FCS Multi-Role Armament and Ammunition ATD

FCS Multi-Role Armament and Ammunition ATD

FCS Multi-Role Armament and Ammunition ATD Advanced Planning Briefing for Industry Executive Overview Presented by: Mr. Charlie Cording US Army ARDEC/PEO/PM Multi-Role ATD Deputy Manager PM-TMAS (973)724-3344 [email protected] AMC -- Your READINESS Command . . . Supporting Every Soldier Every Day Future Combat Systems Enabling the Objective Force Indirect Fire Function* Organic & inorganic RSTA Networked Command, Control & Comms Sensor

Function* Direct Fire Function * Infantry Carrier Function * Manned or unmanned Multi-Role Armament System is One Platform that provides Direct and Indirect Fire Capabilities For FCS FCS Multi-Role Armament & Ammunition System Objectives: -TRL 6 Demo in FY06 of Armament, LOS & BLOS Rounds - NLOS Round TRL6 Demo in FY07 FCS Multi-Role Armament & Ammunition System (MRAAS) UAVs Full Spectrum Lethality (0 50 KM) MRAAS Defeats

Armored Vehicles Infantry Bunkers Buildings Helicopters UAVs Soft Targets Armor Defeat Buildings Bunkers Infantry Soft Targets LOS - BLOS - NLOS Helicopters Multi-Role Armament & Ammunition System MRAAS

Maneuver Commander Can Change Missions on the Move ! Provides Unit Commander Maximum Mission Flexibility FCS Multi-Role Armament & Ammunition ATD ( III.WP.1999.01 ) Objective: Demonstrate an integrated multi-role armament system providing lethality overmatch capability in the expanded Close Fight and Tactical Deep Fight, enabling the Objective Force to dominate maneuver throughout the Full Spectrum of Conflict. One Shot.. .At Least One Kill NLOS 4-50KM Multipurpose/Precision Point Target Defeat BLOS 2-12km Pacing Technologies: Cannon Lightweight Materials Recoil Mitigation Munition Seeker/G&C Multi-Mode Warhead Electrothermal-Chemical Propulsion LOS 0-4Km Warfighter Payoffs:

Heavy Force Lethality C130 Transportable Lightweight Vehicle Roll Off and Fight Reduced Logistics One Lightweight Armament System Capable of Dominating the Battlefield Multi-Mission Technologies Three Rounds of Ammunition Provide Full Lethality Advanced KE (LOS) Novel Penetrator, Composite Sabot & ETC Propulsion MP-ERM (Multi-Purpose Extended Range Munition) (LOS and BLOS) Multi-Purpose Warhead Advanced Propulsion Smart Cargo (NLOS) Smart Skin, Metal Matrix Composites & Hi G Guidance & Control Compact Lightweight Armament System Provides Three Missions in One Vehicle

Lightweight Cannon Swing Chamber Breech Compact Autoloader Advanced Fire Control Systems Integration Maximum Firepower at Minimum Weight New Multi-Role - Roadmap FY99 FY00 Govt Study FY01 FY02 Design Concepts FY03 5 4 AWDs FY04 FCS 6

FY05 TDs FY06 FY07 FCS SDD 7 7 5 III.WP.1999.01 FCS Multi-Role Armament and Ammunition ATD Gun with LOS/BLOS 6 Component Demo Launcher Fire Control Adv Prop Autoloader Sec Armament Advanced KE Composite Sabot Gun Hard Stand MP-ERM High G Testing Warhead Testing

Smart Cargo Aero analysis Wind Tunnel High G Testing Airframe Test Cartridge Demo Smart Cargo Multi-role Gun NLOS 6 Prototype Demo Armament Integrated Armament Advanced KE Composite sabot and Novel Penetrator Gun Hard Stand MP-ERM Guide-to-hit Demo Gun Hard Stand Arm/Ammo Demo Advanced KE&MP-ERM Multi-role Armament turret on DARPA vehicle # Army IMU Program

= TRL Subsystems Challenge Main Armaments Launcher with swing chamber Compact ammo handling needed to allow more room for stowed ammo Recoil management High recoil forces and light vehicles present unique challenges while minimizing under volume. Fire Control Direct and indirect compatible with network centric force Ammo Suite Electro-thermal-chemical (ETC) Propulsion High energy propellant with low sensitivity and precision ignition in compact cartridge Multi-Mode Warhead Development Effects against multiple targets with one munition type Advanced Materials Lightweight & High Strength Tank-automotive & Armaments COMmand COM

Swing Chamber Cannon / Autoloader Challenge Main Armament Launcher with swing chamber CTA Compact ammo handling needed to allow more room for stowed ammo 40 to 50 rds Enable 15-20 rounds/min burst firing rate Cannon weight to be 3500 / 3000lbs Direct/Indirect fire -10 to +55 degree firing elevation Recoil Management Challenge Solution Extended recoil stroke for direct fire, reduced stroke for higher angle, indirect fire, lower impulse rounds Systems concerns dictate we minimize weight and launcher imbalance Reduced stroke for high elevation firing minimizes turret intrusion (FOOB complexity increases weight and volume, although recoil stroke is less) Type Risk Recoil Stroke (mm) Weight (lbs) Mount

Height (mm) Mount Width (mm) Mount Vol. (m3) Imbalance (lbs) Recoil Volume (m3) Equil. Weight (lbs) Under Armor FOOB M 431 4205

670 1074 .944 7977/9470 .097 144 V-FIB L 635/254 3370 460 800 .500 7457 .308

120 Conventiona l L 635 3350 460 800 .500 7475 .450 130 Accomplishments 30.83 x 107 mm3 Finial design of Variable Recoil Cylinders complete

Compact lightweight integrated Mount design complete Armament analysis/integration with complimentary Autoloader Weapon Control complete Variable Fire in battery 9.68 x 107 mm3 FOOB Fire Control and Turret Integration Tactical (Networked) Solution Technical (Platform) Solution Dynamic muzzle (not Trunnion) stabilization Automatic muzzle reference sensing Projectile flight tracker Auto-zero and auto-boresight Improved meteorological (MET) sensing Automatic target tracker Multi-agent fire control Distributed Interactive Fire Mission (DIFM) Maximize first round probability of hit FCS Combat Decision Aids Ensure proper tactical decision making using all available info

Accomplishments Fire Control Prime solicitation combined with Turret Integration solicitation Contract awarded to GDLS Awarded contracts for decision aids development and DIFM algorithms Joint STO with AMRDEC (and CECOM) for Fire Control Node Engagement Technology (FCNET) Tank-automotive & Armaments COMmand COM FCS Advanced KE Penetrator Challenge Composite Sabot Pull Configuration Increased lethality against heavy armor at LOS ranges . Barrier Increasing threat protection Smaller, lighter round Advanced Propellant

Chamber Seal Pacing Technologies Novel Penetrator Composite Sabot ETC Propulsion Chamber Seal Cartridge CaseProjectile Advanced KE: Defeats LOS Heavy Armor threats MP-ERM with Multi-Purpose Warhead MP-ERM Challenge Warhead effects against multiple targets with one munition type (in order to reduce logistics burden) out to 12km. Barrier Multi-Purpose Warhead Constraining volume while increasing performance Current warheads are optimized for particular target classes Delivery errors of ballistic flight Solution Precision munition

Hi-G survivable G&C Multi-purpose warhead More powerful explosives Ignition circuits / selectable fuzing Defeats helicopters, personnel, heavy armor, walls, BMPs, trucks, bunkers, buildings, artillery, UAVs. Government Baseline FCS Smart Cargo Carrier Challenge Carrier Lightweight carrier round with sufficient volume to carry multiple payloads out to 50km. Barrier Smaller round leaves less room for cargo than a 155mm cargo round Latency of target location information due to long time of flight.

Target Acquisition Devices In-flight Update Pacing Technologies Lightweight Accurate Carrier Round (Dynamic Re-Targeting) Maximize payload volume smart skin (smart materials and structures for control actuation surfaces) Metal matrix composites for airframe Hi-G survivability of navigation sensor and airframe (IMU, GPS/INS) Dynamic Retargeting Robust commo links with FO to munition Leverages Army MEMS IMU Effort Smart Cargo Carrier: Precision delivery of Full Spectrum lethal payloads Smart Cargo - Submunitions Options Unitary Charge

Conventional Munitions (DPICM) Smart Munitions Non-Lethal Business Opportunities Turret Mission Module (TMM) and Weapon Control (WC) Awarded in March 2002 to GDLS for $30M. Dona Apgar - Phone (973-724-3271) ETC Component Development and Integration Awarded in March to UDLP for $22M. Jean Grinter - Phone (973-724-4166) Ammunition Re-supply Announcement in FED BIZ OPPS Feb 28 DAAE-30-02R-0217 Dona Apgar - Phone (973-724-3271) Business Opportunities (Cont) Smart Suite Contracts (Ammunition) Lockheed Martin Awarded in March 2002 for $40.1M Patricia Regelski - Phone (973-724-3832) Raytheon Awarded in April 2002 for $47.M Patricia Regelski Phone (973-724-3832) FCS Opportunities in General Greg Gorman 973-724-5961

MRAAS Summary MRAAS Program Restructuring in process to incorporate Ammunition technologies into FCS Threshold (Block 1) Program. Gun Platform with LOS & BLOS Munitions will reach TRL6 in FY06. NLOS munition will reach TRL6 in FY07 LOS , BLOS & NLOS fires organic to same launcher Multi-Mission Capability in One Vehicle (FY07) For Business Opportunities Call Appropriate POC (Listed) Article in Field Artillery Magazine March-April 2002 Full spectrum lethality from a single lightweight gun for superior versatility, agility, and survivability.

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