Family & relationships -

Family & relationships -

FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Unit 2 Day 1 DAILY AGENDA Attendance/Roll Call Bell Ringer: Pronoun Usage Vocabulary Spotlight: Acquiescence, Admonish, Advocate Refresher: STEAL Indirect Characterization

Reading Lesson: Chapter One & Prove-It Bell Ringer Make corrections to the following sentence: Though icebergs are found in saltwater seas they are formed from freshwater and are well known sources of drinking water for parched sailors. VOCABULARY SPOTLIGHT

Sample Sentences: 1. In acquiescence to my mothers request, I agreed to clean the bathroom; although, it was my brothers turn. 2. Mrs. Barnett admonished us to keep up with our reading assignments. 3. Jackie advocated that we have a party in English


What do the following things reveal about a character? Speech Thoughts Effect on Others Actions Looks If you were absent, checkout the PowerPoint on the Resources page. TKAM Chapter One Prove-It Instructions: Listen to the audio recording of chapter one and follow

along in your book. Remember that we only retain approximately 10% of what we hear, so it is necessary to read along with the recording. Before reading and listening, review the Prove-It statements. Make annotations/notes in your book or on sticky notes as you read. Note unfamiliar words and confusing passages, as you will need to reread in order to understand. TKAM Chapter One Prove-It Statements Simon Finch was a good man. The Haverford family is rotten to the core! None of them have ever amounted to any good. Calpurnia is not a typical African American maid for this time

period. Dill is shy and timid. The townspeople are afraid of the Radley place. Scout, Dill, and Jem want to be friends with Boo Radley. INCLUDE PAGE NUMBERS FOR YOUR EVIDENCE!! Clean-up & Announcements minutes 1. Clean-up your work area: Dispose of garbage Pack-up your belongings

2. Homework: Complete Prove-It. 5

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