Feasts of Trumpets and Atonement

Feasts of Trumpets and Atonement

Prophetic Witness Movement International New Milton & Highcliffe Branch Welcome to our Meeting! Messiah & The Feasts of Israel We welcome Ray Kelly as our speaker, and his topic is: The Feasts of Trumpets & Atonement If you can, please stay on to enjoy some refreshments, and browse the book and DVD tables 1. Jesus is King and I will extol Him, Give Him the glory, and honour His name;

He reigns on high, enthroned in the heavens, Word of the Father, exalted for us. 2. We have a hope that is steadfast and certain, Gone through the curtain and touching the throne; We have a Priest who is there interceding, Pouring His grace on our lives day by day. 3. We come to Him, our Priest and Apostle, Clothed in His glory and bearing His name; Laying our lives with gladness before Him, Filled with His Spirit, we worship the King. 4. O Holy One, our hearts do adore You; Thrilled with Your goodness we give You our praise! Angels in light with worship surround You,

Jesus, our Saviour, for ever the same. FEASTS (REHEARSALS) OF TRUMPETS AND ATONEMENT By Ray Kelly: Pastor of Living Stones Bible Fellowship in Highcliffe Why rehearsals?

Colossians 2: 16 & 17 a shadow of things to come A day which is unknown Matthew 24: 36 A day for which we must be ready Matthew 24: 32 & 25:1 13 A time that will be both glorious and terrible depending on which part of it you experience rehearsal will help to make us ready Foundational Scriptures Leviticus 23 verses 23 to 32

Exodus 19 Leviticus 9 Leviticus 10 Leviticus 16

The season: Teshuvah (to return or repent) Begins on the first of Elul Continues 40 days ending with Yom Kippur (the feast of atonement)

Season of searching the heart, returning to God and repentance 30 days in begins a final 10 day period the days of awe The first day of this period is the feast of trumpets or Rosh HaShanah Leading to The Day Of Atonement 10 days later Rosh HaShanah Rosh HaShanah There are four primary types of shofar blasts:

Tekiah ( ) - A long single blast (the sound of the King's coronation) Shevarim ( )- Three short wail-like blasts (signifying repentance) Teru'ah ( )- Nine staccato blasts of alarm (to awaken the soul) Tekiah ha-Gadol ( ) - A great long blast (for as long as you can blow!) Rosh HaShanah

Preparation for the high holy days throughout Elul The Shofar is blown every morning and Psalm 27 recited morning and evening Shofar blown all day on Rosh HaShanah with a long last trump The message is clear repent BEFORE Rosh HaShanah, do not wait until afterwards or you will find yourself in the Days of Awe

Rosh HaShanah Idiomatic names Teshuvah repentence Rosh HaShanah Head of the Year, Birthday of the World Yom Teruah the day of the awakening blast [Feast of Trumpets] Yom HaDin Day of Judgement HaMelech The Coronation of the King [Messiah] Yom HaZikkaron the day of remembrance Rosh HaShanah

Idiomatic names The time of Jacobs trouble or the Birth-pangs of the Messiah (Chevlai shel Mashiach) The opening of the gates Kiddushin/Nesuin (the wedding ceremony) The resurrection of the dead (rapture, natzal) The last trump Yom Hakeseh (the hidden day) Rosh HaShanah Traditions

The world was created on this day (Mishnah, San Hedrin 38b) anagram of Breshit Adam and Eve were created on this day Now celebrated over two days new moon uncertainty so two-days treated as one long day Everyone MUST hear the blessing is to hear, not to blow it yourself (Psalm 89: 15) Rosh HaShanah Traditions

Teruah means "an awakening blast. Teruah is also translated as "shout." The Book of Isaiah , chapter 12, puts the shouting in the context of the thousand-year reign of Messiah The Messianic era and shout is mentioned in Isaiah 42:11; 44:23; Jeremiah 31:7; and Zephaniah 3:14. The first coming of Yeshua is associated with a shout in Zechariah 9:9. The ultimate shout is the rapture in 1

Thessalonians 4:16-17 & I Cor 15 verses 51 - 55. Rosh HaShanah Scriptures like Awake, sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you" (Ephesians 5:14 NAS) Ephesians 4:30, being sealed unto the day of redemption refers to Yom Kippur the Day of Atonement

God gave this festival to teach us that we will be judged on Rosh HaShanah (the opening of the gates) and will be sealed unto the closing of the gates (neilah) on Yom Kippur. Rosh HaShanah Awake! Is associated with resurrection "Your dead will live; their corpses will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy, for your dew is as the dew of the dawn, and the earth will give birth to the departed spirits" (Isaiah 26:19 ). The Bible refers to dead believers as asleep

This festival prophetically celebrates the resurrection of the dead. Rosh HaShanah Rosh HaShanah teaches us through the sound of the shofar To awake from spiritual slumber To remember that a day will come when the dead will rise That those who are unrepentant will enter the days of awe That these day will be followed by the final judgement as taught by Yom Kippur

Rosh HaShanah Psalm 47 precedes the sounding Gods rule over the earth and His judgement as He sits upon His throne Rams horn preferred because of its link

with the offering of Isaac (Genesis 22: 1 19) The giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai was accompanied by the sounding of the shofar (Exodus 19:19) Uses of the shofar The proclamation of the Jubilee was heralded by the blast of the shofar (Leviticus

25:9-11) The commencement of the Messianic age is to be announced by the sound of the great shofar (Isaiah 27:13). Israel conquered in the battle of Jericho with the blast of the shofar (Joshua 6:20). Israel will be advised of the advent of the Messiah with the sound of the shofar (Zechariah 9:14,16). Uses of the Shofar

The shofar will be blown at the time of the ingathering of the exiles of Israel to their place (Isaiah 27:13). The shofar was blown to signal the assembly of the Israelites during war (Judges 3:27; 2 Samuel 20:1). The watchman who stood upon Jerusalem's walls blew the shofar (Ezekiel 33:3-6). The shofar is a reminder that God is sovereign (Psalm 47:5). Uses of the Shofar

The ram's horn, the shofar, is a reminder of Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac and God's provision of a ram as a substitute (Genesis 22:13). The shofar was blown to announce the beginning of festivals (Numbers 10:10). The shofar was blown to celebrate the new moon on Rosh HaShanah (Psalm 81:1-3). Uses of the shofar

The blowing of the shofar is a signal for the call to repentance (Isaiah 58:1). The blowing of the shofar ushers in the day of the Lord (Joel 2:1). The blowing of the shofar is sounded at the rapture of the believers and the resurrection of the dead (1

Thessalonians 4:16). John was taken up to Heaven in the Book of Revelation by the sound of the shofar (Revelation 4:1). Seven shofarim are sounded when God judges the earth during the tribulation (Revelation 8-9). The shofar was used for the coronation of kings (1 Kings [Melachim] 1:34,39). Yom HaDin All will pass before God The fully righteous The fully unrighteous fully evil The in-betweeners

The righteous will be separated and will be with God Raptured (Natzal) The unrighteous will never repent The in-betweeners will repent during the 7-years of tribulation symbolically, the days of awe Messianic understanding

Coronation of the king Revelation 5 Enthroned to judge Daniel 7: 9-14 The opening of the gates of Heaven Revelation 4, Isaiah 26, Psalm 118: 19 & 20 Acclamation Psalm 47 Acknowledgment of allegiance Isaiah 66: 23 Memorial we remember Him and He, us

Romans 14: 10, 2 Corinthians 5: 10 The Feast of Atonement(s) (Yom Kippurim) Redemption The day that bears the fruit of the repentence For some, the Great white Throne Judgement

For others, the freedom from the effects of their sin Rosh HaShanah relates to the church Yom Kippur relates to the Jews; and, The other nations depending upon how they treat the Jews What happens Ceremonial washing

Takes off his usual garments and puts on white linen robes of righteousness Draws lots to establish the goat for the Lord and the goat for the people Priest sacrifices a bull for his own sins At the point he represents the people he is therefore sinless What happens

Priest sprinkles the blood of the bull on the mercy seat for himself Then takes the goat for the lord and kills it and returns to sprinkle its blood on the mercy seat for the people Then returns to the other goat (Azazel) and lays hands on it, symbolically and prayerfully placing the sins of the people on the goat What happens

Goat is then sent away into the wilderness never to return The sin is also never to return The shedding of innocent blood is the only price that can pay for sins The blood of bulls and goats can never remove sins The two goats one offering prophetically speak of Messiah. The message

The gospel is contained within Yom Kippur Primarily, though, the message is one of national redemption It remains a personal decision whether one enters into the redemption or not 1. How deep the fathers love for us, How vast beyond all measure,

That He should give His only Son To make a wretch His treasure. How great the pain of searing loss The Father turns His face away, As wounds which mar the chosen one Bring many sons to glory. 2. Behold the man upon a cross, My sin upon His shoulders; Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice Call out among the scoffers. It was my sin that held Him there Until it was accomplished; His dying breath has brought me life: I know that it is finished.

3. I will not boast in anything, No gifts, no power, no wisdom; But I will boast in Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection. Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer; But this I know with all my heart: His wounds have paid my ransom. THANK YOU.....for your attendance and support this evening! The next Meeting in our series on Messiah & The Feasts of Israel, will be on Tuesday 15th September, when Don Hender will be speaking on: The Feast of Tabernacles.

Don is the Secretary of the Bournemouth branch of PWMI, and is well known to many of us. Any friends or members of your church We look forward seeing youwarmly! then, family will be to welcomed and have a safe journey back home tonight! ... ... ...

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