Facts and figures to start with - OCLC

Facts and figures to start with - OCLC

Identifying textual works ISTC: controversy and potential Patrick Le Buf FRBR in 21st century catalogues: an invitational workshop Dublin, Ohio, May 2-4, 2005 Facts and figures to start with ISTC = International Standard Text Code ISO DIS 21047 by ISO TC 46 SC 9 WG 3 Work began in 2000 2004: CISAC / Nielsen BookData / R. R. Bowker Consortium elected as future

Registration Authority May 30, 2005: deadline for approval by ISO members Why ISTC? Digital environment of the text supply chain: e-production, eformats, e-commerce Other available identifiers for abstract content: ISRC, ISWC, ISAN Need for an identifier above the ISBN level, above the publication (in whatever form) level Who was involved in the ISTC development? rights societies

librarians insisted on FRBRcompatibility focused on the authors viewpoint insisted on -ONIXcompatibility publishers A key concept: Functional Granularity Functional Granularity means: If I need it, I can do it If I dont need it, I dont have to do it

As a consequence, ISTC applies to various things, meets various needs What does ISTC identify at all? Principle of Functional Granularity Foreword Text 1 Foreword Foreword Translation Text 2 of text 1 Text 1, bilingual

Illustrations Text 2, illustrated Texts 1 & 2 Overall content What qualifies as a distinct textual work? ISTC notion of a Work different from FRBR Text Chapter (section, act,

scene) Adaptation Translation Digest Principle of Functional Granularity Collection (anthology, etc.) Irreconcilable views? (1) Librarians Librarians Publishers

Rights Societies Societies Yes Yes, if I need it Yes Hamlet Tamburlaine illustrated illustrated ISTC ISTC No?? Yes, if I need it

Warning: two parties involved! Hamlet + Tamburlaine No!!! Yes, if I need it Warning: two parties involved! Hamlet Tamburlaine ISTC ISTC

ISTC Irreconcilable views? (2) FRBR: Language = Attribute of an Expression, not of a Work (although FRAR recognizes the Original Language of the Work attribute) The Work Hamlet is not in English; it has English, French, Spanish, etc. Expressions ISTC: Language = Mandatory element in ISTC metadata for a textual Work

The Work Hamlet is in English and has derived Works in French, Spanish, etc. Reconciling the irreconcilable? FRBR-CRM Harmonization Group: A Work cannot be identified unless you identify a representative Expression thereof A Work has a representative Expression that has a Language (= Original Language of the Work in FRAR) A proposal for reviewing FRBR: Adopt the FRAR Original Language of the Work attribute and define it as reflecting the privileged relationship between the Work Hamlet and the English language: Hamlet is not in English, but was first expressed in English (or even was conceived in English?)

Functional Granularity again If librarians dont need a given type of ISTC (e.g., Hamlet+Tamburlaine), they dont have to use it If librarians need a type of ISTC that is not extant (e.g., Hamlet-as-a-FRBRsupralinguistic-Work), they can apply for it Problems: It costs money wholl pay? How to explicate in ISTC metadata the subtle distinction between Hamlet-the-Expression (Language attribute = English) and Hamletthe-Work (Original Language of the Work attribute = English)? ISTC potential for libraries (1) xISBN is defined at the FRBR Work level ISTC matches more or less the

Expression level ISTC could be used to define Expression-subsets of xISBN Possible application for FictionFinder: not just Hamlet in German, but precisely which German translation of Hamlet ISTC potential for libraries (2) ILL: Tool for suggesting alternative choices when the requested item is unavailable Cataloguing: automated reuse of ISTC metadata in authority records for Expressions??? Cataloguing: Tool for checking accuracy of data by comparing info from title-page with info from ISTC metadata OPACs: Tool for making FRBRization

easier (at least at the Expression level, possibly at the Work level too) ISTC in a network of identifiers Work T ext Music arc hetypal Content Expression version sound rec ording

IST C ISWC Movies ISAN ISAN-VE ISRC U P C -E A N P roduc t Manifestation monograph serial ISBN

ISSN ISMN Practical issues ISTC is a nice intellectual construct, but is it feasible? Not all ISTCs will be useful to librarians should they record those that are not? Should librarians extend the ISTC scope to cover (super)works? Are libraries willing to manage retrospective ISTCization? Thanks for your patience! [email protected]

Thanks to all those who re-read this presentation and helped me correct it: Anila Angjeli Mark Bide Martin Doerr Elizabeth Giuliani Ren Lloret Godfrey Rust Jean-Louis Pineau

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