Exodus: the way out

Exodus: the way out

Exodus: the way out Exodus Background What is Exodus about? 5 things Birth & Call of Moses 10 Plagues of Egypt Crossing of the Reed Sea Tabernacle

Giving of the Torah/Law/Covenant at Sinai Who wrote this material? Was it just oral? Exod. 17:14; Exod. 24:4, John says Jn. 1:17 For the Law was

given through Moses(Jn 7:19-22; Lk. 24:44) How is it viewed elsewhere in the Bible? Metaphor for deliverance, great redemptive act in OT Exodus in the Prophets

Prophets Hos 11:1: When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt, I called my son. But the more I called Israel the further they went from me. Jesus comes out of Egypt --Mat. 2:15 Passover Lords supper 1 Cor. 5:7 Exodus in Psalms Great Hallel (Ps 114-118) When Israel came out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of foreign tongue,

Judah became Gods sanctuary, Israel his dominion. The sea looked and fled, the Jordan turned back; the mountains skipped like What is Egypt like? Gift of the Nile History Old Kingdom: Pyramid age 27002100 BC

Middle Kingdom: 1991-1670 BC arts & literature First Intermediate Period: 2160-1991 BC Second Intermediate Period: 1670-1568 BC: Hyksos New Kingdom: 1568-1085 BC;

Expansion to Euphrates Third Intermediate The Exodus Pharoahs ways of dominating Jews Multiplying of the seed and Pharaoh as resisting Gods plan (Ex. 1:7-9) Taskmasters (Exod 1:8-14) Midwives (Exod 1:15-21)

Is it okay to lie sometimes? Altruistic sinning Does God bless liars? Does this mean total relativism? Throw them into the river (Ex. 1:22) Moses: 3 Stages of life

Pharaohs daughters son (40 yrs) Desert Shepherd in Midian (40 yrs) Deliverer (40 yrs) Leading in Desert

What was Moses relationship to God like? Call of Moses, Exodus--response to prayer Is it ever alright to resist Gods will? No fitness (Exod 3:11)I am with you No message (Exod 3:13)--YHWH No belief (Exod 4:1) Whats in hand? No gift of speech (Exod 4:10)Who made Send someone else (Exod 4:13)

Burning bush: angel or God? Exod 3:2-6 On holy ground & holy things What does I am mean?

On names in ANE Self-existent one: I am what I am (need nothing) Sovereignty view: I will be what I will be (you will see) Covenant keeper: I am what I said I would be (what I promised to the patriarchs) Exod 6:3 contradicts Gen 49:18? Critical Scholarship:

Sources/Editors J = Jehovah writer (ca 850 BC) E = Elohim writer (ca 750 BC) D = Deuteronomist writer (620 BC) P = Priestly writer (ca 450 BC) Simple to complex evolution Solution: meaning of name YHWH

not knowncovenant keeper What is happening with Zipporah in Ex. 4:24-26 Who did God attack? Why did God attack? Similar stories: Jacob, Balaam Circumcision of Gershom: 3 aproaches

B.S. Childs: Boy sick, boy circumcised, etiological tale on importance of circumcision Walter Kaiser: Moses sick; boy circumcised obedience Ross: Moses sick, boy circumcised, Zipporah (adolescent circumcision); she earlier refused neonate circumcision; shes upset and leaves

When did Moses cross the Reed sea? 1445 BC (Early date) 1 Kgs 6:1 480 before Solomon; Jud. 11:26 300 years before Jephthah, Merneptah Stele1200 Israel in land, Amarna Letters1400 BC 1260 BC (Late date)Rameses 1200 BC, Burn levels (Lachish), 40 yrs. 20 yrs. Generationshrink 480 yrs. to 240

How many left Egypt? Exod 12:37; 38:26; Num. 2:32=600,000 men

600,000 men 600,000 women 1,200,000 children (+ cattle) ------------------------------2, 400,000 How much is this? water, food, wadis, mid-wives; taking Canaan Shrinking the number: eleph=clans or chiefs, hyperbole, later number inserted How do you deal with conflicts like Plague Cycles: 3 Reasons for Plagues:

Judgment on gods of Egypt (Exod 12:12) That they/you may know that I am YHWH (Exod 7:5, 17; 8:22; 10:2...) Lex talionis: Ex. 4:23: My firstborn, therefore your firstborn Does God harden peoples hearts?

Who hardened Pharaohs heart? God hardened it (Exod 4:21; 7:3) Pharaoh hardened it (8:15, 32; 9:34f) 10 Plagues Chart Gods Announcement Snake Blood Frogs Gnats Flies Livestock Boils Hail Locusts Dark Firstborn Gods Instruction

Execution Magicians Pharaoh Responds Moses & God Ten Plagues Magicians transition Opposition to Moses/Aaron Finger of Godgnatstestimonies of victory of YHWH -8:19

Separation of Goshen8:22f First Passover Events & meal (Exod. 12) Passover Lambblood placement Bitter herbs Unleavened breadleave in haste

Children participate12:26; 13:14 NT: Lords supperthe lamb, bread and the cupnew Exodus, Jesus 1 Cor 5:7 Where did Moses cross the Reed sea?

God leading Israel by pillar cloud/fire; not through way of the Philistines-13:21 Middle -- Bitter Lakes/Timsah Red Sea Arabia?Gulf of Aqaba God as warrior: 14:14; 15:3 First reference to the kingdom 15:18; 19:6 The Exodus Sinaitic Covenant

Moses on Mount Sinaicovenant founding the nation Breaking of the Covenant Abrahamic, Mosaic/Sinaitic, Davidic Covenants Sabbath? Why do we keep 9 out of 10 commandments? Compare Ex. 20:11 (creation basis)

and Deut. 5:15 (deliverance from Egypt basis). Sabbath Principles Remembrance principle Rhythm/cycles principle

Renunciation of work as master Refreshment Role modelGod rested Re-evaluation Num 15:34ff Stick gatherer slainActs 5 Tabernacle Emmanuel concept: Ex. 25:8 Then have them make a

sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them. Heaven on earth? Return to Garden of Eden? More tenting with his people Drawing Tabernacle 150 North 45 75 15

Holy of Lamp Holies Altar of Incense East Laver Ark Table of Shew Bread Bread of the Presence Altar of

Burnt Off On 3 things in/with the ark Ten Commandments Aarons budding rod Pot of mannaWhat is it? Exod 21:22f on fetus as human?

Woman injury -- punishment eye for eyelex talioniscase law/apodictic law Premature birth -- with baby injury -- pay fee Implications for fetus as human? Does intent have any effect? Is the point here abortion?

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