Expanding Access to Mental Health Care Jon A. Lehrmann, MD ...

Expanding Access to Mental Health Care Jon A. Lehrmann, MD ...

Expanding Access to Mental Health Care Jon A. Lehrmann, MD Charles E. Kubly Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, ACOS for Mental Health, Milwaukee VAMC There is no Health without Mental Health. Merriam Webster Definition of Crisis: an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending;

especially one with distinct possibility of a highly undesirable outcome. We Are In the Midst of a Mental Health Crisis In the Midst of a MH Crisisour Environment: A recent Kaiser study ranked Wisconsin 49 out of 50 states meeting under 21% of the states MH needs The Wisconsin DHS found that 68 out of our 72 counties have inadequate psychiatrist numbers to meet MH needs 49 of our 72 counties do not even have one child psychiatrist Only 44% of adults with diagnosable mental health problems and less than 20% of children receive needed MH treatment 59% of psychiatrists are 55 or older- (third oldest medical specialty) so the shortage is likely to get worse

Half of all mental health disorders show first signs before age 14, and three quarters begin before age 24 y/o Most kids have had MH problems for several years before they finally get in or come to see a BH specialist In the Midst of a MH Crisisthe Impact: Suicide rates up 27% in WI since 1990s Suicide is second leading cause of death in 15-24 y/os People with severe mental illness more than 10x more likely to be victims of violent crime than general population Kids frequently wait 6-24 mos to get in to see a child psychiatrist (would we let them wait that long to see a cardiologist? Psychiatric treatment is just as lifesaving as cadiology) Wisconsin had the 14th highest rate of suicide in youth among all states (age 5-19).

Wisconsin's youth suicide rate has been higher than the national rate for 29 of the last 32 years (1981-2013). Child Psychiatrists in Wisconsin 2017 Milliman Study 2017 published study National study looking at 42 million lives Shows BH gets reimbursed 20% less than Primary Care, even when using same codes. Still lack parity! Psychiatrists who take all patients with all payors often cannot see enough patients to pay for their salary My Department goes further into debt every time we hire a psychiatrist

Primary Care Providers Feeling the Pressure and Weight With the shortage of psychiatrists and long wait times to get someone in to see a psychiatrist (in some cases up to 2 years), PCPs are having to take on more MH care whether they want to or not! Most PCPs have limited training in MH care Here is Some Good News: Psychiatry has become the most competitive field in all of medicine this past year (However, we need to create more psychiatry residencies) What is the Solution?

There is no one solution! We must take a multifaceted approach and collaboration will be key. Build workforce Expand Population Health Models statewide Integrate MH into Primary Care Improve Reimbursement Maximize interprofessional team use Innovate- Comprehensive Consultation Program Building New Residencies

Challenges: No CMS increases in 22 years, Many hospitals already capped (5 years from start), no psychiatrists to provide supervision, require specialty rotations Opportunities: VA, Rural Hospitals, need to partner with multiple systems, State grants Our experience: MCW in partnership with WI, has built new Psychiatry Residencies in Green Bay and Wausau, WI which will increase psychiatrist production by 40% Exploring rural child psychiatry track New Pop Health Consult Models Expand Reach of BH Specialists SCAN ECHO (VA) CPCP Periscope Project

Charles E. Kubly CPCP How it is funded: Kubly family, State of Wisconsin has been a valuable and critical partner How it works: Education, Consultation, and Resource Coordination Expansion: New 5 year $2M HRSA grant Future Plans: make expertise available to school based mental health providers Where CPCP currently serves CPCP Results

# of providers enrolled: 319 pediatricians 323 Family Medicine # of consultations: >2500 # of education episodes provided: >1200 CPCP Results Response Time: 95% of time within 15 minutes- in other words, while child is still in providers office Average age of child: 10.75 y/o Most Common Issues for Consultation: 1. Anxiety

2. ADHD 3. Disruptive behavior 4. Depression CPCP Results Kids Covered so far: Estimated number of Wisconsin children covered: 277,369* *This is a huge underestimate since ~200 of our 674 enrolled PCPs do not have data available within the WHIO database Provider Satisfaction: Last quarter data for provider satisfaction with consultation was 100% satisfied Periscope Project

How it is funded: United Health Foundation State of Wisconsin How it works: Periscope Program Results: Response time- average is within 8 minutes July 2017 December 2018 604 Tele Consultati ons Educationa l

Presentati Resource ons Informati on Total Service Inquiries 50 3 11 7 14 1 Provider consultations with a subspecialty perinatal

psychiatrist 95 online modules viewed, 22 in person didactic presentations to 837 providers Requested information on resources to support the mental health of their perinatal patient Diverse Utilizing Providers Top 5 Utilizing by Provider Types Top 5 Utilizing Area of Practice 60 60 55.46

55.63 50 50 1.49 0 Physician Midwife APNP RN Psychologist

ed Be i ci ne ha vio ra lH ea lth Pe di at ri c s

6.13 M 10 2.81 0 try 15.73 4.3 ily

16.23 8.61 10 OB 20 18.54 20 Fa

m 30 30 Ps yc hi a 40 GY N

Percent of Total Users Percent of Total Users 40 Early Identification and Treatment Patient Status of Consulting Provider 7% Preconception 60% Pregnant Mood Disorder (53%) Anxiety Disorder

(28%) or inter-conception 28% Postpartum Top 5 Concerns of Utilizing Providers 3% Perinatal Loss Substance Use (5%) ADHD (5%) Psychosis (4%)

Periscope is a Bridge to Treatment What would you have done if you had not reached Periscope? Refer to mental health 45 % Research on own Consult another professional Potential delay in treatment initiation

Utilizing Providers are Satisfied : 100% Agreed or strongly agreed they were satisfied with the service they received Indicate their most recent encounter helped them to more effectively manage their patient's care Indicate they will incorporate the information they learned in the future care of patients Based on a three question post-encounter survey with a 69% (346/502) response rate Such a quick turn around. I learn something

every time I ask for help. My patients love this service, as do I! It assures me I'm providing the best care possible for them! This service was so incredibly helpful. The psychiatrist was calm and explained things so clearly. I really feel like I can more effectively treat my patient and manage her care appropriately because of the guidance I received. Success Story Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) calls Periscope at 3:29 pm Case: Patient is 3 months postpartum struggling with depression, complaining of lack of motivation to get out of bed and very tired

Positive PHQ9 on two sperate occasions, treatment initiated not effective, looking for advice on next steps Triage ends at 3:34 pm Perinatal Psychiatrist returns call at 3:37 pm Providers discuss the case and education is provided on treatment recommendations during a 7 minute conversation 15 days later, CNM reports: One of the patients I saw a few weeks ago who I called for

consult on is doing so much better! Her PHQ-9 score went from a 22 to a 6. I actually saw her smile for the first time in months. It was a wonderful visit. I cannot thank you enough for providing this service to us! I greatly appreciate all the work you do in helping the women of our community. Our Vision for a Comprehensive Consultation Program Use CPCP Infrastructure/Vehicle and add components: Perinatal Psychiatry General Psychiatry Addiction Psychiatry Geriatric Psychiatry Veteran Psychiatry Pain Medicine *One major barrier for growing this model of care remains a

lack of reimbursement Integration of MH into Primary care Our experience Helps get past stigma barrier Improves care outcomes Downstream savings Increase Reimbursement Need to increase Medicaid rates as this will allow private psychiatrists to open up to kids

on Medicaid Stop carveouts Treat MH with true parity Optimizing Inter-professional Teams APPs Clinical pharmacists Psychologists

Social Workers LPCs Nurses Peer Counselors Each member of healthcare team must work at the top of their license. This is a cost-effective and patient centered approach to improving access by maximizing team work and collaboration. The BH field has often been a leader in inter-professional team care delivery. Moving Forward: I hope you better understand the access challenges to behavioral health care You have learned some population health approaches toward expanding BH care access that can minimize the effects of stigma

Need to expand CPCP statewide (SB 113/AB 118) and need to find continued funding for Periscope Project Need to expand psychiatry training including child psychiatry We must take a multi-faceted approach Thank you all for serving on this important committee Questions?

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