FCAT Boot Camp Week 1 - Mrs. Winer's Weebly

FCAT Boot Camp Week 1 - Mrs. Winer's Weebly

FCAT Boot Camp Week 1 Monday: Create FCAT Bootcamp Booklet Booklet Use 12 pages of paper to create a booklet For the next 3 weeks you will be in bootcamp to prepare for the FCAT! All bellwork, notes, and assignments will be in the booklet. Make it your own!! Whatever you do not finish in class is HOMEWORK!

Monday: Bellwork 4 pics 1 word Write down all of the ways that these pictures are similar, and different. (at least 5 each) Monday: Compare and Contrast EQ: How do we compare and contrast elements within text? THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN YOU READ! How does the author use comparison and contrast? How are the topics/characters/perspectives alike? How are they different? Look for common signal words and phrases that the author uses to compare and contrast specific

literary elements. Use evidence from the text to support your answer! Monday: Question Stems Question stems: How does ___ change throughout the passage? How does the narrators impression change throughout the text? How does ____ differ from _____? Monday: Assignment (FCAT 9 Book Inside Out and Georgia) Read the two articles and write 5 ways that they are similar and 5 ways that they are different. Use the articles to write a question for each

question stem with a partner. Write them on chart paper and share out. Tuesday: Bellwork How did it get so late so soon?Its Its night before its afternoon.December December is here before its June.December My goodness how the time has flewn.December How did it get so late so soon?Its ~Dr.December Seuss Use visualization and draw a picture of what this poem makes you think of. Write down the words from the poem that led to your picture. Tuesday: Descriptive and Figurative Language

EQ: How do we analyze an authors use of language in order to understand the text? What is descriptive language? Write down your own definition. What is figurative language? Write down a definition of figurative language. What is the difference between figurative language and descriptive language?

Tuesday: Question Stems What type of literary device is used in the following sentence? Explain the simile/metaphor/personification in the following paragraph. In what ways does the authors use of figurative language help readers understand _____? What literary device does the writer use? Tuesday: Assignment Create a T-chart in your notebook. Figurative Language

Descriptive Language Tuesday: Descriptive/ Figurative Language Word Bank Put the following terms on the appropriate side of the chart and define them. Add a visual for each term.

You may work together! Tone Alliteration Allusion

Metaphor Satire Personification Imagery Idiom

Hyperbole Symbolism Pun Onomatopoeia

Irony Wednesday: AVID EQ: How can figurative and descriptive language make a story more interesting? Analyze two stories Find evidence of descriptive and figurative language within the poem. With your group write down all of the figurative elements and the descriptive language elements on a paper to share. Illustrate your stories

Wednesday: Intensive Language Arts FAIR/ Achieve 3000 FAIR for those who are not complete Achieve 3000 story of the day Must be complete this week and can be completed as homework prior to 11 pm. Thursday: Bellwork 5 observations, 5 inferences, 5 predictions Picture Caption MARCH 9, 2013

Beach, Gaza Photograph by Paolo Pellegrin This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine Features Gazans swim in the Mediterranean Sea at sunset. An Israeli naval

blockade to stop smuggling of arms and other goods into the Gaza Stripthe heart of Palestinian resistancealso restricts Gazans to within three nautical miles of shore. But the sea is one place where they have an open horizon. See more pictures from the December 2012 feature story "The Tunnels of Gaza." Thursday: Text Features vs. Text Structure EQ: How do we analyze text through text features and structure? What are the text features? What type of text is this? How is the information

organized? What do we already know about this topic? What additional information do the charts/graphs/ captions/pictures provide? Thursday: Question Stems Based on the text, which caption would be most appropriate for the picture? The text box ______ helps the reader understand _______?

The text box___was most likely included to _______? Based on the picture and subheadings, what can the reader conclude? Based on the main heading and subheadings, the reader can determine that the main organizational structure of the article is____?

What is the organizational structure of the article? How does the author organize the information to illustrate___? Thursday Assignment Use the article India from Upfront Magazine Write down all of the text features and what they might mean.

Title, pictures, text boxes, insets, subheadings, charts, graphs Write a question stem for each text feature and text structure. Read the text: What did the pictures add to the article? How did the text features help you comprehend the text?

Would the article have been as easy to understand without the text features? Friday: Bellwork Use your FCAT Bootcamp Notebook What is one thing that has stuck with you? What is one area that you still have questions? Rate your understanding of the topics covered this week Confused Kinda Okay Great Awesome! Friday: Assignment EQ: What do I need to work on to increase my

comprehension? Complete all assignments from this week. If you are 100% done Intensive Language Arts complete a new Achieve 300 story AVID Text mark a current event from the newspaper. Include all text features used.

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