Factors that Lead to Economic Growth

Factors that Lead to Economic Growth

Factors that Lead to Economic Growth Economic Growth There are 4 factors of production that influence economic growth within a country: Investment in human capital Investment in capital goods Natural resources available Entrepreneurship

The presence or absence of these 4 factors determine the countrys Gross Domestic Product for the year What is Human Capital? All of the skills, talents, education, and abilities that human workers possess and the value that they bring to the marketplace Examples: computer/reading/writing/ math skills, talents in

music/sports/acting, ability to follow directions, ability to serve as group leader & cooperate with group members A countrys literacy rate impacts human capital. It means the percent of the How does Human Capital Influence Economic Growth? Nations that invest in the health, education, & training of their people

will have a more valuable workforce that produces more goods & services People that have training are more likely to contribute to technological advances, which leads to finding better uses of natural resources & producing more goods What are Capital Goods? All of the goods that are produced in the country and then used to make other goods & services Examples: tools, equipment,

factories, technology, computers, lumber, machinery, etc. What are some capital goods used in our classroom? Capital Resources Things that humans made in order to help them make something else Items such as machines, factories,

technology and supplies. Hammers, Saws, Glue and tools are some examples of capital goods Example: tree + steel = axe Tree and steel are natural resources but they were changed into a capital resource

as an axe Capital Resources: Factories Factory: A building where things are made. Some factories include: Bic (where they make pens and pencils) Starkist (where they make cans of Tuna). Honda (where they make cars)

How do Capital Goods influence Economic Growth? The more capital goods a country has the more goods & services they are able to produce Money is NOT a capital good, but rather a medium (way) of exchange! What are Natural Resources?

All of the things found in or on the earth; gifts of nature All resources are limited Examples: land, water, sun, plants, time, air, minerals, oil, etc. Natural Resources Natural resources are substances we obtain from

the land, water, air around us and the land itself. Items that grow or are produced by NATURE How do Natural Resources Influence Economic Growth? Countries that have a lot of natural resources are able to

use them to produce goods & services cheaper than a country that has to import natural resources Natural Resources Before and After Natural Resource Finished Product Write down what natural, labor and capital resources does it

take to make a house Resources needed Items needed to make a car

Natural Resources Land, Wood, Leather, Steel (frame of the car), Petroleum, Rubber Capital Resources Machines, Plastic, Glass, Mirrors, lights (bulb), factory Labor At least high school

graduates (assembly line) put the car together, paint College graduates: manager, marketing, accountant. Engineers, scientists, What is Entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurs have 2 characteristics that make them different from the rest of the labor

force: 1. innovative (have creative ideas) 2. risk taker (use limited resources in an innovative way in hopes that people will buy the product) What is Entrepreneurship? It can be several things: Starting your own business Inventing something new

Changing the way something was previously done so that it works better Entrepreneur Entrepreneur: An individual in business who sees an opportunity and is willing to accept the personal, professional, and financial risks in starting this business More about Entrepreneurs

What Risk? Financial: an entrepreneur may lose their money when starting a business Personal: starting a business is stressful and takes many hours to start, so you may not see your family and friends as much Professional: a person may be known as a pretty good cook in town, so they start a restaurant. If the restaurant fails then people may think that person is a bad cook. Entrepreneurs An entrepreneur puts the natural,

human, and capital resources together in order to make money but they take on a lot of risk. An entrepreneur operates in an mixed economy How does Entrepreneurship Influence Economic Entrepreneurship creates jobs Growth? and reduces unemployment

Encourages people to take risks that creates better healthcare, education, & welfare programs The more entrepreneurs a country has, the higher the countrys GDP will be. How is Economic Growth Measured? Economic growth is measured by the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) in

one year. This is the total amount of final goods and services produced in one year within a country Gross Domestic Product GDP is a measurement that countsONLY what has been produced within the country--this doesnt include products that are imported. It is much better for the economy of a country to produce its own

goods and services (this increases the countrys GDP). Gross Domestic Product Measuring the GDP each year can: Compare one countrys economy to another Check a countrys economic progress over time Show if the economy is growing

or not Standard of Living The higher a countrys GDP = the higher the standard of living for the people within the country In order for a country to have an increasing GDP, it must invest in human capital through education & training, and it must produce goods that have value to be sold within the country or exported.

Summary To encourage economic growth and raise the living standards of its citizens, there must be investment in human capital and capital goods. Economic growth is measured by increases in real capital per GDP over time. How large a nations GDP can be is determined by the availability and quality of its

natural, human, and capital resources. To increase economic growth and per capita GDP over time requires investments in both physical capital (factories, machines) and human capital (education, training, skills of Factors of Production or Productive Resources

Land or Natural Resources Items from the Earth Examples: Land, Air, Water, Gold, Natural Gas, Oil Labor or

Human Resources Capital Resources Entrepreneur People who make a good or provide a service A tool or machine

that helps to make a good or provide a service Example: building/factory, hammer A person who takes a lot of risk and uses the other 3 factors in order to make a profit Examples: Bill Gates, Hannah Montana

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