Exercise Lab - Kyrene School District

Exercise Lab - Kyrene School District

Today you need pencil, folder, notebook Objective Identify factors that may cause changes in heart rate. Question what do these words mean? Monophobia Arachnophobia Aquaphobia

Phobophobia Galeophobia Monophobia The fear of being alone Arachnophobia The fear of spiders

Aquaphobia The fear of water Phobophobia The fear of fear Galeophobia The fear of sharks Exercise Lab You will complete and turn in a written lab report

A few notes (background information) write this on the back of your worksheet When you are just sitting, that is your resting heart rate The ventricles push the blood through the

body when the heart muscle contracts Your pulse is like a wave of pressure from the heart. Pages 130-131 Taking Your Pulse Use your index and middle finger to gently press, under your jaw and

on the side of your throat. We will count our heart-beats for 30 seconds and then multiple by 2 to get our resting heart-rate. This will be the same process for taking your heart-rate after each exercise. This initial pulse will be considered the resting pulse for ALL activities.

Lets find our pulse Your pulse is measured in beats per minute. Does this mean you have to count the beats for a whole minute? You can count for 30 seconds and multiply by 2 What is the average resting HR for the class?

How does your heart rate compare with the class average? Question? Work with your partner to make a list of things that could make your heart rate higher or lower.

share We are going to explore exercise. What is your question?

What makes my HR go up? or What makes my HR go up highest? Variables? IV what could you do to make your HR go higher? DV what are you going to measure? Control -

Prediction What do you think? Hypothesis put it all together If we (IV)______________________ then (DV and prediction) ________________________ Because (educated guess) _____________________ .

The Lab Use the worksheet that was given to you to complete the lab. At the end of the lab you will write a formal lab report. The worksheet will serve as your rough draft. - After taking your resting heart-rate you will complete

various exercises and re-take your heart-rate. - Each exercise will be completed for one minute. Graphing

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