Exam Tips - Earl Haig Secondary School

Exam Tips - Earl Haig Secondary School

Exam Tips Tuesday May 10, 2016 General Tips Study!!! Start to study now, 20 minutes a day per subject. Find out what you dont know and get help in that area Ask a friend or teacher the sooner the better during exam times

finding a teacher may be difficult General Tips Study in a quiet, well lit, and distraction free environment Distraction free means no music, no Facebook, no computer, no cellphone Just the student, their textbook, their notes. General Tips

Create a study plan organize your days and nights according to the exam schedule. Get a copy of the exam schedule, write your exam dates in your agenda, your cell phone. Schedule has been released students should already know their exam dates. Post the exam schedule on a wall, fridge door etc..

General Tips Use the TDSB Green Research Guide to help organize thoughts, ideas, schedules. Available on the Earl Haig Library website password: tdsbresearch Ask teachers in May (and throughout the year) for exam tips Keep and frequently review all exam review sheets General Tips

Complete, redo, and review all tests, quizzes, worksheets, and homework questions Complete all textbook chapter review questions and exercises. Compare your answer, especially the wrong answers, to the correct answers and state to yourself where and why you were incorrect and what you can do to prevent this. Ask yourself questions like: How can I improve? What will the exam look like?

Ask your teacher for help in correcting homework, classwork etc General Tips Know the format of the exam what type of questions will be asked and how they will be asked. Look for the marks awarded to gauge the importance of the question. In general plan 1 minute per mark Write notes on the exam paper specify that they are notes

General Tips Multiple choice questions should be of same length and only the last word shall change Question Where is Earl Haig S.S. located? Answer: A) It is located in Toronto B) It is located in Mississauga

C) It is located in Amsterdam D) It is located in Mexico City Two answers shall be easily seen as incorrect and two answers shall be difficult to choose General Tips Get a good night sleep stay away from caffeine the day of and the day before.

Eat a good breakfast or lunch full stomach equals a full brain Arrive early 20 minutes before Bring your textbook Leave electronic devices at home less distractions the better General Tips From: http:// www.topuniversities.com/student-info/health-and-support/exam-pre

paration-ten-study-tips Give yourself enough time to study Organize study groups with friends Organize your study space Take regular breaks Use flow charts and diagrams

Snack on 'brain food' Practice on old exams Plan your exam day Explain your answers to others

Drink plenty of water Science Exam Tips Vocabulary Create a glossary of specific vocabulary terms for each unit Make flashcards with friends

Science Exam Tips Calculations Review formulas and where theyre used Practice problems from notes and textbook Be aware of required problem-solving format (ex. GRASP) for full marks! Science Exam Tips

Labs Study all labs: be aware of background information, calculations, and expected results There may be other activities or demonstrations done by the teacher, as well Many labs can be reviewed on YouTube Physics review (all grades) is also available at physicshelp.ca

Science Exam Tips Notes Rewrite notes as summaries, create your own tables and charts Create your own shorthand/abbreviations Create mnemonic devices, ex. FAST for the speed of refraction, My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nice Pizza (for the order of planetsback when Pluto was a planet!)

Guidance Exam Tips Guidance Exam Tips Business Exam Tips Mostly from notes and the textbook Review previous tests and quizzes Complete all chapter review questions and exercises

Expect knowledge, theory, and application type questions Usually questions are stand-alone so a mistake in one question doesnt carry forward to another question Thank You and Questions

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