerships 2. Establish clearly defines and measurable high academic and character standards 3. Increase parental involvement and engagement in the childs education 4. Describe how instructional personnel will be identified, recruited, retained,

and rewarded 5. Provide professional development that focuses on academic rigor, direct instruction, and creating high academic and character standards 6. Provide focused instruction to improve student academic proficiency, which may include instructional time beyond the normal school day or year 7. Include a strategy for continuing to provide services after the school is no longer in turnaround status by achieving a C or higher. www.FLDOE.org 21

TSSSA Plans Plan template will be provided to the district (similar to Traditional Schools of Hope application, TOP-3). Plan requirements (services) and budgets will need to be identified by eligible school(s). Award will be at the district level. www.FLDOE.org 22 UniSIG Teacher Recruitment and Retention Allocation www.FLDOE.org 23 www.FLDOE.org

24 Important Dates www.FLDOE.org 25 Important Dates May and June Schoolwide Improvement Plan webinar May 23 at 10 a.m. Heartland Leadership Conference June 5, Lake Placid School Improvement Rule webinar June 6 at 10 a.m. Summer Literacy Institute - June 11-13, Orlando Sunshine State Scholars - June 13-14, Orlando Instructional Leadership Team Academy (Institute II) June 18-19, Orlando www.FLDOE.org 26

Important Dates July and August Summer Science STEMposium July 8-11, Tallahassee, July 15-18, Tampa, July 22-25, Palm Beach NEFEC Leadership Conference - July 9-10, Sawgrass NEFEC- SIP Training - July 11 (8:30-11 AM), Sawgrass Florida Teacher of the Year Gala - July 18, Orlando PAEC- Impact of ESSA & SIP - July 22 (1-4 PM), Destin PAEC Leadership Conference- July 23-24, Destin BSI Summer Academy (South) - July 23-24, Largo BSI Summer Academy (North) - July 31-August 1, Ocala www.FLDOE.org 27 BSI Timeline/Due Dates May 1- External Operator Contracts due May 24- 2019-20 SIP will be open in CIMS July 17- State Board Meeting to approve 2019-20

TOP-2, Cycle 2 or 3 (External Operator) Plans August 2- UniSIG application due in CIMS September 1- TSSSA plan must be approved by the district school board, MOUs due, Instructional Rosters due for UniSIG Recruitment and Retention Allocation October 1- TSSSA plan and TOP-2, Cycle 1 Plans due www.FLDOE.org 28 www.FLDOE.org www.FLDOE.org 29 Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) 30

New ESSA Accountability Provisions Inclusion of English Language Learner (ELL) proficiency as a separate accountability indicator Additional focus on reporting of subgroup performance Additional federal school improvement designations and support Revamped public report cards of state, district and school data www.FLDOE.org 31 Florida's ESSA State Plan Drafted with public input, including workgroup of superintendents Approved September 26, 2018 Preserves the focus on increased student achievement

No changes to Floridas state accountability systems School Grades Differentiated Accountability Adds a Federal calculation to satisfy ESSA requirements New Federal Percent of Points Index (Federal Index) www.FLDOE.org 32 New Federal Index Calculation includes all school grades components plus English Language Proficiency (ELP) progress English Language Proficiency progress the percent of ELLs who make progress on the states assessment of proficiency in the English language (i.e., learning gains on ACCESS for ELLs or Alternate ACCESS for ELLs) Calculated for all schools including ungraded, Exceptional Student Education centers, alternative

schools, Department of Juvenile Justice facilities, and feeder schools Calculated overall and by subgroup www.FLDOE.org 33 Federal Index ESSA Indicator Academic Achievement including Student Growth Graduation Rate Florida Component English Language Arts (ELA) Achievement Mathematics Achievement Learning Gains ELA Learning Gains Mathematics

Learning Gains Lowest 25% ELA Learning Gains Lowest 25% Mathematics 4-Year Graduation Rate Science Social Studies School Quality or Student Success Middle School Acceleration High School College and Career Acceleration Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency (ELP) ELP Progress www.FLDOE.org 34 Federal Index Calculated for 10 Subgroups 7 major racial and ethnic groups (White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific

Islander, American Indian or Alaska native, and two or more races) Students with disabilities (SWDs) English Language Learners (ELLs) Economically disadvantaged students www.FLDOE.org 35 Summary of the 2017-18 Baseline Data A total of 553 schools are identified for Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CS&I) This includes Floridas D&F schools (230 schools) The rigor of Floridas current School Grades system is evidenced by the reality that 51 D schools identified here would be unidentified if we solely relied on the Federal Index Over half of the 553 schools (299) are ungraded schools, providing an opportunity to engage stakeholders for these

alternative, ESE, and DJJ schools www.FLDOE.org 36 Summary of the 2017-18 Baseline Data A total of 1,952 higher-performing schools are identified for Targeted Support and Improvement (TS&I) to address pockets of performance problems with specific student subgroups This stresses the need to be innovative in even our highperforming schools to address the outcomes of all students, particularly students with special needs Over half (55%) of the schools identified for TS&I have only one subgroup identified, and the vast majority (96%) have three or fewer subgroups identified www.FLDOE.org 37

State, District, and School Report Cards EduData- new interactive report card which provides the federally required components for the state, district, and school report cards https://edudata.fldoe.org/ Includes the information accessed through SPARS in a more accessible format for parents and the general public Includes the following: School grade and school grade components, and Federal Index Components disaggregated by subgroup State, District, School level English Language Proficiency Progress State, District, School level Whether the school is identified for support www.FLDOE.org 38 School Improvement Categories

Will be identified on new report cards Federal Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CS&I) for DA Schools/Current State CS&I and TS&I Current grade D Differentiated Accountability (DA) Support Current grade F DA Support Not D or F but graduation rate 67% or lower DA Support NEW Federal Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CS&I) Based on 2017-18 performance Not D or F but overall Federal Index of 40% or lower

Tiered Support A TS&I school with a subgroup Federal percent of points index 40% or lower for 6 years* (2023-24) Tiered Support NEW Federal Targeted Support and Improvement (TS&I) Based on 2017-18 performance Any subgroup performance on Federal Index of 40% or lower in the current year *moves to CS&I after 6 years Tiered Support Any subgroup performance on Federal Index of 31% or lower for 3 consecutive years (2020-21) Tiered Support

www.FLDOE.org 39 Federal ESSA Category: Targeted Support and Improvement (TS&I) State Support Required District Provided Action Performanc e based on Timeline for Support Tiered Support- by subgroup(s) School Improvement

Plan targeting subgroup(s) as Area of Focus *2018-19 2019-20 2. NEW Tiered After 3 years, same Support- by SUBGROUP with a Federal subgroup(s) Index of 31% or lower School Improvement Plan targeting subgroup(s) as Area of Focus

2017-18 through 2019-20 2020-21 1. NEW Annually, any SUBGROUP with a Federal Index of 40% or lower After 6 years, same SUBGROUP, school moves to CS&I *2017-18 ESSA Report Card is baseline data www.FLDOE.org 40 ESSA Category: Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CS&I)

State Support Required District Provided Action Performance Timeline based on for Support 1. NEW Tiered Annually, OVERALL SCHOOL Federal Support Index of 40% or lower School Improvement Plan *2018-19 2019-20

2. NEW Tiered Support- by subgroup(s) School Improvement Plan targeting subgroup(s) as Area of Focus 2017-18 through 2022-23 2023-24 3. Current State DA

Grade of D or F for graded schools with graduation rates of 67% or lower DA Regional Teams School Improvement Plan DA Rule 2017-18 2018-19 All school grade components + ELP progress

After 6 years, a TS&I school with the same SUBGROUP with a Federal Index of 40% or lower moves to CS&I *2017-18 ESSA Report Card is baseline data www.FLDOE.org 41 Federal TS&I Tiered Support for Schools (not in DA) Identification Based on Federal Index NEW Federal law requires all identified schools to do a Schoolwide Improvement Plan (beginning in 2019-20)

CS&I Tier 3 Annual OVERALL school Federal Index (40% or lower) 2019-20 6 years of same low subgroup (40% or lower) 2023-24 Intensive Supports TS&I Tier 2 3 years of same low subgroup (31% or lower) 2020-21 Supplemental Supports TS&I Tier 1 Annual low subgroup (40% or lower) 2019-20 Universal Supports * Tiering requirements escalate

www.FLDOE.org 42 Tiered Support for Schools not in DA Identification Based on Federal Index CS&I 4 Schools Tier 3 Intensive Supports Annual OVERALL school Federal Index (40% or lower) 2019-20 6 years of same low subgroup (40% or lower) 2023-24

TS&I Tier 2 Supplemental Supports 3 years of same low subgroup (31% or lower) 2020-21 TS&I 1,952 Schools Tier 1 Universal Supports 43 Annual low subgroup Federal Index (40% or lower) 2019-20 www.FLDOE.org 43 Tiers of Support to CS&I Low-performing

Schools- 3 options for Turnarou nd Planclose, charter, or District-managed externalTurnaround Plan operator Tier 3 (2-year plan) Submit Quarterly Data Tier 2

Tier 1 School Improvement Plan (annual plan) Regional Team works with district and school leadership teams Instructional Reviews * Tiering requirements escalate www.FLDOE.org 44 Turnaround Option Plan (TOP) Timeline www.FLDOE.org 45 www.FLDOE.org

www.FLDOE.org 46

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