Evidence Based Writing: - Literacy Action Network

Evidence Based Writing: - Literacy Action Network

JOT DOWN YOUR ANSWER OR DISCUSS Where (in life, work or school) does one need to read non-fiction and use it to support a statement, opinion or decision? EVIDENCE BASED WRITING:

Preparing Learners to write for the 2014 GED and Beyond LETS SHARE! Padlet.com/wall/ABEwriting2013 http://padlet.com/wall/ABEwriting2013 What is Evidence Based Writing? WORKSHOP OBJECTIVES:

PWBAT Define evidence based writing. Explain the extended response component of the RLA test of the 2014 GED and related rubrics. Identify and implement instructional activities to prepare students for evidence based writing (& reading) tasks. Identify ways to adapt materials for learners who below GED level in order to incorporate evidence based writing at all levels.

GED 2014: What are students asked to do? Read 2 non-fiction texts - about 400 to 900 words. Read and respond to a prompt: The article presents arguments from both supporters and critics of Daylight Savings time who disagree about the practices impact on energy consumption and safety. In your response, analyze both positions presented in the article to determine which one is best supported. Use relevant and

specific evidence from the article to support your response. GED 2014: EVIDENCE BASED WRITING RUBRIC Argument & Evidence Development & Organization of Ideas Clarity and Formal English

Use organizer to draft & write paragraph Reread article & identify evidence Read prompt Read related article & Summarize Teaser about controversial Issue Explain task

State claim LOWER LEVEL STUDENTS Reading and Responding 1. Read a Journeys story related to the unit every week 2. Students identify the topic of the story. 3. Students use sentence frames to identify what is similar in their lives

to the authors life and what is different using evidence from the text. 4. Students identify unknown words from the story, and we work together to identify the part of speech and guess at the meaning from context clues. Writing Tasks Students write a paragraph with a topic

sentence supported by evidence from their own experiences. Weekly Journal: Students have 30 minutes to respond to a question that relates to the topic of the week. I provide feedback on their writing each week. READ

THE TEXT Summarize READING STRATEGIES Use context clues to guess at unknown vocabulary New Word Noun

Verb Adj Definition/Meaning Charts and organizers to pull evidence from a text and categorize it Venn Diagrams to compare characters in a story or candidates in an election Unpack the Prompt

State a Claim & Identify Evidence Would you rather be raised by wild dogs or monkeys? Identify evidence from each text to support your claim. (Underline it.) quote,

or summarize, or paraphrase evidence from the text r e g n o r t

s e h t s i _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ . t n e argum __________ sh ow s

that ______________ _. _ _ _ _ t u

b , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ s e t a t s r e it r The w

One similarity between the authors life and my life is that we ____________________. I ____________, and he/she _______________, too. We both ______________________. One difference between the authors life and my life is that we ___________________. He/She ________________________, but I _______________________________. We____________________________.

STRUCTURE? Beginnin g 4? Middle End Organized paragraphs



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